World’s Deadliest Sharks That You Would Like To Know About

top 10 Deadliest shark
For decades we have been watching the films based on deadly shark attacks. Nonetheless, in a recent research by International Shark Attack Files, it was found that only a few types of sharks attack humans and rest of the other require provokes before the attacks. Still, who won’t be scared to see a shark around them? Statistically, most dangerous sharks are one of the rarest as well.

There are some species around which you can easily go diving and then there are some who won’t let you be in the water for a single second. Discussing some of the deadliest shark we are here with the list of their names.

Unlike the usual lists, we have mentioned the species in accordance with the mutilation and threat they stance to humans.

1. White Shark

White Shark

It is usually referred as the great white shark. This specie has the most prominent tendency of attacking and injuring humans. Each year, there are so many cases of underwater injuries caused by the great white shark. In research the fossils were found that indicates the existence of white sharks about 56 to 35 million years ago. The male white sharks are about 10 feet whereas the females are 14 to 15 feet in size.

2. Tiger Shark

Tiger Shark

The always ranked two in the category of most dangerous sharks, tiger shark is ocean’s raider. It is often considered as the most deadly creature of sea. It is a large size fish that simply aims at hunting down anything that comes in its way.

3. Bull Shark

Bull Shark

Where the great white sharks get headlines, the bull sharks have much more cases of injuries. There are more than hundred cases each year of underwater human injuries triggered by bull sharks.

4. Oceanic White Tip

Oceanic White Tip

The white tip attains incredibly killer jaws, while putting all the shark attacks together; this predator has killed much more than that. Due to air or ocean accidents, the white tip has a huge record of attacking and harming hundreds of humans. It has a size of 13 feet which makes it immensely strong and big.

5. Short Fin Mako

Short Fin Mako

It is not to call them angry fish; the ShortFin Mako is always aggressive and fast. It is one of the rarest sharks across the globe. It is able to swim for 20 miles per hour. For an ancient approach, it belongs to the great white shark family.

6. Blue Shark

Blue Shark

It is specie of sharks which belong to the warm seas. These sharks move amazingly quickly and attain a life span of 20 years. The blue sharks inhabit deep seas and can be found from Norway to Chile. It has a size of 14 to 21 feet.

7. Sand Tiger Shark

Sand Tiger Shark

People are usually familiar with this specie of the shark as it is often seen in the public aquariums and zoo. Along with an extremely large size, it has a horrible appearance as well. It is also called the grey nurse shark. The sand tiger shark has a length of 11 feet.

8. Black Tip Shark

Black Tip Shark

The blacktip sharks are widely distributed in both temperate and tropical water. It has a usual size of 5 feet to 9 feet. This species does not conquer a habit of unprovoked attacks; nonetheless, in many countries, the blacktip shark has the most number of human attacks which are usually lethal.

9. Hammerhead Shark

 Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead sharks are usually of a size of 3 feet nevertheless some of them are exceptionally large and make a size of up to 20 feet and weighing up to 600 kg.

10. Bronze Whaler Shark

Bronze Whaler Shark

Ranked tenth in the deadliest creature to have most number of unprovoked attacks on humans, the bronze whaler shark is mostly found in temperate waters more than the tropical water.  It has a size of up to 10 feet and 675 lbs. weight which makes it really a big one to scare humans.

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