10 Interesting Facts About Left-Handed People

10 Interesting Facts About Left-Handed People

Lefties are only the 10% part of the world’s total population and this figure remained unchanged for the last 30,000 years. But this small figure has played a great role in various different sectors. They often experience the distinct challenges, benefits, flukes of day to day life that are usually missed by right the handed people. There are many myths and facts that fascinate people to know more about them. Here are some amusing and interesting facts that you might not aware of lefties — even if you yourself are the southpaw yourself, as many celebrated are.

1. Favours Visual Spatial Task

Favours Visual Spatial Task

Left-handed peoples are often considered very creative and are fond of the visual-spatial task. Subjects like architecture, fine arts etc attract them a lot and they earn a great popularity as the artist. Righties, on the other hand, are overrepresented in science and math. Don’t forget Leonardo Da Vinci, a left-hander who tops the list of great artists.

2. These Are Smarter

These Are Smarter

Lucky you lefties! It was researched and found that left-handed people possess a high IQ level. No doubt, this one-tenth population is genius and smarter. Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton and Benjamin Franklin are the names of some famous personality; we all are very well familiar with whose IQs.

3. Entrance To Adulthood

 Entrance To Adulthood

Lefties generally enter their puberty few months after those of right-handed people. This could be a blessing for some while cursing for others. But undoubtedly, it is an amazing fact to know about the lefties. Their little late entrance to adulthood highlights them more.

4. Lefties Are Usually Celebrities

Lefties Are Usually Celebrities

The seats of celebrities are generally filled by the left-handed people. There are many names that are enough to prove this. Barak Obama, Bill Clinton, Justin Bieber, Kate Hudson, Tom Cruise, Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey are the big names of some of the famous personalities who prove that lefties are the brilliant celebs.

5. They Are Easily Embarrassed

They Are Easily Embarrassed

Left-handers are very sensitive to criticism. They usually remained worried about their mistake and try to accomplish each and every work perfectly. Any mistake or embarrassment often disturb them and waste their very precious time in thinking about the same. It is studied that they are more hesitant than the righties.

6. Quick To Anger

Quick To Anger

If someone says that anger is on lefties nose than don’t doubt on this statement. Probably it is a right fact about them. The repeated bad mood is one of their ruthless qualities that differs them from those of right-handed people.

7. Higher Risk Of Brain Disorders

Higher Risk Of Brain Disorders

Unfortunately, there are some disadvantages as well of being a lefty. Right-handers use right as well as some part of the left hemisphere of their brain, but around 30 percent of left-handers are partial to their right part. This results in higher risk of brain disorders to them.

8. Left-Handers Drink More Often

Left-Handers Drink More Often

Lefties are more prone to fun and want to enjoy a lot with their drinks. Yes, it is studied that, left-handers drink more often than the righties. It not at all means that they are highly alcoholic but yes drinks are the vital part of their fun.

9. Southpaws Are The Great Sportsperson

Southpaws Are The Great Sportsperson

Rafael Nadal, Phil Mickelson, Oscar de la Hoya are some of the sportspeople who well depict how lefties perform in the field of sports. Left-handers are fond of playing and take active participation in sports activities. The world has experienced many southpaws who rocked the sports grounds.

10. Lefties Have Their Day

 Lefties Have Their Day

August 13 is recognized as the international left-handers day. Lefties across the world celebrate this day with great fun and entertainment. This day was launched in 1992 by the UK-based Left-Handers Club to upsurge awareness about lefties.

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