Famous Celebrity Make-up Artists

The Top 10 Famous Makeup Artists are here to change the face of the world with their creative skills. They play a pivotal role in the lives of people who desire to look like their favoured celebrity in town. The list of Famous Makeup Artist encompasses some leading international skilled professionals, who have been credited for their flair for creating beauty. The Praiseworthy Celebrity Makeup Artists have wooed the audience with the magic of their artistic strokes. So just glance through the record to know about all the popular names of the makeup world masters.

Top Ten Famous Makeup Artists

Get to know the success story of the top ten famous makeup artists in the world.

1. Bobbi Brown

Bobbi-Brown - Top Ten Famous Makeup Artists

Bobbi Brown is not only the CEO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics but is also a renowned American makeup artist. Her products are a part of more than 400 shops in America as well as 20 other international markets. Besides she is the beauty editor of “The Today Show” and provides makeup guidance at a number of fashion shows. Bobbi Brown was born in Chicago during 1957 and completed her graduation with a degree in theatrical makeup.

2. Laura Mercier

Laura-Mercier - Top Ten Famous Makeup Artists

Creator of Laura Mercier Cosmetics, Body & Bath, Skincare and Fragrance; Laura Mercier has earned a name for excellent makeup tactics. Celebrities like Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker and Juliette Binoche prefers Laura when it comes to personal makeup. She also contributes to editorial shoots and cover designs, creating flawless and natural beauty. The French makeup artist started practising at a young age of 17 while learning canvas painting in Paris. Her success story brings her at number two in the list of Top 10 Famous Makeup Artist.

3. Richard Taylor

Richard-Taylor - Top Ten Famous Makeup Artists

A well know figure among Hollywood makeup artists, Richard Taylor is the co-director and co founder of the Weta companies in Wellington. His creative makeup skills have even won him the Academic Award for the popular epic fantasy movie – Lord of the Rings. In addition to this he has received 4 BAFTAs, 5 Oscars and numerous other awards for his involvement in visual effects, makeup art and costume.

4. Billy B

Billy-B - Top Ten Famous Makeup Artists

Working with the leading international fashion and beauty magazines like Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle; Billy B is yet another famous makeup artist.  Billy’s extraordinary flair and obsession have elevated him to become one of the most Famous Makeup Artists known to the current generation. He started off his career in 1985 by shifting to New York City from his hometown in Mississippi. Today he is the Consulting Makeup Artist for L’oreal Paris.

5. Pat McGrath

Pat-McGrath - Top Ten Famous Makeup Artists

One of the most prominent international makeup artists, according to Vogue; Pat McGrath has occupied the fifth position among the top ten famous makeup artists in the world. Currently she is the Global Cosmetics Creative Design Director for Procter and Gamble. Besides Pat also works for the leading superstars including Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Jennifer Aniston etc. She is also the figure behind foremost fashion publicity campaigns like Calvin Klein, Prada, Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana etc. A British by birth, Pat McGrath’s has alwys been her inspiration all through her journey of success.

6. Charlie Green

Charlie-Green - Top Ten Famous Makeup Artists

Despite devoting 20 years in the field of fashion and style, Charlie Green is still one of the most appreciated and famous makeup artists known to the contemporary world. She is an expert name for preparing stars and models for magazine covers and red carpet shows. Her honesty and original approach to beauty tips has credited her as the ideal mentor for the contestants of “Blush”. Her magical skills and popularity among celebrities makes her one of the most Famous Makeup Artists among many.

7. Rick Baker

Rick-Baker - Top Ten Famous Makeup Artists

Honoured with the Oscar for “best makeup” in the 1981 movie “An American Werewolf in London”; Rick Baker still manages a position among the ten famous makeup artists. Rick Baker is one of the most reputed names in Hollywood, known for creating magical creations to woo the hearts of the audience. He is also the Guinness World Record Book record holder for receiving the maximum Oscars for his contribution to makeup and style.

8. Stan Winston

Stan-Winston - Top Ten Famous Makeup Artists

Even though Stan Winston is no longer with us, he is still acknowledged for crafting some of the most impressing figures in modern cinema. The American makeup artist cum special effects supervisor was born on 7th April 1946 and had lived for 62 years. The Jurassic Park series, the Predator series, the Terminator series, Avatar and Iron Man were some of his best known work. In 1972, he founded the Stan Winston Studio. All through his career he was awarded and nominated with a number of Emmy awards.

9. Michèle Burke

Michèle Burke

For Michèle Burke working with shadow, light, colour and form is life. Her passion for all these combination has ranked her amid the top famous makeup artist. Brought up in Ireland, Michèle has evolved into a dedicated professional makeup artist who has been awarded with two Oscars and six other nominations. Back when she was a fresher, she preferred doing makeup for film industry which paved the royal road for her dreams to turn into reality.

10. Sam Fine

Sam-Fine - Top Ten Famous Makeup Artists

Sam Fine is the Creative Makeup Director and Celebrity Makeup Artist of Fashion Fair and is popular for his unique ability to infuse colour and style. His aptitude and fortitude have taken him far from the makeup counter, making him one of the most favoured makeup artists in today’s world. Sam’s creativity is frequently the topic of cover pages for celebrity magazines like Essence, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire and Vibe. No doubt his name is a part of the top ten famous makeup artists list.

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