Top 10 Famous Interior Designers

Ever since interior designing has gained importance as a profession, end numbers of personals have come forward to live their passion, but are they all leading the world in this field? To seek an answer to this, the record of top 10 famous interior designers brings in all the details related to it. It mentions all the foremost names that have direct and guided this sector with their innovative and spellbinding creativity. Learn the elegant stories of their success mantra and work methods.

Top Ten Famous Interior Designers

Are you well aware of the leading interior designers round the world? Glance through the selection to know about the top ten famous interior designers.

1. Frances Adler Elkins

No.1 Famous interior Designer - Frances Adler ElkinsSister of the prolific architecture, David Adler; Frances Adler Elkins was not only a prominent female designers of twentieth century but is still regarded as the most successful interior designer. Living a life of 64 years her Europe tours have inspired her to take up designing as a career. She developed an eclectic and bold style through the use of color and furnishings and which were quite unique to lure anyone’s heart. She designed residential areas such as the Haas Apartment (California), the North Shore House (Illinois) and the Winslow House (California) as well as commercial buildings like the Del Monte Properties Company (California).

2. Elsie De Wolfe

No.2 Famous interior Designer - Elsie De WolfeA well-known figure in New York, Paris, and London society, Elsie De Wolfe was an American actress cum interior decorator who lived from 20th December 1865 till 12th July 1950. She gained so much of popularity during the twentieth century that the New Yorkers still credit her for introducing interior design as a profession. Elsie’s creativity removed most of the ugly clutter that accompanied the Victorian style of decor and attracted guest and clients with her exclusive style.

3. Dorothy Draper

No.3 Famous interior Designer - Dorothy DraperDorothy Draper’s 1939 book, Decorating is Fun motivated a generation who was looking forward for some home improvement and with this she claimed international fame. Her sense of adorning a building included bright, exuberant colors, large prints that would encompass the whole wall, black and white tiles, rococo scrollwork, and Baroque plasterwork.  Dorothy believed the energy of beautiful and bright vivid colors would make people feel happier, so she led design away from the dark color schemes used throughout the Victorian style.

4. Petra Blaisse

No.4 Famous interior Designer - Petra BlaisseWith a sophisticated taste in combining different elements, Petra Blaisse has not only earned a reputation as one of the top 10 famous interior designers but also displayed her creativeness in architecture, exhibits, landscapes and textiles. She makes use of various colors, flexibility, lights and movement to bring life to her graphics. Her urbanized design is an amalgamation of nature and culture with much superiority and practicality.

5. Laura Day

No.5 Famous interior Designer - Laura DayThe clandestine behind Laura Day’s achievement as a top ranking interior designer is her style which is mishmash of her outgoing personality and her amour for classical design. She had even received appreciation for her role in fourth season of Trading Spaces – a reality program that aired from 2000 to 2008 in America. All of her works are focused on natural elements resulting up with clean, comfortable work of space.

6. John Saladino

No.6 Famous interior Designer - John SaladinoJohn Saladino’s masterpiece originality was praised by Van Day Truex – long time Director of Design for Tiffany & Co. With the three basic concepts of his – manipulation of scale, nuanced and elusive color, and layered lighting, he is well known as the “designer’s design”. He always strives to create an environment that can create an alternative reality with persuasive emotional force.  His renowned works include the Villa of Mysteries in Pompeii in Italy and the huge Palladian mansion in Palm Beach.

7. John Montoya

No.7 Famous interior Designer - Jaun MontoyaA member of the Interior Design Hall of Fame and a recipient of the honorary Doctors of Fine Arts, Jaun Montoya’s contributions to the field of interior designing have been appreciated throughout the world. Being one of the most celebrated and imaginative designer of the century, “mesmerizing” is the tag that all of his works deserves. Montoya is also an advocate of the environment, practicing green designs with retro furnishings and hard surfaces.

8. Geoffrey Bradfield

No.8 Famous interior Designer - Geoffrey BProficient in crafting audacious, graceful and lavish residences and offices for an international clients and customers, Geoffrey Bradfield has recently completed the designing of famed Hollywood director Oliver Stone’s New York residence. With his signature style of contemporary art, he has been recognized by the Architectural Digest as a top designer in the list of “AD 100”. Geoffrey was only 23 years old when he had designed the apartment of the Impresario, Pieter Toerien.

9. Philippe Starck

No.9 Famous interior Designer - Philippe StarckThe Paris born interior cum product designer Philippe Starck has been honored with the ninth position among the top ten famous interior designers. Among his interior designs for restaurants, Starck designed the Felix restaurant-bar at The Peninsula Hong Kong, a classic hotel facing the Hong Kong harbor on the Kowloon side. From 2007 until 2022, Starck is under an exclusive contract with nightclub mogul Sam Nazarian to design Nazarian’s new hotel brand, SLS Hotels.

10. Sheila Bridges

No.10 Famous interior Designer - Sheila BridgesNamed “America’s Best Interior Designer” by CNN and Time Magazine, Sheila Bridges has projected habitations and offices for many high-flying entertainers, entrepreneurs and business proficient including the 8,300 square foot Harlem offices for former President Bill Clinton and his personnel. In 2007, Sheila’s passion for interiors inspired her to design furniture and home furnishings under the name Sheila Bridges Home, Inc. She makes use of earth colors and raw materials as well combinations of modern and traditional devise to give shape to her imagination.

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