Top 10 Famous Masters of Illusion

Now would be a great time to forget about reality and logic and laws of nature and physics because these famous individuals you’re going to meet now have no regard for any of them. They are experts at twisting your reality and defying logic,mortality, physics and anything else that is worth defying. They are known by many names; illusionist, tricksters, con men and a myriad of other names, but we prefer to call these distinguished persons Magicians. Ladies and gentlemen hold on to your realities and try not to fly away as we give you the top ten magicians.

Top Ten Famous Magicians in the World

Keep reading our list of famous magicians to find out the best from the masters of deception.

1. David Copperfield

Top 10 Best Magicians - David Copperfeild

Any list with masters of illusions would be incomplete without mentioning the man who walked through the Great Wall of China and levitated over the Great Wall of China. David Copperfield a.k.a. David Seth Kotkin is a living legend of magical proportions (pun intended). Named by Forbes as the most commercially successful magician, Copperfield holds 11 Guinness records, has won 21 Emmy Awards and   has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame and not to mention the knighthood by the French government. David Copperfield’s most famous illusion was when he made the statue of liberty disappear in front of a pretty humongous crowd; thankfully he made the colossal structure reappear before starting a riot.

2. Criss Angel

Top 10 Best Magicians - Criss Angels

Criss Angel a.k.a Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos took over the world of magic in a storm and quickly became a phenomenon thanks to his mortal  defying feats in front of live crowds on Television. Criss’ television show, Mindfreak premiered first in 2005 and since then his reputation has shot sky high. His most famous illusions include, being, buried alive, cremated alive, crushed under a steam roller and suspended mid-air with fish hooks (hooked in his skin). Criss holds the record for making the most people disappear and for the highest levitation.

3. David Blaine

Top 10 Best Magicians - David Blaine

David Blaine is one of the best street magicians on the street and with possibly no regard for his own life. Blaine has performed some crazy stunts over time which include, standing on top of a 100 ft. high pillar for 35 hours only to jump from the top into a pile of cardboard boxes getting a mild concussion, being suspended 30ft in the air in a Plexiglas box over the Thames for 44 days straight and swimming with great white sharks. David Blaine is pretty well known for his uncanny ability to make cards of your choice appear in the most unusual of spots like in the middle of a slab of Plexiglas or behind a solid plate glass window.

4. Lance Burton

Top 10 Best Magicians - Lance Burton

This two time ‘magician of the year’ award winner has been repeatedly referred to as the most brilliant magician of the 21st century and is a master of the sleight of hand. Lance Burton has performed numerous shows in front of presidents and royalty always managing to enchant his audience. He is best known for his sleight of hand prowess and usually performs a volley of illusions so fast you won’t have time to blink.

5. Penn and Teller

Top 10 Best Magicians - Penn and Teller

Penn Jillette and teller are among the most controversial duo even for an industry where illusions and deception are a normal occurrence. Their acts are sometimes politically charged, almost always gory and have been associated with advocating atheism and scientific scepticism but still are counted among the top magicians. Penn is usually the vice of the show, doing the narration while Teller usually remains mum throughout the act. Their most controversial and politically charged illusion involved wrapping the bill of rights in the American flag and then setting the flag on fire without damaging the bill of rights. However the flag is usually restored to its rightful place by the end of the act.

6. Steve Wyrick

Top 10 Best Magicians - Steve Wyrick

Steve Wyrick is another master illusionist with hardly any regard for his life judging by the stunts he pulls off. He has been recognised by the International Magician’s Society, the world’s largest magical organisation, as the world’s greatest magician and honoured with the Merlin Award. Steve Wyrick is best known for his Blades trick in which he walks through the blades of a 747’s turbine without a scratch. This act has been called the most stunning illusion to be ever performed in Vegas, which is quite a big deal considering all that happens in Vegas.

7. Ricky Jay

Top 10 Best Magicians - Ricky Jay

This actor, writer, stage magician is the master when it comes to sleight of hand and card tricks. Ricky Jay is the magician Hollywood producers run to when they need some consultation. Ricky Jay has played roles both behind and in front of the camera. He has consulted for some pretty big movies like The Illusionist and The Prestige. You can probably recognise him from his memorable performance in the Mystery Men and Boogie Nights. Ricky Jay is best known for his card throwing tricks; in fact he holds a Guinness world record for tossing a card 190 ft. at 90mph and can easily throw a card into the flesh of a watermelon from ten paces.

8. Siegfried and Roy

Top 10 Best Magicians - Seigfried and Roy

They say Magic is all about glam and razzmatazz and nobody understands this better than the magical duo Siegfried and Roy. These two master illusionists understand the concept of showmanship better than anyone, with the possible exception of Copperfield. Siegfried and Roy are thorough Vegas performers, loud and flamboyant. Their best known act was the one when they made an elephant disappear in front of the crowd.

9. Mac King

Top 10 Best Magicians - Mac King

Mac King is probably the only magician with a family friendly act. He is funny witty and quite a dedicated performer. In One of his acts he accidentally cut his thumb, which was fortunately treated by a nurse present in the Audience, and still went on to finish his acts. His illusions aren’t very gory but his wit and comedy are what makes them. Although you won’t find him trying to defy mortality in every manner possible, which seems to be the norm with magicians, but you might find him munching up a carrot and spitting out a gold fish.

10. The Amazing Jonathan

Top 10 Best Magicians - The Amazing Johnathan

Where Mac King is a completely simple family friendly comic magician, the Amazing Jonathan a.k.a. John Edward Szeles is the exact opposite. Dubbed as the Freddy Krueger of comedy, Jonathan’s acts are filled with rude remarks and politically incorrect statements. The element of gore is always present in his acts involving him cutting his own wrists or skewering his tongue. He is a close friend of Criss Angel and has appeared a couple of times on his show, Mindfreak. Jonathan is an expert in audience interaction and his best tricks always involve volunteers.

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