Top 10 Bizarre Wedding Rituals Around The World


Top 10 Bizarre Wedding Rituals Around The World

Marriage is such a thing which comes with lots of rituals and traditions in almost all the communities of the world. It greatly varies between the cultures, classes, religions, and countries. In most of the places, it involves the gathering of all family and friends, getting new dresses, having great food and making merriment. But there are a few wedding customs which are not usual, rather you can call it bizarre. Here are top 10 weird rituals around the world to show how diverse our culture can be.

10. The Kissing Tradition Sweden

In Sweden, the kissing ceremony is not restricted within the bride and groom only; the guests can be lucky enough to kiss them. In the tradition, the groom has to disappear for some time and meanwhile, all the unmarried boys are allowed to kiss the bride. And the same ritual is valid for the groom also where all the female guests can plant a kiss on his peck.

9. Groom Bashing – South Korea

The people of South Korea have a strange way to test the strength of character of the groom. The ankles of the groom will be tied together and his friends beat the feet with canes and dried fish named yellow corvina. Along with it, the groom is often quizzed during the period to check the knowledge and patience of the boy.

8. Shoot The Bride – China

In another weird wedding ritual of China, the groom shoots the bride with blunt arrows just right before the wedding. The groom of the Yugur community needs to aim the arrow and shoots her three times before breaking them forever.

 bizzare wedding ritulas

7. The Money Dance – Poland

This ritual exists in Greece and some parts of Poland as well. In this traditional dance form, the guests pay the bride by pinning up money on her wedding gown for a chance of dancing on her special day. And sometimes the female guests especially the bridesmaids pay the groom to dance.

6. Kidnapping The Bride – Kyrgyzstan

This custom is so crazy that the Kyrgyzstan had made it illegal in 1991. According to the tradition named ‘Kyz ala kachuu’ (means ‘to take a young woman and run away’), the tears of the young girls are lucky for the household. That’s why many parents gave consent to the marriage of their son to the kidnapped girl.

5. Smashing The Plates – Germany

In Germany; the traditional way to ward of the evil spirit is weird enough. In this custom, all the guests will bring items of porcelain 9except glass) and then smash them on the wedding event. Then it is the responsibility of the newlyweds to clean up the mess together to prepare themselves for any challenges in the future.


4. Drinking From Toilet – France

It is one of the grossest customs of all where the bride and groom are compelled to drink the leftover alcohol from a toilet bowl. In France, the newlyweds are given strength in this way on their wedding night. Now, the leftover has been replaced with chocolate and champagne but still serve in the toilet bowl.

3. Crying Bride – China

The marriage is indeed a happy occasion in most of the countries and scenarios, but the Tujia people of China have a different way to express their happiness. In their ritual, the bride needs to cry for one hour for a month prior to the wedding. In a gap of 10 days, her mother and then her grandmother join her in this weeping ceremony. The Tujia people believe that crying in different tones will bring good luck and most of the time it sounds like a song.


2. Bride Blackening – Scotland

The Scottish people like to test the limit of bearing of the bride and groom through this nasty ritual which is popularly known as ‘blackening of the bride’. In this pre-wedding tradition, all the crummiest friends are being showered with all the nasty things like rotten eggs, food trash, spoilt milk, flour, tar, and feathers. It is to be believed that if they can handle this situation together then they can withstand the marriage all through the ages.

1. Spitting On The Bride – Kenya

It is quite obvious that every father would bless his daughter when she leaves with her husband; but not like the fathers of Maasai tribe of Kenya. Here the father spits on the head and breasts of his daughter as a blessing for her new life. Though generally, we consider spitting is disgraceful, but in that community, it is a symbol of good luck and charm.

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