Top 10 Most Beautiful Women 2013

With many renowned names included, the record of top 10 most beautiful women 2013 is out. The write up has mentioned the ten most beautiful women who have graced the current year with their modishness. Though they below to different walk of life their elegance and beauty is no secret to the world. They are the one who have not only made the glamour world go wild but have also wooed thousands of admirers and fan. Glance through to get familiar with names marked as the most beautiful women in the world.

Top Ten Most Beautiful women

The list of top ten most beautiful women 2013 will let you identify the leading gorgeous ladies ruling our planet.

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

No.1 Most Beautiful Women 2013 - Gwyneth PaltrowThough the 40 year old American actress cum singer, Gwyneth Paltrow is a busy family person, it is no surprise that she is an attractive and elegant lady. This year she tops the list of top 10 most beautiful women 2013 as “People Magazine” had crowned her with the title in April. Paltrow became a popular figure when she performed in “Shakespeare in Love” in 1998 and was honoured with a number of awards. She is also the face of American fashion brand Coach.

2. Pink

No.2 Most Beautiful Women 2013 - pinkPink is not only the most successful singer in the current age but has also marked her name among the leading beautiful women of the world. She has mesmerised people with both – her voice and her fashion statement. Born on 8th September 1979, Pink started her singing career with her first solo “There you Go”. Till date more than 70 million singles and over 40 million albums of her have been sold all over the world.

3. Zooey Deschanel

No.3 Most Beautiful Women 2013 - Zooey DeschanelZooey Deschanel’s sharp personality along with her blue eyes have pushed her to the third position among the top 10 most beautiful women 2013 list. The successful, gorgeous and talented lady is an American actress as well as a musician. Currently she is one of the characters in “New Girl”, a Fox series.

4. Jennifer Lawrence

No.4 Most Beautiful Women 2013 - Jennifer LawrenceApart from being one of the most influential people in the planet, Jennifer Lawrence has also flattened majority of the world’s population with her sophisticated beauty. She compels limelight to follow her no matter where she steps in. The young 22 years old actress from America has also been tagged as the “the most talented young actress in America.” With The Burning Plain of 2008 as her debut independent film, till now she has been showered with a long list of accolades.

5. Amanda Seyfried

No.5 Most Beautiful Women 2013 - Amanda SeyfriedAmanda Michelle Seyfried began her career as a model at the age of 11 and did her first movie at the age of 15. Considered one of the most beautiful women in the world, the American model and actress is best known for her roles in ‘Nine Lives’ (2005), ‘Mamma Mia’ (2008) and ‘Dear John’ (2010). The actress has also starred in the HBO drama series ‘Big Love’.

6. Halle Berry

No.6 Most Beautiful Women 2013 - Halle BerryThe former bond girl is ranked 6th on our list of the top 10 most beautiful women in the world. The 47 year old actress has won the Academy Award in the Best Actress category for her performance in the 2002 flick ‘Monster’s Ball’. One of the most beautiful women in the world, she is till date the only women of Afro- American origin to win an Oscar for a lead role.

7. Kate Upton

No.7 Most Beautiful Women 2013 - Kate UptonBorn on June, 10, 1992, Katherine “Kate” Upton is another one of the top 10 most beautiful women 2013. The American actress and model is renowned as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. The super model was the face of Guess in 2010-11 and has featured on the covers of magazines like GQ, Elle and Vogue. The niece of the U.S. Representative Fred Upton, this curvy lady is also a skilled horse rider.

8. Taylor Swift

No.8 Most Beautiful Women 2013 - Taylor SwiftThe country singer and song writer, Taylor Alison Swift started her career at the age of 14. Counted amongst the top 10 most beautiful women in the world, the young star is the recipient of 12 Billboard Music awards and seven Grammys. The ‘Love Story’ hit maker is also known for her philanthropy for sick children, LGBT anti- discrimination and disaster relief work. Swift has also appeared in the TV crime serial CSI and comedy show Valentine Day.

9. Katy Perry

No.9 Most Beautiful Women 2013 - Katy PerryKatheryn Elizabeth “Katy” Hudson, better known as Katy Perry, is a regular on the list of most beautiful women in the world. Coming from a humble background, the American pop singer, song writer and actress is well known for her album ‘Teenage Dream’ which gave 5 Billboard number one tracks. The singer is also recognised for her unconventional dressing style and hair colours!

10. Amber Heard

No.10 Most Beautiful Women 2013 - Amber HeardBorn on April, 22, 1986 in Austin, Texas, Amber Laura Heard is recognised for her roles in the movies ‘Never Back Down’, ‘Pineapple Express’ and ‘The Rum Diary’. One of the top 10 most beautiful women in the world, Amber was recently rumoured to be dating Jonny Depp and was held responsible for the Pirates star’s divorce.

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