Top 10 Richest People in Australia 2012

All the economically developed countries have sheltered few of destiny’s favourite children. Even when the world was submerged in recession, there were few who were not prevented from enlarging their net wealth. These persons have an upper hand in every aspect from financial and political development of the country to fulfilling any personal wants. Being one among the richest countries in the world, Australia cannot be ignored for presenting some of the wealthiest individuals of the universe. Though some of them are not from the island originally, Australia is now lucky enough to have them as permanent citizens. Let’s have a look at the names that were struck by fortune luck and have earned fame worldwide.

 List of Top 10 Richest Australians in 2012

  1. Gina Rinehart
  2. Ivan Glasenberg
  3. Andrew Forrest
  4. James Packer
  5. Frank Lowy
  6. Harry Triguboff
  7. Anthony Pratt
  8. John Gandel
  9. Angela Bennett & Michael Wright
  10. Kerr Neilson

Top 10 Richest Citizens of Australia in 2012

1.) Gina Rinehart
Being the top richest person in Australia, Georgina “Gina” Hope Rinehart, the mining tycoon has again proved that women are no less in business and management. With $9 million net worth she is the heiress of Hancock Prospecting and the offspring of late Lang Hancock and Hope Margaret Nicholas. In May 2012 even BRW named her as the wealthiest woman on earth.

2.) Ivan Glasenberg
Born in South Africa, Ivan Glasenberg is the CEO of Glencore International plc, one of the world’s largest commodity trading companies. The former South African race-walking champion has an asset of $7.20 billion being the largest share holder in the firm. According to April 2012 it was accounted that Glasenberg held more than 15 per cent of Glencore’s stock, placing him as the 20th richest mining billionaire. He is also the corporate successor to Marc Rich & Co AG.

3.) Andrew Forrest
John Andrew Henry Forrest or Andrew Forrest commonly known as Twiggy is a Mining Entrepreneur from west Australia has a total asset of $6.9 billion. In fact when he was thirty years old he was considered as the youngest prosperous citizen. He is also the CEO and the chief investor for the Fortescue Metals Group Ltd. Forrest is well known for fanatically advocating miners’ rights.

4.) James Packer
Media Industry magnate, Kerry Packer passed on this family property of Consolidated Press Holdings Limited to his son James Douglas Packer making him one of the most prosperous men in Australia. After his father James leaving from this world, he moved away from traditional family business to build an empire and currently owes $4 billion net resources. Since 2006 he has been mentioned by Forbes in the list of rich men.

5.) Frank Lowy
Born as a refugee during World War II, least did he dream that in today’s date he will be a proud owner of 120 malls across Australia with $4.4 billion net possessions? It is interesting to know that Frank Lowy was born and brought up in Czechoslovakia and later on moved into Australia to form the Westfield Group.

6.) Harry Triguboff
Nick named as “High-Rise Harry”, Harry Oscar Triguboff has property worth $4.30 billion through property development. Like his competitor, Lowy, even he was not born and raised in Australia but in China. He was the first person to win Australia’s Property Person of the Year award twice; once in 2003 and then again in 2009.

7.) Anthony Pratt
The chief executive and Chairman of Group Deputy Chairman of Visy Industries and Pratt Industries, Anthony Joseph Pratt is another rich man from island with $2.7 billion net material goods.

8.) John Gandel
Through the business of real estate, John Gandel has credited himself with a net possession of $3.3 billion. He even has 50% tenure in the largest shopping centre of the country, Chadstone. In May 2006, Gandel was honored with doctorate of philosophy from Tel Aviv University, the university’s highest tribute, for his “business standing, broad headship roles and philanthropic support in Australia and Israel.

9.) Angela Bennett & Michael Wright
Heirs to a business left by their father, siblings Angela Bennett & Michael Wright owes $2.30 billion possessions becoming the ninth richest people of the Kangaroo Island. Mining is the major business of their wealth accumulation.

10.) Kerr Neilson
Originally from Africa, Kerr Neilson is the managing director and portfolio manager for Platinum Asset Management. With $2.10 billion, he is the eighth wealthiest person in Australia according to Forbes. Neilson is regularly associated to Warren Buffett for his aptitude to consistently decide on high-performing stocks.

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