Top 10 Richest People in China 2012

It is not always necessary to born with a golden spoon in mouth to become famous. In China also we have such tycoons and billionaires who have attained success from a grass root level. Their hard work was accompanied by luck and today they are considered as the richest of all Chinese. The given below list will discuss about the top ten richest people in China, 2012.

List of Top 10 Richest Chinese in 2012

Rank Name Net Worth ($b)
1 Liang Wengen 9.3
2 Robin Li 9.2
3 Liu Yongxing 6.8
4 Liu Yonghao & Family 6.6
5 Zong Qinghou 6.5
6 Hui Ka Yan 6.2
7 Wu Yajun & Family 5.9
8 Zhang Jindong 5.6
9 He Xiangjian 5.5
10 Qiu Guanghe & family 4.8


Top Ten Richest People in China 2012

1. Liang Wengen
The 55 years old Liang Wengen is the richest person in China and is the founder and main shareholder of Sany Group, a heavy industry manufacturer based in Changsha. His net worth is $9300 million and is tapped to join the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

2. Robin Li
Born on 17th November 1968, Robin Li is a Chinese Internet Interpreter and co-founder of Baidu, China’s most leading search engine. Robin completed Information Management from Peking University and in present day he owns $9200 million to his name.

3. Liu Yongxing
Liu first made money with his brothers in the quail-breeding business and later sold animal feed in western China but today he is the third richest people in china with a net value of $6800 million. Yongxing’s East Hope Group is his source of wealth which has emerged as one of China’s largest non government companies and a rising force in the production of plastic material.

4. Liu Yonghao & Family
The 60 years old has worked as a teacher till he joined business in 1980 and currently his success has entitled his name in the record of top ten richest people in China, 2012 with earnings of 6600 million. Liu is the Chairman of New Hope Group which concentrates on agribusiness and is China’s largest processor of poultry and milk.

5. Zong Qinghou
The Chinese entrepreneur, founder, Chairman and CEO of the Hangzhou Wahaha Group, Zong Qinghou has personal wealth of $6500 million. The beverage tycoon had very little formal education and is a delegate to the Chinese National People’s Congress since 2002.

6. Hui Ka Yan
A residence of Guangzhou, Hui Ka Yan is one among the richest people in China who has accumulated $6200 million worth from his self made real estate business, Evergrande Real Estate Group. Earned bachelor’s degree in metallurgy in 1982 form Wuhan University of Science Hui’s company has some popular investor such as Hong Kong billionaire Joseph Lau and Singapore’s Temasek Holdings.

7. Wu Yajun & Family
Chief executive of real estate developer, Longfor Properties Wu Yajun started her real estate business along with her husband. The company went public on Hong Kong stock exchange in November 2009 and today Wu Yajun is regarded as one among the top ten richest people in China with a net worth of $5900 million.

8. Zhang Jindong
One of the two founders and the current president of the Suning Appliance, the 48 years old Zhang Jindong is also a Chinese entrepreneur. Starting his business from a small air conditioner selling shop in present date he has earned a reputation for being one of the richest people in China having 5600 million to his name.

9. He Xiangjian
The co founder of China’s largest appliance makers, Midea, He Xiangjian gather wealth amounting to $5500 million. He is a resident of Foshan and is gifted with 3 children.

10. Qiu Guanghe & Family
The list of top ten richest people in China, 2012 cannot be concluded with naming Qiu Guanghe, the 59 years old chairman of Zhejiang Semir Garment with net wealth of $4800 million.

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