Top 10 Richest Women in the World 2012

As soon as the word “richest people” flickers in our mind, we tend to think about all the plushest male personalities. Be it Carlos Slim, computer savvy Bill Gates or Warren buffet, we only think upon these names in the list of richest person on this earth. We could say it’s very natural for us not to look upon women making it to the list of richest personalities. But, contrary to our accustomed perception, it is very much true that womenfolk are these days entitled for their fortune. They are praised for their affluence and considered in top niches of the society as well. Their hard work, luck and inherited wealth have made women list among the richest populaces all over the world. In today’s post we get you the list of Top 10 Richest Women in this World. Know more about these powerful ladies and their interesting details.  Have a look-

  1. 1.Christy Walton
  2.  Liliane Bettencourt
  3. Alice Walton
  4. Georgina Rinehart
  5. Iris Fontbona
  6. Birgit Rausing
  7. Jacqueline Mars
  8. Susanne Klatten
  9. Anne Cox Chambers
  10. Savitri Jindal

10. Savitri Jindal- $10.9Billion (India)
Ranked as the world’s 44th richest person, Savitri Jindal is an Indian steel magnate. At the age of 61, she is a reputed chairperson of Jindal Steel and Power limited. She is also honorable member of Haryana’s Legislative Assembly.

9. Anne Cox Chambers- $12.5 Billion (USA)
At the age of 92, Anne Cox chambers still heads the board of Cox enterprises and continues to be one of the world’s most successful media proprietors. At present, Anne resides at Atlanta Georgia and has three children from both of her marriages.

8. Susanne Klatten- $13 Billion (Germany)
The inherited share in BMW and Atlana has made Susanne Khatten the richest woman in Germany. Married to Jan Klatten she lives with her three children in Bad Homburg. The 50 year old is also one of the biggest sponsors in Christian Democratic Union.

7. Jacqueline Mars- $13.8 Billion (USA)
Jacqueline Mars has inherited fortune and share in her grandfather’s renowned bonbon company, Mars. At the age of 71, she is twice divorced and has two children. Jacqueline is fourth richest woman in America and resides at The Plains, Virginia.

6. Birgit Rausing – $14 Billion (Switzerland/Sweden)
Brigit Rausing, a well-known Swedish art historian is the country’s third richest person and lives at Vaud, Switzerland.  She is the widow of Gad Rausing and inherited packaging colossal Tetra Laval after his life’s end in 2000.

5. Iris Fontbona- $17.8 Billion (Chile)
Iris Fontbona is a Chilean businesswoman and owns Antofagasta, one of the biggest copper mining companies. She has acquired wealth from her husband, Andronico Luksic, the founder of Antofagasta. It’s interesting to know that despite being on the list of richest woman, Iris has no page in Wikipedia.

4. Georgina Rinehart- $18 Billion (Australia)
Georgina Rinehart, the heiress of mining industry, Hancock Prospecting, is the richest woman in Australia. Though Gina has inherited wealth from her father, but with commendable hard work she has continued his bequest in business progression.

3. Alice Walton- $23.3 Billion (USA)
Alice Walton is the daughter of Sam Walton, founder of the notable Wal-Mart Empire. Being an heiress, the woman’s share in Wal-Mart fortune has made her the tenth richest American. Not to forget she is sister in law of the richest Christy Walton, who ranks top in our list. Alice Walton resides in Texas with her four grown up children.

2. Liliane Bettencourt- $24 Billion (France)
Being the only child of billionaire Eugene Schuellerm, Liliane inherited all his fortune in 1957. Presently at the age of 88, Liliane Bettencourt is a successful French entrepreneur. Reputed to be the wealthiest woman in Europe she is the principal shareholder of L’Oreal.

1. Christy Walton-$25.3 Billion (USA)
Christy Walton owns the world famous Wal-Mart Empire and is reputed to be the richest woman on this earth.  She is widow of John T. Walton and inherited opulence after his life’s end  in 2005. 56 years old Christy resides with her only son Lukas in Jackson, United States.

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