Top 10 Successful People With Disabilities


Top 10 Successful People With Disabilities

Many people have the destitution they come across in their lives. Some of them give up while some win over those disabilities. These people despite of their weakness prove the world their extraordinary abilities. It definitely takes a lot of strength to compete with the world with no fear of the lacks the body have and stand in front of the world to say I made it. There are many successful people who had disabilities but overlooking that and focusing on what they have to deliver to this world, they made the great contribution in major sectors. Today we are here with the list of people who never allowed their disability to become a hurdle in their career.

10. Stephen Hawkings


Stephen Hawkings

A genius legend of the past few decades who contributed so much to the world of Physics, Stephen William Hawkings was an idol for all the youth. He was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 21 nevertheless he never stopped himself from innovations. Hawkings was an English Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist, director of Centre of Theoretical Cosmology and Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. Hawking’s commercial success did not come easily, he had to go through a lot of struggles and yet he did not lose hope. He has popular contributions in science. His book A Brief History Of Time was listed as the best seller.

9. Helen Keller


Helen Keller

A lady whose disabilities were no excuse to give up, Helen Keller was the first deaf-blind to achieve the degree of Bachelors in Arts. She was an American author, lecturer, and activist. Despite her blindness, she wrote the books and stood strong as an activist to help others. Keller was the leading founder of ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union).

8. Ralph Broun


Ralph Broun

Ralph Broun is the leading manufacturer of wheelchairs. He was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy so started to use the wheelchair at an early age and at the age of 15 years he created a motor-powered wagon with his father to go around. Broun was named “a Champion of Change” by President Barack Obama. His vision and determination brought the change of mobility for the people through 4 wheeled chairs.

7. John Nash


John Nash

John Forbes Nash Jr. was an American mathematician. He is popularly known for his contribution in Game Theory, differential geometry. Few years after passing out from the college Nash started to develop the signs of schizophrenia however it did not affect his love for maths.

6. Albert Einstein


Albert Einstein

A name nobody is unaware of, yet not everybody knows Albert Einstein was diagnosed with Dyslexia. The greatest scientist of the twentieth century could not speak a word till the age of 3 and was dyslexic and autistic. However, he never liked going to the school yet created history in education. He was bad at theory so he went towards practical and one fine day he found the Relativity Theory, Quantum Mechanics, Brownian motion and much more.

5. Marla Runyan


Headshot of Marla Runyan, the first legally-blind Olympic athlete


Marla Runyan is a track and field athlete. Marla is blind yet her disability never came in her way. She is a three-time national champion in women’s 5000 meters. She said “Some people have a negative attitude and that’s their disability” and she became first legally approved blind athlete.

4. Franklin D. Roosevelt


Franklin D. Roosevelt

The President who contracted polio and used a wheelchair, FDR was an American political leader and beloved President. He was on wheelchair nevertheless his vision and willpower never stopped him from performing his duties till the end. He is a symbol to the country that paralysis is no boundary to the determination.

3. Stevie Wonder


Stevie Wonder

A splendid singer and songwriter, Stevie Wonder is blind and it doesn’t make him to leave the audience amazed. Wonder is one of the most beloved singers alive today; he is much praised and loved for his pleasing songs. He was 11 years old when he recorded his first label and ever since he is performing to make the audience go crazy for him.

2. Frida Kahlo


Frida Kahlo

Frida is a Mexican artist popularly known for making the portraits. Frida was injured in an accident in which she had the broken back that will never be healed 100%. The artist will always be known for making the splendor paintings and her fierce spirit to stand as a survivor.

1. Sudha Chandran


Sudha Chandran

An Indian television actress as well as a professional Bharatanatyam dancer who lost one of her legs due to infection after a car accident in 1981. Using a “Jaipur Foot” she started again and taught Bharatanatyam dancer which enabled her to become of one the best dancers in the world. She has a list of popular works in Indian Film Industry as well.

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