Top 10 Unusual Looking People In The World

Over the past few centuries, there are numerous personalities born with unusual deformities which made them a stand-out from the crowd. As a main source of income, their physical appearance made them immortal on the grounds of history. Many of them earned their living by working with in circuses, as their looks were very scary or odd to be related. With a bunch of Unusual Looking People within their society, people were very fascinated to see these “creatures”. Let’s take a look on top 10 Bizarre People on Earth who tolerated people staring at them just for FUN!


Top 10 Bizarre People on Earth


1. Schlitzie


Schlitzie, or famously known to the world as “Pinhead”, was born with a physically deformed condition Microcephalus, which resulted in a tilted forehead and an oddly reduced head size and brain. Ranked as one of the top ten Weird People in the World, worked as an American sideshow performer at Barnum and Bailey, and occasionally as an actor, earning a good income and shining despite being deformed. She was best known for his character in the 1932 movie Freaks.


2. Ella Harper

Ella Harper

Famously earned a name as “Camel Girl”, Ella Harper was the well-known star of W. H. Harris’s Nickel Plate Circus, and would often appear with a camel in front of the audiences. She was featured in every newspaper she went for a show, and was quoted as ‘the most wonderful freak of nature since the creation of the world’. She earned her title as she was born with a rare physical deformation causing her knees to bend backwards without any pain or discomfort.


3. Fannie Mills

Fannie Mills

Fannie Mills was a work of nature, and was given the name as “Ohio Big Foot Girl”, as her foot were oddly enormous and big for any normal human being. Suffering from Milroy disease, she experienced severe swelling of the legs and feet, with her feet size reaching up to 17-19 inches long and 7 inches across. She began unveiling herself at Dime Museums in 1885 with the help of the assistance from her friend Mary Brown, who served to her special needs.


4. Joseph Merrick

Joseph Merrick

Amongst the list of Most Unusual People, the name of the Joseph “Elephant Man” Merrick is must to mention. Probably the best-known person on this list, Joseph Merrick was born in the year 1836, and was a renowned celebrity in London and all over the world. He was born with a condition that caused enormous lumps on the skin and deformed bones and skin patterns, named as Proteus Syndrome.


5. Edouard Beaupre

Edouard Beaupre

The firstborn amongst the 20 children of his family, Edouard Beaupre came out as an extremely tall person with a height of 7 feet when he reached 17. Apart from being a local celebrity, he decided to turn into a strongman instead of working in a circus. His dramatic growth and invariable size caused him excruciating pain. Under the assistance of a Métis status promoter, André Gaudry, Edouard Beaupré visited Canada and much of USA.


6. Nicodemus, the Indescribable

Nicodemus, the Indescribable

John Doogs, or famously known as Nicodemus the Indescribable, was a freak of nature and was born with truncated limbs. Despite bearing such physical deformation, he came out as a remarkable performer in acrobatics.


7. Mignon, the Penguin Girl

Mignon, The Penguin Girl

Mignon was born around 1910 with a rare disorder called Phocomelia, which resulted in stunted limbs and fingers infused so as to resemble as flippers. From there she inherited the name “The Penguin Girl”. Furthermore, due to this deformity, she was forced to waddle rather than walk. She celebrated enormous popularity amongst her local estate and was widely recognized with her exhibitions all over the world.


8. Len and Ernie

Len and Ernie

Ernie Defort, the “Two Boys, One Head”, saw the life along with its parasitic twin conjoined to his sternum, and was seen as a scary freak amongst the crowd. At the age of 12, it was dramatically decided to remove his twin because of health deterioration issues. He refused for any surgery as he grew emotionally attached to his twin after all these years.


9. Francesco A. Lentini

Francesco A. Lentini

Francesco A. Lentini possessed a half-grown body of his conjoined twin with both the legs and genitals of his brother attached to his spinal cord. At the age of eight in the year 1898, he arrived in America and gained a mass popularity and followers. He had a great charm, keen wit and sense of humour. As his trademark performance, he was well known for kicking a soccer ball with his strange limb with ease.


10. Lakshmi Tatma

Lakshmi Tatma

Lakshmi Tatma is the new-found sensation of this world, and was born with “4 arms and 4 legs”, giving her a “referred” idol as a Goddess. This young girl hails from India, and was worshiped amongst the locals for her appearance. One of the Unusual Facts about People like her was that she was identified as one of a pair of Ischiopagus conjoined twins, one of which came out as headless because of its atrophied head and under-developed chest causing for such inferiority. After a health scare describing a minimal chance of survival into adult-hood, her parents agreed for an operation. She grabbed eyes of the world through National Geographicand garnered attention throughout the world.

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