Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World

Photography is more than just pointing a lens and clicking the shutter, it is an art and wedding photography even more so. A wedding photographer holds the responsibility of immortalising, which for almost everybody is, the most special day in a human beings life. A wedding photographer has to see beyond the colours, and lighting and other technical mumbo jumbo, he needs to take in account the moment and the feelings of his subjects. That’s what sets a wedding photographer different from a normal photographer. So if you’re looking for someone to capture your most special moments and freeze them in time, make sure you consider the best wedding photographers in the world.

Top Ten Best Wedding Photographers

Take a look at the best of the best in the world of photography in our list of the top ten wedding photographers in the world.

Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World

1. Morgan Lynn Razi

Morgan Lynn Razi is one of those photographers that really know how to capture feelings on film. Based in Houston, Razi fell in love with photography when she was only fifteen and began shooting in events since before she was even a graduate. Her pictures speak of her great love for romances and love stories. Razi is a genius when it comes to varied lighting, a situation most photographers would run away from, but which Razi sees as a challenge. Her vision and her never failing boldness is what make Morgan Lynn Razi one of the best photographers in the world.

2. Matt Miller

This former member of a Punk-Rock band and later a concert photographer began his journey as a wedding photographer with a little scepticism. He started as an assistant photographer for three years and later started booking his own shoots as an independent photographer. Thanks to his days as a concert photographer, Matt was quite comfortable with taking pictures in low lighting. His photography style is quite alternative which makes them a bit more personal. His photographs have a quiet sunny and happy outlook.

3. Ryan Brenizer

New York wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer began his journey as a photographer by clicking pictures for the University of Columbia’s academic events which he found to be quite dull and not as interesting. When he first started clicking at weddings he was thrilled by all the emotions and the beauty of it all and just fell in love with weddings. Being a Journalism student, he tries telling the story of the people he is photographing in pictures and show things that are different about them and sets them apart. He is known mostly for his use of composite lighting, light painting and free lensing. His method of Capturing panoramic portraits with shallow depth of field is known by most photographers as Brenizer’s method.

4. Samm Blake

Samm Blake started taking wedding pictures as a student just to earn some extra cash, but the field captivated her so much that she decided to stick around thanks to all the creative freedom she was given along with so many possibilities. Her background in communication gave birth to her unique style of blending artistry with documentary which gives her pictures a whole new dimension. Blake prefers to keep to herself and avoid interrupting the couple. She prefers to maintain the authenticity of the moment by giving her subjects ample room to breathe.

5. Ryan Joseph

Ryan Joseph graduated from Ohio University with a degree in photography and settled in Tampa where he has his own studio. Joseph pays a lot of attention in all his shots, he is an expert when it comes to using the natural light and use it to highlight and draw attention towards his subjects’ personalities which determines the overall look of the image. He tries to expose the entire being of his subjects and portray what they are on their wedding day.

6. Emin Kuliyev

Hailing from Azerbaijan and settled in New York, Emin started off as a graphic designer. After an Accident that rendered him incapacitated and tied to his own home, Emin started taking pictures of all things around his apartment. He treats weddings as a Journey with a whole bunch of over excited companions. His images are very carefully composed and portray his own witty and poignant style.

7. Ashley and Jeremy Parsons

For Ashley and Jeremy Parsons photography was pretty much a calling and all started when someone who had seen Ashley Parsons’ family pictures asked her to photograph at a wedding. The experience totally overtook Ashley and she and her husband Jeremy began their journey as wedding photographers. The Parsons make it a point to get to know their clients before they take up an assignment. They say it helps them to bring out their true essence in every picture they click.

8. Sean Flanigan

Sean Flanigan began as a photojournalist but drifted towards wedding because he found them more fun since it afforded him a little more creativity. Flanigan has a knack for sniffing out interesting lighting and making full use of the light. His use of natural lighting in his photographs and the occasional use of a Lomo camera give his pictures a completely different outlook and feel. But even after all the artsy talk Flanigan confesses his delight when he sees a happy couple getting married.

9. Todd Hunter McGaw

Based in Brisbane, Australia; Todd initially wanted to be a commercial photographer. He is mostly known for his creative, conceptual shoots along with his innovative portraits that he implies while crafting out each photograph he captures. His is gifted with the talent to catch hold those beautiful moments of a wedding that compels his clients to revisit those moments all over again while going through their wedding album.

10. Tyler Wirken

Kansas City based Tyler Wirken is a different kind of photographer. Tyler likes to capture the people at the weddings and not just the couple. Most of his clientele actually prefers it that way. Previously being a photojournalist Tyler prefers to be as unobtrusive as possible and sometimes even resorts to using remote camera’s in churches. He likes to establish a personal relationship with the family before he photographs them as that gives him an insight in to their lives which is useful as a photographer. He also makes it a point to stay till the very end of every wedding he photographs.

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