Top 10 Hot Politicians of all Time

10 Hot Politicians of all Time

You come across a vast number of politicians either in personal life, on TV, newspapers or magazines. Most of them look like clones of one another in formal outfits where a few of them are blessed with some magnetic and charismatic personalities that captivate our attention instantly even in formal clothing. Here is the Top Ten List of the hottest Politicians of all time. The list, besides living ones, praises the attractive appeal of those politicians who are not with us today but a single image of theirs form an archive increases our heartbeats manifolds.

1. Yulia Tymoshenko


The queen of an incredible beauty Yulia Tymoshenko, Prime Minister of Ukraine, tops the list of the hottest politician of all times. She has been named one of the most powerful women in the world by Forbes a couple of times.

2. Clint Eastwood


Former Mayor of Carmel California, Clint Eastwood comes at the 2nd position in the list of hottest politicians of all time.

3. Prince Herry


This prince is about 25 years and a proud owner of a sensuous personality. He is son of Princess Diana. He is a man born having a silver spoon in his mouth. He came in limelight when decided to serve two and a half months on the front lines in Afghanistan.

4. John Gavin


John Gavin is the 4th hottest politician in the list. He was an actor, who also served in the Navy.  A strong jaw-line, captivating little dimple in chin and that broad chest stole away many hearts in the world. He was Ambassador to Mexico in the 80′s.

5. Clare Boothe Luce


Clare Boothe Luce is one of the very first women elected to congress. Born in the New York City, she was incredibly gorgeous woman and a very talented writer. She had a deep knowledge of fashion, and was gifted with beautiful cheekbones.

6. Matti Vanhanen


Next in the list is the geeky, unusual Prime Minister of Finland, Matti Vanhanen. He has a very decent personality and never takes other’s advice when it comes to dressing. He even does not drink like many other politicians.

7. Nikolas Sarkozy


Nikolas Sarkozy is the President of the French Republic. He is intelligent with a cute and amazing voice.  One of the most intoxicating part is his personality is his sizzling eyes.

8. Eva Peron


She is the First Lady of Argentina who makes to the list at No. 8 position. She has been bestowed upon an incredibly beautiful physic and mesmerizing facial expressions.

9. Che Guevara


Che Guevara fills the 9th position in the list. He is very intense passionate and flaming. He seems to be an incredible lover, soulful, lively and intense. He has been a fantasy of many women all around the world.

10. John F. Kennedy


Let’s begin the countdown of the top ten hottest politicians of all times with a flashback. John F. Kennedy, 35th President of the United States grabs the No.10 position. Stunning face, dark secretive eyes and an impressive personality are a few characteristics that describe this politician best.

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