Top 10 Longest Reigning Monarchs of All Time

Top 10 Longest Reigning  MonarchsSince the word democracy came into existence the world is left with very few kings and queens. We still fantasise how their lives were when they had an upper hand in the society. History has let know that although all of them had a luxurious life, their personalities were quite different from one another. The unique characters of all have made them leave affects on the society long after they have gone. A monarch mainly gained fame for their technique of ruling.  Few of them were fortunate enough to rule for a long period of time. Mentioned below are some royals who had left trace of ruling for the longest phase of time in the past.

List of Longest Reigning Monarchs with Verifiable Reigns

Rank Name Duration of Reign
1 Sobhuza II 82 years, 254 days
2 Bernhard VII 81 years, 234 days
3 Wilhelm IV 78 years, 243 days
4 Heinrich XI 77 years, 103 days
5 Christian August 75 years, 253 days
6 Muhoji IV Rao 74 years, 315 days
7 Bhagvatsingh Sahib 74 years, 87 days
8 Georg Wilhelm 73 years, 282 days
9 Karl Friedrich 73 years, 29 days
10 John Louis 72 years, 228 days

1. Sobhuza II (10 December 1899 to 21 August 1982)

Ngwenyama well known as Sobhuza II was the ruler of Swaziland from 10 December 1899 to till 21 August 1982. He liberated Swaziland from the Britishers and ruled over his kingdom for a span of 82 years and 254 days, becoming the longest ruling monarch till date.

2. Bernhard VII (11 August 1429 to 2 April 1511)

Bernhard VII of Lippe also nick named as “the Bellicose” due to his bloody feuds became the king in 11 August 1429 when he was hardly a year old. Though the initial years were guided by his uncle he continued till 2 April 1511 making second longest rule of 81 years and 234 days.

3. Wilhelm IV (26 May 1480 to 24 January 1559)

William IV of Bavaria famous as Wilhelm IV was the duke of Bavaria, Germany for 78 year and 243 days from 26 May 1480 to 24 January 1559. He was a noteworthy investor and a commissioner of art.

4. Heinrich XI (17 March 1723 to 28 June 1800)

The first Prince Reuss of Greiz, Heinrich XI had his power from 17 March 1723 to 28 June 1800 completing 77 years, 103 days of perfect leadership. During his life time he acquired a number of titles such as Heinrich XI Reuss of Obergreiz (1722-1723), The Count Reuss of Greiz (1768-1778), and The Prince Reuss of Greiz (1778-1800).

5. Christian August (14 August 1632 to 23 April 1708)

Another monarch who has earned the fame of longest reign is Christian August, who was responsible for Anhalt-Dornburg for 75 years, 253 days. Starting from 14 August 1632 till 23 April 1708.

6. Mudhoji IV Rao (7 December 1841 to 17 October 1916)

The Hindu ruler of Phaltan State, Mudhoji IV Rao governed his state under the British rule from 7 December 1841 till 17 October 1916. Being a capable ruler he got the title of Raja or Naik Nimbalkar.

7. Bhagvatsingh Sahib (14 December 1869 to 10 March 1944)

One of the most open-minded and progressive of Gondal state was Maharaja Bhagvatsingh Sahib. He ruled over Gondal from 14 December 1869 to 10 March 1944. During his rule of 74 years and 87 days his main focus was on the reform and progress of the state.

8. Georg Wilhelm (13 February 1787 to 21 November 1860)

Georg Wilhelm succeeded his father in 13 February 1787 and continued for 73 years, 282 days till he breathed his last on 21 November 1860 at Bückeburg.

9. Karl Friedrich (12 May 1738 to 10 June 1811)

Charles Frederick or Karl Friedrich was the duke of Baden from 12 May 1738 towards 10 June 1811. He was an elector during his early days and later on with his sense of duty rose to the position of a duke.

10. John Louis (19 October 1472 to 4 June 1545)

Count John II’s son John Louis is yet another ruler who had a record of ruling for 72 years, 228 days. He controlled Nassau-Saarbrücken from 19 October 1472 to 4 June 1545.

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