Top 10 Longest Ruling Non Royal National Leaders

Longest ruling Non Royal leader

Though there have been many rulers but few of them have left a mark. But surprisingly they are not the most noble or complaisant rulers. They have had their ways of governing the people, managing the economy for benefit of the nation. Muammar Gaddafi is one of the political leaders who ruled the economy for the longest time in his own ways either noble or harsh.

List of Top 10 Longest Ruling Leaders

Rank Leaders Term Length
1 Fidel Castro  52 years, 62 days
2 Chiang Kai-shek  45 years, 302 day
3 Kim II-sung  45 years, 57 day
4 Muammar Gaddafi  42 years, 49 days
5 Omar Bongo 41 years, 155 days
6 Enver Hoxha 40 years, 171 days
7 Francisco Franco 39 years, 50 day
8 Gnassingbé Eyadéma 37 years, 297 days
9 Paul Biya 37 years, 6 days and counting…
10 Josip Broz Tito 36 years, 157 days


Longest Ruling Non-Royal National Leaders

10. Josip Broz Tito (29 November 1943  – 4 May 1980)

Josip Broz tip played a revolutionary role in Yugoslavia; he was the states man who served his country for 36 years. By his great works, successful economy and diplomatic policies he was called to be the magnanimous ruler. He was the supreme commander of Yugoslavian military and he came under the lime-light when he promoted non-aligned movement as secretary general.

9. Paul Biya (30 June 1975 – Present)

Paul Biya is a president of Cameroon and from almost 37 years he is serving his country radiantly. In 1982 he prospered Ahidjo as President, his brilliant power struggle made him grasp the statures. Biya presented constitutional variations within the perspective of a single-party program.  He sustained the relations of France and Cameroon very well.

8. Gnassingbé Eyadéma (14 April 1967  – 5 February 2005)

Gnassingbé Eyadéma ruled the political party ‘Rally of Togolese people’ (RTP) of Togo as President. His long political life was of almost 38 years. His solemnity for the growth of country was so strong that he won multiple elections and as a result the opponent parties refused the selection result in 1993 as falsified.

7. Francisco Franco (1 October 1936 20 November 1975)

Francisco Franco was the Spanish general. His dictatorship reigned for 39 years. He was the leader in Nationalist military in Spanish civil war. His excellence is renowned by his self-governing spirit as he was apolitical before becoming head of state.

6. Enver Hoxha (22 October 1944  – 11 April 1985)

Enver Hoxha was the governor of Albania for 40 years. He performed multiple political services like he was the Prime Minister of Albania for 10 years, been the Defense Minister, foreign affairs minister and his long lasting list ran till his last breath. His leadership was categorized by anti-ideological Marxism.

5. Omar Bongo (2 December 1967 – 6 May 2009)

Omar Bongo was the political leader of Gabon, he ruled as president for long 41 years. He was one of the politicians who administrate single party system; he was severely criticized but subsisted through intense opposition and got elected again.

4. Muammar Gaddafi (1 September 1969 – 20 October 2011)

Muammar Gaddafi a legendary name in the world of politics, he was the ruler of Libyan Arab. He owns many titles like Colonel Gaddafi, brother leader, king of kings. He took Libya’s political level to another level; he constructed his services conferring his own laws considering political ideologies. He was considered to be the most brutal politician and was criticized acutely. He was hanged on by people itself but he survived in politics for 42 long years.

3.) Kim II-sung (10 Oct 1928 – 15 Dec 1931, 6 Mar 1932 – 21 Jan 1949 and    1 Mar 1950 – 5 Apr 1975)

Korean president Kim-II sung ruled for 45 years. He was considered to be the most prevailing politician. He was also the Prime Minister for some years and he remained in power even in high competition. He was known to be the most talented but ingenious political reformer. He triggered civil war between South Korea and North Korea.

2. Chiang Kai-shek (9 September 1948 – 8 July 1994)

Chiang was political and military frontrunner of China. He was the great commandant of military academy. His excellent political leadership can easily count on the years he ruled, which are 46. He engages in recreation of endorsement of Chinese culture.

1. Fidel Castro (16 February 1959 – 19 April 2011)

Fidel Castro is a revolutionary and politician in Cuban. He ruled for 52 years which is the lengthiest time period in the antiquity of politics.  Under his Marxist ideology the supervision was turned into one party communist state. His top position clears itself how brilliantly he led in political world as he took it to another level.

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