Top 10 Most Powerful Women In Politics 2014

“Politics is not a game, it is earnest business.” A sphere mostly governed by men, the political arena is now being revolutionized with the admissions of female political icons. Yes, it is time we make way for the Ten Leading Ladies in the World of Politics. Women have proved themselves worthy of being not only a home-maker but also assume the robust stature of being successful politicians. Take a look at the following List of the Top Ten Most Powerful Women in Politics, 2014.A rare combination,these famous women are the living embodiment of beauty coupled with brains.


Top 10 Most Powerful Women In Politics 2014.

Here’s a comprehensive brochure of all those making it to the Top Ten Powerful Women in World Politics.


1. Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel

Angela heads the record of being the first women Chancellor of Germany. She is leading the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) since the wake of the 21st century. Born as Angela Dorothea Kasner on 17 July 1954, she earned the Doctorate degree as a Physical Chemist, fought the elections following the German reunification in 1990 and got appointed as the Federal Minister for Women and Youth in 1991 under Chancellor Helmut Kohl. As the de facto leader of the European Union and “the decider,” she is an integral part in the administration of the economic crisis at the European and International level. Holding the number one slot for nine years of the past ten years, Angela tops the list of the Top Ten Most Powerful Women Political Iconsyet again.


2. Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen

Janet is the first woman to hold the position of the Chair of the Board of Governors of the U.S. Federal Reserve System. Born on August 13, 1946, she secures her position at number two in the list of the Top Ten Most Powerful Women in Politics this year. She received the Honorary Doctorate from the London School of Economics and is one outstanding American Economist. She engages herself with the most efficacious central bank in the world. The Wall Street calls her the ‘dove’ as she concerns herself more with unemployment than with inflation. She wishes to be identified first as the Chair of the Federal Reserve, not as just a woman.


3. Dilma Rousseff

Dilma Rousseff

Maintaining her foothold strong in the top five in the Catalogue of the Most Powerful Political Women is Dilma Rousseff, the 36th as well as the current President of Brazil. Born on December 14, 1947, she is the first woman to house the post. Educated to be an economist, she supported Socialism since her youth. She also aligned herself with many left-wing and Marxist urban guerilla groups that challenged the military dictatorship. The nation hosted the Fifa World Cup this summer anticipating a major breakthrough to Brazil’s fragile economy.


4. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

The 44th first lady of the United States, Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama considers herself first and foremost to be the mother of her two daughters. Before becoming the first lady of the nation, she was a lawyer, Chicago City administrator and Community outreach worker. Championing the cause of nutrition, her program ‘Let’s move!’ is directed towards challenging childhood obesity. She is not only a fashion icon but an ideal role model for women in all respects. Through her frequent television appearances, she keeps herself connected to the masses.


5. Geun-hye Park

Geun-hye Park

Administering the 18th presidential term, Geun-hye Park is the first woman President of South Korea. Born on February 2, 1952 and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, she served as the chairwoman of the Grand National Party (GNP). She strongly supports the governance of happiness, economic resurgence and art. Attempting at revitalizing relations with North Korea, Park makes her mark in modern history as she is the first woman head of state in Northeast Asia.


6. Cristina Kirchner

Cristina Kirchner

Addressed as CFK, Cristina Elizabet Fernandez de Kirchner was born on the 19th of February, 1953. Former National Senator of Argentina and the current Argentine President, CFK is the first woman to be directly elected and re-elected as President. She is working towards taming the inflation rates in Argentina. She has succeeded in procuring credit from international beneficiaries, and thus makes it to the List of Top Ten Powerful Women in Politics for 2014.


7. Michelle Bachelet

Michelle Bachelet

Born on September 29, 1951, Veronica Michelle Bachelet Jeria is currently the President of Chile. A physician with research in military strategy, Bachelet calls herself an agnostic. She became the member of the Socialist Youth right at the outset as a University student. She went on to be appointed as the Minister of Health later. Not only is she the first woman to hold the presidential office in Chile but also the first ever person to emerge victorious twice in competitive presidential elections since 1932.


8. Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi

The Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi is the highest ranking woman politician in American history. Born on March 26, 1940, she is the first woman to hold the post of the 60th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Having been interested in politics from an early age, she holds the Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. Belonging to the Democratic Party, she is the first Californian, First Italian-American and the first woman to head a primary party in Congress.


9. Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

The Head of State of the United Kingdom and other 15 realms of the Commonwealth of Nations, Queen Elizabeth was born on the 21st of April, 1926. Beginning her reign from the age of 25, she has been on the throne since five decades. She is, therefore running the bid to becoming the longest ruling monarch in British History, in September 2015.


10. Joyce Banda

Joyce Banda

April 12, 1950 born, Joyce Banda is the first woman President of Malawi. Formerly the first woman Vice-President of Malawi, she is the founder and leader of the People’s party in Malawi. A flamboyant advocate of women’s rights, she has also been the Minister of Gender and Children’s Affairs and Community Services. She has dismissed her Cabinet in lieu of the corruption charges against the members. In order to uplift the economic conditions of the country she has sold the presidential jet and went on to deduct 30% of her own salary, thus making her way to the directory of Top Ten Powerful Women in Politics this year.

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