Top 10 Political Books

The term politics being a significant factor in shaping our society, few authors have come up with some of the greatest political books. These volumes have discussed and portrayed few noteworthy political issues and evens that were kept away from the reach of general public. As soon as they were released, thousands of copies were demanded by readers making them the best selling political books in the recent time. From Detroit, Unbroken to American Sniper there are few more mind blowing political books that have been included in the record of top 10 political books. Surf down to have a glance.

Top Ten Political Books

If you are a politically ardent person and love to know anything related to the field, then the list of top ten political books suits you the best.

1. Detroit

No.1 Top Political Book - Detroit an American AutopsyDetroit was written by the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Charlie LeDuff. The author very captivatingly addresses the fact that even America shelters a dysfunctional and disheartening place like Detroit. The volume was stirred by his experiences growing up in an industrial family in Detroit and having lost a sister to its atrocities as well as from the coverage he has done on the urban, since returning home. It became the bestselling book as soon as it was made public.

2. Thomas Jefferson

No.2 Top Political Book - Thomas Jefferson the Art of PowerDedicated to the popular American politician cum President – Thomas Jefferson, this autobiography is the work of Jon Meacham. The magnificent volume talks about the complex characteristics and behaviours of the politician and how he used to make his people understand his view points. Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power is one of the best political books known to the current era. It has attracted huge number of politically inclined readers ever since it has been made available in the market.

3. Coolidge

No.3 Top Political Book - Coolidge Amity ShlaesAmity Shlaes does a brilliant yet challenging review of the thirtieth president of United States through his literary piece – Coolidge. The author creatively draws light on the truth, how Calvin Coolidge rose from an unpopular small town England boy to become the leader of one of the most developed nation.  The book sees the politician as an inconspicuous head and a financial general of budgeting and tax cuts.

4. Out of Order

No.4 Top Political Book - Out of Order StoriesThe book, Out of Order has been named so because it focuses on the other side of the American Supreme Court which is invisible to the general public. Sandra Day O’Connor has been the first woman to be a part of the US Supreme Court and that’s what has inspired her to jot down some of the unknown facts of the judiciary system. Out of Order also presents accounts of well-known justices, including prominent Judges -Oliver Wendell Holmes and William O. Douglas.  No doubt it has been a part of the top ten political books.

5. Unbroken

No.5 Top Political Book - Unbroken a World War ii Story of SurvivalUnbroken by Laura Hillenbrand has been honoured with the Los Angeles Times Book of the Year Award for its vibrant and rich description of Louis Zamperini, a World War II lieutenant. The heroic survival story of the American defence personal grips a book lover’s mind in such a way that he/she keeps turning its page continuously to sail through its fascinating plots. Unlike other autobiographies, Unbroken has a constant thrill running beneath the truth connecting Zamperini and World War II.

6. America the Beautiful

No.6 Top Political Book - America the Beautiful RediscoveringAmerica the Beautiful is another inspiring political book by Dr. Ben Carson that has acquired a position among the greatest political books. As the name suggest it is a detail sketch of what America was and what is she today. Basically it is a narrative of all the factors that have afforded the nation to become the world leader. An insightful manifesto of the ethics that has shaped America’s past and will form her future, America the Beautiful advices readers to use their God-given talents to improve their lives, communities, nation and the world.

7. No Easy Day

No.7 Top Political Book - No Easy Day the First Hand AccountMark Owen gives a portrayal of his participation in the mission that had destroyed the notorious radical – Osama bin Laden in his best selling political book, No Easy Day. It recounts the author’s career with DEVGRU and several other combat operations which he had partaken with the unit. Through the volume, Owen also drives readers into the field of America’s continuous war on terrorism and put an account of the training and selection process for one of the most influential military units. It was released on 4th September 2012 and since then approximately 575,000 copies have been sold off.

8. Killing Lincoln

No.8 Top Political Book - Killing LincolnIn relation to the 1865 assassination of the U.S. President, Abraham Lincoln; Killing Lincoln is at the eighth position in the row of top 10 political books. It is the literary creativity of Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard. It has a rather shocking storyline introducing readers to that single gunshot which had transformed the nation into a complexly different scenario. Thus the political book features some of history’s most significant political figures along with an in depth study of thrilling events.

9. Killing Kennedy

No.9 Top Political Book - Killing Kennedy the End of CamelotAuthored by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard, Killing Kennedy was released on 2nd October 2012. As can be assumed from the title, it is based on the assassination of the 35th U.S. President, John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1963. The writers do a brilliant job focusing on the proceedings leading up to its killing as well as its subsequence. 118,000 copies of the political volume were sold during the initial week of release.

10. American Sniper

No.10 Top Political Book - American SniperThe American Sniper is an amazing autobiography of Chris Kyle who has been the highest record holder among the snipers in the US defence. The author opens up to the public by stating incidents from his extraordinary military career. The political book has been one of New York Times best selling books in recent times. Unfortunately Chris was shot by a fellow veteran on 2nd February 2013, claiming his life at a shooting range.

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