Top 10 US Presidents of all Times

Today America is one of the most influential nations only because of its great leaders who have contributed selflessly towards its development. Since the wake of its independence these prominent figures have brought up end number of reforms, passed  acts and have guided the States all through difficult periods. Few of them, despite being born in un-affordable families, have risen to the height of being the president only via their leadership talent and the power to visualize the future.  Glance through the list to identify the dominant names that have made up to the record of top 10 US presidents.

Top 10 Best US Presidents of all Times

The write up below, mentions the top ten US presidents along with their contributions towards the formation of United States.

1. Abraham Lincoln


The 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln is the most renowned figure in the history of US politics. Despite being born in a deprived family on 12th February 1809, he had managed to rise to the highest position that his nation could afford. He had served the States from March 1861 till the day he was assassinated in 1865. He was notable for guiding his country through its most critical phase of military, constitutional and moral crisis. He played a significant role during the American Civil war, in abolishing slavery and modernization of economy. This made him the best US president.

2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Franklin Delano Roosevelt has earned a reputation as one of the best US presidents. He had a major role in changing the course of American government. He was the one who led America during the worldwide economic depression and total war. The 32nd president did everything from passing laws to benefit the farmers, businessmen and those who were void of the basic amenities of life. Born on 30th January 1882, he entered politics just after graduating out from Columbia Law School and Harvard University. He was a prominent figure of the Democratic Party and served as the president for four terms.

3. Theodore Roosevelt


Another name to illuminate among the top 10 US Presidents is Theodore Roosevelt who had directed his people and the Congress towards strong foreign policies and new reforms. He was notorious for the “walk softly and carry a big stick” mind-set of governing the nation. By the time he had completed his first term he had solved a number of international issues of the time. It was also under his supervision that the Panama Canal was constructed connecting the globe as a whole. His high pitch voice and pounding fist had always motivated the public to do something positive.

4. Thomas Jefferson


There were many imperative aspects of Thomas Jefferson’s life that impacted United States during his term from 1801 to 1809. He is regarded as the “American Founding Father” for authoring the “Declaration of Independence”. He was so concerned about his country that throughout his career he had put the interests of the public before his. He is not only one amid the best US presidents but is also a symbol of American ingenuity and versatility with many noteworthy accomplishments.

5. Andrew Jackson


Within eight years of presidency, the seventh US president has imprinted the history of American politics with such an influence that the period between 1829 and 1837 became popular as the “Jacksonian democracy” that fully justify the list of top 10 US President. He rendered a helping hand in getting the Florida territory from Spain, commanded the nation to victory during the 1812 war and strengthened the economy by passing the Tariff Act in 1832. Even today people acknowledges him for protecting the democracy and individual‘s right for United States citizenship.

6. Woodrow Wilson


Woodrow Wilson was the person behind the decision of “if and when” would America be a part of the World War I. He was also responsible for the introduction of the “League of Nations”, much before the United Nations was formed. In addition Woodrow had also undertaken many other progressive reforms that made him to the list of best US Presidents. Born on 28th December, 1856; he headed the States from 1913 to 1921. Before getting involved in politics he was the President of Princeton University.

7. James Knox Polk


James Knox Polk has grabbed the seventh position amid the top 10 US presidents. He was a person which clear vision and took all necessary steps to accomplish them. Under the rule of James Knox laws were legalized to form a national treasury as well as to lower the tax. Besides he had also solved the Oregon issue peacefully. Born on 2nd November, 1795; he was elected as the eleventh president in 1845 by defeating Henry Clay of the Whig Party.

8. George Washington


George Washington was the first president that United States had after the American revolutionary War. He is one of the “Founding Fathers of the United States” as well. Washington’s valour in battle, distinguished manner and unanimously admired strength of character earned him the status of “Father of His Country” and till the present century historians identifies the magnitude of his assistance to the United States. He used to carry out his duty in a manner to set out an example for the future presidents of the nation. No doubt his name ranks along the record of leading presidents of US history.

9. Harry S Truman


Popular for playing a dominant role in the formation of the Marshall Plan and the Truman Doctrine, Harry S Truman took to office in 1945 after Late. Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He even had shouldered responsibilities during the Korean War and the Berlin Airlift. He stood for the nation when the complete world was shadowed by hostility and enmity. Thus his leadership was turning point in relation to foreign affairs. His love for the nation made him the best US president in the history.

10. Dwight Eisenhower


The record of top 10 US presidents will be incomplete if we won’t mention its 34th president – Dwight Eisenhower. Before serving his presidential terms from 1953 to 1961, he was also an influential general during the World War II. An innovative by nature, the credit for the creation of NASA, Interstate Highway System, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, National Defense Education Act and the Atomic Energy Act goes to Dwight Eisenhower.

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