Top 10 Batsmen in ICC ODI Ranking

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ODI Batsmen

Top 10 Batsmen in ICC One-day International

Now, what exactly is ICC?

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is a universally-reputed transnational governing body of cricket, and was discovered by senates from England, Australia and South Africa in 1909 as Imperial Cricket Conference. Currently known by its newly-featured name, ICC occupies a full-grown seat of 106 members, and plays the head principal organizing and managing cricket’s major international tournaments such as ODIs, Tests and T20 matches. Umpires and referees are also appointed by ICC itself. ICC ODI World Top 10 Batsmen is prepared by ICC officials in targeting and rewarding 10 best players internationally for their astounding performance in One-Day International cricket matches.

Are you a hard-core cricket buff? Want to know which of your favorite players ranks within the list of ICC ODI Top Ten Batsmen? Following is a full-fledged list of ICC ODI Ranking Top 10 Batsmen, who entertained the world with their record-breaking junctions and pleasing performances. Get a small insight and know more about your favorite player and his current ICC ODI ranking.

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