Top 10 Bicycle Brands

Bicycle is one of the best methods to exercise, lose weight and stay fit and healthy. Bicycles are easy to use, are not expensive, and are produced with latest designs, styles and modifications for better speed and quality. Best Bicycle Brands in the World produce these commodities keeping in mind the affordability factor in a society. Mountain bikes are in trend, as people are growing fond of trekking and mountaineering. Some of the Top 10 Bicycle Brands are given below narrating their success stories, their initiation and products they deliver. Keeping in mind consumer satisfaction as the main perception, these brands have seen the light of success with an adaptable range of bicycles under best commercial prices and according to industry standards.

Following is the list of top 10 best bicycle brands in the world which have carved a goodwill for themselves and are said to be the most popular ones:


Top 10 Most Popular Bicycle Brands


1. Giant



Ranked as number one amongst the Top Bicycle Brands in the Market, Giant represents the top-most quality and has been ranked as one of the demanded bicycles in the world. The bikes incorporate best features and designs with quality performance and speed. The brand is Taiwanese discovered in the year 1972 by King Liu. The branches are located in several countries and cities such as Netherlands, China and Taiwan, etc.


2. GT


FOUNDER: Richard Long

GT is classified amongst Famous Bicycle Brands, and is stated as a leading brand of America. It was established in 1972 under the managerial concerns of Gary Turner and Richard Long in Santa Ana, California. The brand manufactures exclusive mountain, BMX and road bikes and represents a high-class productivity. They are produced in versatile colors, styles and designs.


3. Marin

Marin Bicycle

FOUNDER: Bob Buckley

Marin comes forward as the most popular and Top Cycle Brands all over the world. Bob Buckley took the initiative in the year 1986 to establish an advanced industry manufacturing structurally-designed bicycles for the whole world. The brand is famous for its mountain bikes, which are delivered in numerous tints and accessories. Some of their productions are very expensive and high-class. The name of the bicycles is based on the names of different locations in Marin County.


4. Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Bicycle

FOUNDER: Rob Roskopp/Rich Novak

Santa Cruz is a very sought after bicycle brand in California, and is known for its high-range technicalities and improvised bicycle experiences. With the launch of recent panel of downward racing squad, it has gained immense popularity in the realm. The company was established in 1993 by Rich Novak and Rob Roskopp. The brand appeals quality over quantity, and distributes the products under lined prices.


5. Scott

Scott Bicycle

FOUNDER: Ed Scott’s

Said to be amongst the Top Ten Bicycle Brands, Scott is known for its sports bicycles that provide an enthralling experience, are reliable and stylish. The brand manufactures versatile forms of bicycles, winter equipment, sports products and motor sports. The company was started off by Ed Scott in the year 1958. Apart from being one of the best, it remarked the manufacturing of Ski pole with Aluminum, which became a huge success.


6. Kona

Kona Bicycle

FOUNDER: Joe Murray

Kona basically hails from North America, and started delivering outputs in the year 1988 under the managerial direction of Joe Murray. Some of the several locations with their office headquarters are Canada, Switzerland, and America and many more. The brand has introduced a dynamic range of bicycles for women and girls in attractive colors and hues under best prices.


7. Cannondale

Cannondale Bicycle

FOUNDER: Joe Montgomery/Jim Catrambone/Ron Davis

Cannondale is a huge success in Canada, and has been the first choice of every Canadian. The brand manufactures bicycles in different styles and latest modifications. The company was reputed by several big names like Jim Catrambone, Ron Davis, and Joe Montgomery etc. in the year 1971. The main quality is the affordability and modified designs with latest trends being incorporated within a single machine.


8. Specialized


FOUNDER: Mike Sinyard

Specialized or officially called as Specialized Bicycle Component started functioning in the field of bicycles and accessories in the year 1974 under the directive of Mike Sinyard. It is a major American brand and has been said to be a preferred choice for bicycle enthusiasts. It sponsors many teams and identities, and produces best bicycle and related components under economical range.


9. Trek

Trek Bicycle

FOUNDER: Richard Burke

Considered as one of the leading bicycle brands in the whole wide world, Trek has been considered as a major supply of bicycles and accessories under several synonyms, such as Electra Bicycle Company, Diamant bikes, Klein, Gary Fisher, etc. The entity was founded by Richard Burke in 1976, and the main headquarters are rooted in Wisconsin. The brand has carved a name for itself in this section and has been an advent producer of quality bikes and cycles.


10. Merida

Merida Bicycle

FOUNDER: Ike Tseng

Merida has been popular for its mountain bikes range and showcases style and authenticity. The whole industry called Merida Industry Co. is well-reputed for designing, producing and manufacturing these expensive bicycles globally around. The brand was initiated by Ike Tseng in the year 1972, who was a very recognized engineer. The bicycle comes in several designs and tints with mass improvisations and technical fixes.

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