Top 10 Greatest Swimmers of all Times

Swimming is another popular game that is known to create lots of excitement and craze among its fan and viewers. Though it might seem a simple game only handful of its participants could maintain the fame of being the best with top most position. So today we would discuss about those sport stars that have created ripples in the pool of swimming championship. Quickly peep through our record of top 10 greatest swimmers of all time to identify the best names.

Top Ten Best Swimmers of all Times

Carry on your reading to find out if your favorite is a part of the top ten greatest swimmers of all time list.

1. Michael Phelps

No.1 Greatest Swimmer - Michael PhelpsMichael Phelps seals himself as the best swimmer in the world by winning 22 medals and 39 world records. The 28 years old retired American swimmer is also the most decorated Olympian of all time with numerous victories. In addition to these he took back home 71 medals in major international long-course competition. Due to his record-breaking performances and global titles, he was honoured with the American Swimmer of the Year Award nine times and World Swimmer of the Year Award seven times along with the 2012 FINA Swimmer of the Year Award.

2. Mark Spitz

No.2 Greatest Swimmer - Mark SpitzPopular as “Swimming’s Golden Boy”, Mark Spitz was the most name in the field of swimming championships between 1968 and 1972. During this span of time he swept away 9 Olympic gold medals along with silver and a bronze, 31 US Amateur Athletic Union titles, 5 Pan American golds and 8 US National Collegiate Athletic Association titles. He also made 35 world records and the Swimming World magazine named him World Swimmer of the Year in 1969, 1971 and 1972.

3. Ian Thorpe

No.3 Greatest Swimmer - Ian ThorpeFive times Olympic champion, Ian Thorpe is a freestyle expert and has been nicknamed as Thorpedo or Thorpey. With 11 World Championship golds he rightly deserves the third position among the top 10 greatest swimmers of all time. Ian also has earned the reputation for being the first person to be named Swimming World Swimmer of the Year four times and Australian swimmer of the year consecutively from 1999 till 2003. Until his retirement in 2006 November, he had dominated the 400 m freestyle and used to come up with the leading position in every renowned swimming event.

4. Johnny Weissmuller

No.4 Greatest Swimmer - Johnny WeissmullerJohnny Weissmuller is regarded as the best swimmer of the 20th century due to his competitive swimming records. Throughout 47 years of his swimming career he had set 51 individual world records, won 52 National Championships, 67 world championships and claimed 94 individual American records. He also holds the record for swimming 100 meters within 58.6 seconds and 400 meters in less than five minutes. Apart from maintaining a bright swimming profile, he was also well known as a Hollywood actor.

5. Debbie Meyer

No.5 Greatest Swimmer - Debbie MeyerEven after four decades of retirement, Debbie Meyer still continues to be the first female Olympian to win three individual freestyle swimming gold medals in a single Olympics. Despite being troubled by asthma, she had elevated her career by breaking twenty world records and 24 American records. Besides she had won 19 championships in the Amateur Athletic Union of the United States and entered the United States Olympic Hall of Fame in 1986. No doubt she is the greatest women distance swimmer of the 60’s.

6. Michael Gross

No.6 Greatest Swimmer - Michael grossThe German born Michael Gross is the finest swimmer known in the 200 meter butterfly race. He was the king in this meadow from 1981 to 1988 by setting four world records and winning four European titles, two world titles and one Olympic gold medal. He had also claimed fifteen gold medals at the European Championships as a result of which he was elected the German Athlete of the Year in a row from 1982 to 1984 and again in 1988. In 1995 he became a part of the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

7. Matt Biondi

No.7 Greatest Swimmer - Matt BiondiMatt Biondi had earned fame as the fastest swimmer when he was still a high school goer. No doubt he became one of the top swimmers in the world when he took this professionally. In 1985 he became the first man to swim the 100-meter freestyle faster than 49 seconds and till 1988 he became victorious 10 times in maintaining this status. In total he won 24 U.S. Championships in the 200, 100 and 50 meter freestyle events and 100 butterfly race.

8. Jenny Thompson

 No.8 Greatest Swimmer  - Jenny ThompsonWe have Jenny Thompson at the eighth position among the best swimmers of all time. She was unarguable a born sports star who has amused her fan and the world alike with twelve medals, including eight gold medals during the Olympics of 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2004. She owned her first championship at the tender age of 18 in 1991. In 1998, Swimming World Magazine named her as the Female World Swimmer of the Year, proving that she is one of the most awarded American women in this sport.

9. Aleksandr Popov

No.9 Greatest Swimmer - Aleksandr PopovNick named as Sasha and The Russian Rocket, Aleksandr Popov is probably the best sprint freestyle swimmer that the sport has produced till date. Introduced to the sport as a kid of 8 years, Popov is the sole male swimmer in history to win four individual Olympic gold medals in freestyle events. Currently a member of the International Olympic Committee, he retired in January 2005.

10. Krisztina Egerszegi

No.10 Greatest Swimmer - Krisztina EgerszegiThe tenth position of our record has been grabbed by the greatest Hungarian Olympic champions of the modern era – Krisztina Egerszegi. For almost 17 years she has set world record in the long course 200 m backpaddle. During her career she has been the Olympian for three times and five time Olympic champion. She made her international swimming debut when she was only 13 years of age and the next year became the youngest-ever female Olympic champion in swimming.

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