Top 10 Highest Paid Athletes in 2011

Athletics is world of hard work, sturdiness and excellence. The craft and art of being a sportsman takes years to be perfectionist but the reward is worth it. International recognition and appreciation define the success of an athlete. From boxing to cricket, fame, money and psychological satisfaction are rewards that are sought after in this arena. So many players all around the world struggling for success but only few have made it to the peak.

There are some very talented athletes who come under the list of our wealthiest ten. The list is based on their earning like salary, prizes, endorsement etc. After years of blood and sweat in different fields they have achieved perfection and now they are having thousands of diehard fans for them. Floyd Mayweather a young boxing player hit the top of the list.

List of Top 10 Most Paid Athletes of 2011

Rank Player Total Earnings Sport
1 Floyd Mayweather $85 million Boxing
2 Manny Pacquiao $62 million Boxing
3 Tiger Woods $59.4 million Golf
4 LeBron James $53 million Basketball
5 Roger Federer $52.7 million Tennis
6 Kobe Bryant  $52.3 million Basketball
7 Phil Mickelson $47.8 million Golf
8 David Beckham  $46 million Soccer
9 Cristiano Ronaldo $42.5 million Soccer
10 Peyton Manning $42.4 million American Football

Highest Paid Athletes – Salary and Endorsements

10.) Peyton Manning
Peyton manning is an immense American footballer. He played for college football team and in past few years with his amazing talent he achieved great heights. This young footballer earns a salary of $32.4 million and $1o million from endorsement as he is in huge demand.

9.) Cristiano Ronaldo
This name needs no introduction. Ronaldo took soccer to the different level, he added glamor to the game. His great game grabbed the attention of international sports authorities and now he is one of the wealthiest athlete in the world with the total earning of $42.5 million.

8.) David Beckham
Beckham is yet another name you’ll find in the list of world best soccer players. He gave his first stupendous team debut when he was just seventeen. Not just a footballer he is even amazing super model. He earns $37 million by endorsement only and that shows how appealing he is to people.

7.) Phil Mickelson
Phil mickelson is an American golf player. He is on 2nd position in the worldwide ranking and this show how fabulous he is in his play. He has won four major championships. From few past years he seems to be performing out of the world and we can see it easily by his total income of $47.8 million.

6.) Kobe Bryant
One of the most reputed American professional basketball player in Los Angeles Lakers is Kobe Bryant. He is an outstanding shooting guard and started playing in the school team and his practice can be seen by the years passed. $52 million is worth after all he has set numerous records.

5.) Roger Federer
Federer is one of the most talented player in this field of tennis. He has won so many records and awards. He was voted for the second most trusted and respected person in the world. He is known to be the most subtle human being and its worth for him to earn $52.7 million.

4.) Lebron James
Lebron James is known to be the fire of Miami Heat team of the basketball. He is one of the most obliged athlete in his field. How much people crave for him this can be judged by his nick name “King James”. His total salary is $53 million.

3.) Tiger Woods
Tiger woods is the most talented golf player to be ever known. He was on 1st rank of the highest paid athletes according to records but now shifted to 3rd rank. He earns $59.4 million and out of this total he earns 55 million from endorsement. He is a well-known name in the world of media.

2.) Manny Pacquaio
First rate champion fighter of Philippines. He is called to be the hero in boxing field. He is the 2nd highest wealthier athlete in the world. He is the first eight-division world champion and many more records won by him. He also stepped in other fields like acting, music recording and politics. His total earning is $62 million.

1.) Floyd Mayweather
The wealthiest athlete in the world. Floyd Mayweather is world champion boxer of America. He has won so many records.  He is known to be the star of his field and called by name “ pretty boy”. He earns $85 million from salary only. This great personality is master of boxing who owe to be on top.

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