Top 10 Highest Paid Tennis Players of 2012

Tennis is reputed to be an enthralling sport of endurance and technique that reflects master skills of tennis players. With more than 2 billion spectators across the globe tennis is rightfully the 3rd most popular sport in the world. Wimbledon, Australian open, U.S open and French open are the most esteemed tennis tournaments. Tennis is also famed as a community sport across the globe. Players are competitive on ground yet share sense of comradeship and companionship off the court. Tennis is a sport of hard work and determination both on and off the court as the athletes work harder to achieve success and fame.

Legendary Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Maria Sherapova have been adding glory to this sport since their initial career stage and continue to be role models in the International tournaments. Here is the list of top 10 highest paid tennis players who have proved their mettle in splendid game of tennis.

List of Top 10 Highest Paid Tennis Players

  1. Roger Federer ($50 million)
  2. Maria Sherapova ($25 million)
  3. Rafael Nadal ($20 million)
  4. Andy Roddick ($16 million)
  5. Serena Williams ($18 million)
  6. Venus Williams ($15.9 million)
  7. Andy Murray ($12 million)
  8. Novac Djokovic ($10.9 million)
  9. Ana Ivanovic ($8.2 million)
  10. James Blake ($7 million)

10. James Blake
Though James Blake does not rank in the top tennis rankings but has been an enthusiastic player since the age of five. With prize money worth $7 million and various modeling assignments he surely is one of the highest paid tennis players.

9. Ana Ivanovic
Ana Ivanovic is famed as the most promising qualifier on the courts of Luxembourg. Her career prize is approx. $7 million and annual earnings will surely grasp up to $8 million with Adidas and Rolex as her patrons.

8. Novak Djokovic
Ranked as world number one at the ATP Tour World, Novac Djokovic has proved his mettle most in past one year and is surely one of the most popular tennis stars. Novac makes it big with earnings of $10.9 million from various tournaments every year.

7. Andy Murray
World No.4, Andy Murray has achieved to be among the highest paid and popular tennis player as well. With numerous grand slams and advertisement campaigns his earnings grasps a whopping $12 million annually.

6. Venus Williams
Venus William has been a legendary in a career span of 15 years. Career prizes of $13.9 million and tournaments have made her one of the highest paid tennis player indeed.

5. Serena Williams
Though part of William sister duet on tennis ground, Serena has made her mark and won eleven grand slams. Though younger, her career prize grasps to an amazing $18 million.

4. Andy Roddick
Famed to be one of the most popular tennis players, Andy Roddick is admired for his polished performance on court and charismatic personality that floors millions of female fans. Over $16 million paycheck and impressive skills certainly makes him one of the finest athletes of this spellbinding sport.

3. Rafael Nadal
Popularly known as matador of Spain, Rafael Nadal is a perfect competitor as he never lets his opponents forget any of the matches. With six Grand slam titles, this clay court master surely worth earnings of $20 million in a year.

2. Maria Sharapova
Best known for her sensual appeal, Maria Sharapova is the top athlete at the women single tournaments.  Nike and Land Rover in her kitty surely proves her as an efficacious brand model and the Grand Slam titles won makes Maria deserve annual earnings of around $25 million.

1. Roger Federer
Roger Federer has time-honored himself as the most prominent and successful of all. His credibility has earned him numerous accolades and stands out as perfect brand ambassador for Nike, Rolex and Gillett. 15 grand Slam Titles and $50 million prize money surely notches Federer to be the highest paid master of tennis.

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