Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in the World

Sports have always remained as a source of entertainment to people through generations. Everyone has a different taste of enjoyment and thus there is a huge list of sports. While few of them can be enjoyed by all on the other hand there are few which can be quite exciting and dangerous at the same time. Let us have a look at the names that have been included in the record of top 10 most dangerous sports in the world.

Top Ten Most Dangerous Sports in the World

Read in detail about the top ten most dangerous sports in the world and know how risky they are to you.

1. Base Jumping

Base-Jumping-Dangerous Sports in the World

During base jumping, the jumper jumps from any fix base down on earth with the help of a parachute and that base might be anything. The legal issues that a BASE jumper must consider concern permissions to use the object from which the jump is initiated and the area used for landing. This activity is often considered as a “suicidal” sport since a very minute error can cause danger also resulting loss of life.

2. Cave Diving

 Cave-Diving-Dangerous Sports in the World

Cave Diving involves exploration of caves situated under the deep blue seas and oceans which are characterised by uncharted territory, freezing temperatures, low-visibility conditions, and cramped quarters. Besides, one has to be cautious about the ticking away of air supply from the oxygen cylinder. It is regarded as the most dangerous sports in the world since its experience affords no protection and around 500 people have lost their lives since 1960. It is a wilderness experience since some of the caves actually have wild animals living in them.

3. Cheerleading

Cheerleading-Dangerous Sports in the World

Cheerleading is a competitive sports based on organized routines ranging for three minutes with the components of tumbling, dance, jumps, cheers and stunning. Though the main intention of cheer leading is to cheer up the audiences of any events or sports it involves certain amount of risk. A little mistake or unbalance can cause serious injury as it is performed without any solid support or base.

4. Bull Running

Bull-Running-Dangerous Sports in the World

Bull Running is a sports practiced in Spain where a small group of typical bulls are let loose on a crowded street and people jump among them to show off their bravado. It is one among the top 10 most dangerous sports in the world as every year between 200 and 300 people are injured, mostly with contusions due to falls. Due to its risk, only people having the age above 18 can participate in this kind of game.

5. Bull Riding

Bull-Riding-Dangerous Sports in the World

Bull Riding is really dangerous and risky because it includes the chances of getting over run by a bull which might weigh up to 2000 pound. Riding a bull gives many daring situations and there have been many reports of broken bones, fractured skull and loss of lives. As the name suggests Bull riding is a rodeo sport activity wherein the participant makes an unusual effort to ride a bull and remain to be still and not to fall off as long as he can while the bull on the other hand attempts to get rid of him.

6. Street Luging

Street-Luging-Dangerous Sports in the World

Street Luging was introduced in 1970 and is the sixth most dangerous sports in the world. The player has to skate down a hill on a skate board without applying brakes. Though nowadays helmets and other protective instruments have come up, a person can also lost his life while being a part of the game since brakes are not applicable.

7. Big Wave Surfing

Big-wave-surfing-Dangerous Sports in the World

During the course of this game, the participant has to paddle into or towed onto waves which are at least 20 feet (6.2 m) high, on surf board. Big Wave Surfing is like fighting and competing with the waves of water while maintaining equilibrium by moving zigzag or spinning themselves on water surface. If unfortunately there happens to be any disequilibrium, the player can be immersed twenty to thirty feet below the water surface causing serious injuries.

8. High Altitude Climbing

High-altitude-climbing-Dangerous Sports in the World

lso known as Mountain Climbing or Mountaineering, High altitude climbing can be an extremely hazardous activity specifically when performed on snow and glaciers. Cases such as dealing with stress and fatigue, insufficient oxygen and slippery mountain slopes are unsafe for lives. Real mountaineers face every threat one can imagine, up to and can also submerge in water. Today, about one loss of life occurs for every six successful summits on Everest, and each victim had to pass corpses on the way up.

9. Motorcycle Racing

Motorcycle-Racing-Dangerous Sports in the World

Another name which has been included in the record of top ten most dangerous sports in the world is motorcycle racing. Here the players need to finish a specific distant within the race track thus compelling them to drive at a high speed. The drivers in the race are required to maintain their balance while driving through all types of obstacles such as twists and turns, rocks and trees, bugs etc.

10. Heli Skiing

Heli-Skiing-Dangerous Sports in the World

Heli Skiing is not only one among the most dangerous sports in the world but is also one of the most expensive sports because in this sport Heli- Seekers climb up the snow hill with the help of  helicopter which is difficult and risky task to do and then they come back on ground by seeking through snow.

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