Top 10 Most Valuable Sports Teams In the World

Since long sports have acquired a distinct place in people’s sentiments, but now for some, it is just a matter of business. To prove the domain of sports taking a commercial turn, we present here the list of 10 Most Valuable Sports Teams starting with the most celebrated team in the world, Real Madrid. Our list of World’s Most Valuable Sports Team includes nine more renowned squads which have been entertaining you for long now. Find out Which Is The Most Valuable Sports Team, who knows, you might come across your favored team, take a look.


Top Ten Most Valuable Sports Teams in the World

Here is a list that will enlighten you with the world’s most valuable sports teams in the world, scroll down and enjoy.


1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid

One of the richest football clubs in the world, Real Madrid is at number one position of the 10 most valuable sports teams list. This Spanish Squad values around 3.44 billion dollars, which is the maximum amount any other team or club gains. The team features some of iconic faces of football like, Cristiano Ronaldo, James Rodrigues, PePe, Marcelo and many more. Their achievements are not hidden from anyone; they were awarded gratitude of “FIFA Club of the 20th century” in 2000 and also got a title of “Best European Club of 20th century by IFFHS at London in 2010.


2. Barcelona


Efficaciously beginning its footing from the regional and national clubs, Barcelona has now become one of the most supported squads of Spain. Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, Pedro Rodrigues Lionel Messi and Neymar are just a few prominent names who have performed incredibly well for the Barcelona Football Club. This Spanish squad proudly acquired 22 La Liga, 2 Copa De La Liga, 11 Super Copa De Espana and 2 FIFA world cup trophies. Barcelona’s squad worth’s 3.2 billion dollars, the second most valued football club, and earning 613 million dollars annually.


3. Manchester United

Manchester United

The Real Devils or the proficient English Football Club, Manchester united, is the third most worthy team grossing 2.8 billion dollars. The list of their achievements takes in, 1UEFA Winners’ Cup, 1 UEFA Champions League, 11 FA Cups, 1 UEFA Super Cup and 1 International Cup. Rafael, Wayne Rooney, Nani, Antonio Valencia and many other famous players have played for the United. This football club is owned by Glazer Family, through the Red football shareholders limited. One of the latest information about United reveals that, they have engaged themselves in one of the richest uniform deals with ADIDAS.


4. New York Yankees

New York Yankees

Titled as the utmost prized teams in United States, and ranks at number four in the world list with an estimated worth of 2.5 billion dollars. The long list of Yankee’s fame includes 40 AL Pennants, 27 World Series champions and 18 division titles. 44 Yankee’s players and 11 Managers have acquired a proficient position in the “Baseball Hall of Fame”. Some of the famous names include Lou Gehrig, Yogi Berra, Joe Di Maggio, Babe Ruth and many more. Some of its very prominent nick names are Bronx Bombers or Bombers, Yanks or Yankees, The pinstripes and many more.


5. Dallas Cowboys

Dallas  Cowboys

The very renowned Dallas Cowboys known for playing with the National Football League. The cowboys are the most recognizable and valued team of the NFL, grossing a total amount of 2.3 billion dollars. It was in 19690’s that the cowboys joined the national football league as an expansion crew. They are situated at the Valley Ranch in Irving at Texas, mainly known as a suburb of Dallas. The victories enjoyed by the Boys comprise of 21 Division Championships, 2 NFL, 5 times Super Bowl Champions and 8 times NFC winners. Big D, Doomsday defence or The Boys are just a few nicknames for the Dallas Cowboys.


6. Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Dodgers

LA Dodgers, the boys in blue, the blue crew or the Los Doyers is one of the most notable teams of MLB. Since long they have been participants of the ‘National League West Division’ of the ‘Major League Football’. They have achieved 6 World Series titles 21 national league pennants, 8 CY Young Awards, 12 West division titles and many more. The Los Angeles Dodgers originated in Brooklyn in the year 1883 and in 1958 the team moved to Los Angeles. The boys in blue are the sixth most valued sports teams of the world, with a total worth of 2 billion dollars.


7. Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich

Football- club Bayern Munchen e.V or Bayern Munich is one of the most successful football clubs seen in the history of Germany. It is counted among the only four clubs who have won all the three major European leagues. This German Squad won 5 UEFA Champions League, 2 International cups and one FIFA World Cup. List of their achievements is very long which also includes their momentous victory, as a last club, to win European Cup consecutively three times. This club earns a worth of 1.8 billion Dollars, which positions it at the number seven among other valuable teams.


8. New England Patriots

New England Patriots

The Pats or the New England Patriots have enjoyed a successful career under the coaching of Bill Belichick. This American football team grosses 1.8 billion dollars and is the eighth most prized squad of the year 2014. They play for the east division of the American Football Conference, a part of National football League. Success story of the Pats narrates their triumphs in 3 league championships, 7 American football conference and 15 division championships.


9. Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins

Washington Redskins, an 82 year old American football team sited at the cosmopolitan expanse of the Washington D.C. The Skins don’t need much introduction their success charts speaks for it. They won 13 division Championships, 5 NFC’s, 3 Super Bowl Championships, 2 NFL championships and many more. This team bags 1.7 billion dollars of value and ranks number nine among many other valued teams in the world.


10. New York Giants

New York Giants

The New York Giants have been notorious among many other American football teams. Their victories include 6 NFL, 16 division championships, 5 NFC’s and many more. It earns a total amount of 1.55 billion dollars, which brings it to the tenth position among other valued sports teams. They are also nick named as the Big Blue wrecking crew, Jints, the G men and the Big Blue.

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