Top 10 Richest Football Clubs in the World 2013

In today’s date football has evolved as a global phenomenon and the support for its clubs with varied nationality has also spread spectacularly. In regards to this, it has become mandatory to keep a track of the wealth each of these popular clubs is blessed with.  Thus we have come up with the top 10 richest football clubs in the world for the year 2013. You might consider few names for granted but let us caution you that this year’s list has under gone certain changes. So what’s the wait for. Quickly slip through our write up to spot the leading names.

Top Ten Richest Football Clubs 2013

Continue reading as to find out if your favorite club is a part of the top ten richest football clubs in the world or not.

1. Real Madrid

No.1 Richest Football Club in the World - Real-Madrid

Despite the economic slowdown of Spain during the last couple of years, the Madrid based football club; Real Madrid has come out as the richest football club for the year 2013. With nine UEFA Champions League trophies and 32 La Liga titles, the soccer club has been an iconic name in the European Soccer during the past years. This year it has even surpassed last year’s topper, Manchester United with a whooping rise in its value. With 62 percent jump in its revenue as compared to the last three years, Real Madrid’s current value is $3.3 billion.

2. Manchester United

No.2 Richest Football Club in the World - Manchester-United

One of the biggest franchises in the world, Manchester United has grabbed the second position among the top 10 richest football clubs in the world with $3.16 billion as its revenue for 2013. This growth in value can be credited for the various sponsorship deals that it has been engaging since August 2012 along with qualifying for the Champions Leagues. Additionally, a gush in its stock market price has also lead to the club’s triumph. Manchester United is an English soccer club that has been based in Old Trafford since 1910.

3. Barcelona

No.3 Richest Football Club in the World - Barcelona

Another Spanish football club that shared its position among the richest football clubs in the world is none other than Barcelona, also popular as Barça. The team’s indissoluble bond of amity, teamwork, trust and dedication has allowed the Catalan club to value $2.6 billion this year. Since 1955 it is the sole European club to have played continental football each season. Barcelona is also know to have won four UEFA Champions League, 22 La Liga, four UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, 26 Copa del Rey, four UEFA Super Cup, 10 Supercopa de España, three Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, 3 Copa Eva Duarte, two FIFA Club World Cup trophies and 2 Copa de la Liga trophies.

4. Arsenal

No.4 Richest Football Club in the World - Arsenal

Though Arsenal has failed to come out with flying colors during the past recent years, it has continued to maintain a stand along the row of most valuable soccer clubs. The club boasts of $1.33 million as revenue for the year 2013. And due to this intact financial power, Arsenal is still one of the biggest clubs in the field of football.

5. Bayern Munich

No.5 Richest Football Club in the World - Bayern Munich

The German sports club, Bayern Munich has successfully stole the status of being one among the top 10 richest football clubs with revenue worth $1.32 billion. It has the best professional football team at present is the most successful soccer club in the nation with 16 national cups and 23 national titles. Bayern Munich is owned by its club members and has a ever increasing fan following due to its successes on the field.

6. AC Milan

No.6 Richest Football Club in the World - AC Milan

Coached by renowned managers such as Fabio Capello, Arrigo Sacchi and Carlo Ancelotti; AC Milan has not only produced some of the greatest players such as Kaka, Gianni Rivera and Paolo Maldini but have also managed a status among the richest football clubs in the world for the year 2013. Founded in 1899, the Italian football club has been currently valued at $945 million. When it comes to winning international trophies, AC Milan is the most celebrated name.

7. Chelsea

No.7 Richest Football Club in the World - Chelsea

Owing to Chelsea’s victory over last year’s Champions League and FA Cup, the soccer club has witnessed 18 percent hike in their revenue summing up to $901 million this year. It holds record for being the lone London club to be the victor of the UEFA Champions League and as well the sole British club to win all the three main UEFA club competitions.

8. Juventus

No.8 Richest Football Club in the World - Juventus

The most laureate football club in the complete history of Italian soccer, Juventus is still a part of the limelight as its $694 million worth revenue has made news for being amid the most valuable football clubs from across the globe. It is also a favourite of many, especially among the Italian immigrants as it has won fifty-four official titles on both- national as well as international ground. Added to it, the team’s success over 2012-2013 Serie A Champions has boosted its monetary value.

9. Manchester City

No.9 Richest Football Club in the World - Manchester City

Manchester City’s 2012 Premier League win and the ownership of Shiekh Mansoor has afforded the team the ninth position amongst the richest football clubs. Though slightly low in comparison with its rivals, its value has been calculated at $689 million for the current year. Manchester City has started making headlines as a prosperous club when it was purchased by Abu Dhabi United Group – a specialist investment company in 2008.

10. Liverpool

No.10 Richest Football Club in the World - Liver Pool

With $651 million as revenue, Liverpool is the last entry into the record of top 10 richest football clubs in the world. The team’s global recognition and esteem has once again made it a dominant name in terms of riches. Till date Liverpool has won the maximum European trophies challenging a tough competition with the other English football team. Fenway Sports Group is the current owner of the club.

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