Top 10 World Cup Songs

FIFA fever is back with a bang, after four years interval there is again the craze and clamour of the football. Everyone is cheering and supporting their favoured teams with full enthusiasm and zeal of sportsmen spirit. Every year a new song is composed to endeavour the feel of this most loved game, globally. Everyone enjoys listening to music and it’s a very essential element to show your fervor and madness over something. Here are a few Top Ten FIFA World Cup Songs which has been a very essential element to start the madness. These Top Ten World Cup Theme Songs have gained a lot of support and popularity among the audience and created that amazing atmosphere of the game.  We have organized a list of Best World Cup Songs of All Time which have been there since the 1960’s.


Top Ten World Cup Songs

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1. “El Rock Del Mundial” by Los Ramblers”

In the year 1962 this song was composed by the Ramblers band to rejoice the football world cup happening in Chile. Jorge Rojas Astorga created “El Rock Del Mundial”, which sold over 2 million copies of this song till 21st century. This Spanish song started the trend of creating anthem for every football world cup. This song is the oldest song that has been created for featuring football enthusiasm and zeal among the audience. “El Rock Del Mundial” was filmed in black and white, in 1962 to showcase the strength of Chile.


2. “Gloryland” by Daryl Hall

A beautiful and remarkable creation of Daryl Hall, Glory land was especially composed to depict the glory of Football. This song was recorded for the 1994 Football World Cup that took place in United States of America. This song also arrived in the endorsed album of FIFA, titled “Glory Land” with the under statement saying “Soccer Rock the World”. It became so popular among the masses that it was on the UK Singles Chart at number 34 in the same year.


3.  “Un’estate Italiana” by Gianna Nannini & Edoardo Bennato

The very inspiring song composed for the FIFA was destined to motivate people to accomplish their goals and attain their dreams as everything is probable.  “Un’estate Italiana” the well-known Italian version of “To Be Number One” was composed by Giorgio Moroder. This song was an official anthem of 1990 Football world cup played in Italy. It was Edoardo Bennato and Gianna Nannini who translated the English version into Italian and made it a success among people during the world cup.


4. “Copa De La Vida” by Ricky Martin

“Copa De La Vida” was one of the Best FIFA World Cup Songs of the 1998, played in France. The very renowned and popular artist Ricky Martin recorded this song as his second single. This song gained an impeccable success among the other anthems of the FIFA world cup. No other song has been able to match the quality of sound and enthusiasm it creates among the people. This song created a worldwide following for Ricky Martin and the song was on all the charts.


5. “Boom” by Anastacia

Giving up is not an option is what Anastacia tries to signify in her song “Boom”. This song became an official song for the FIFA World Cup in 2002. Not only succeeding in world cup, this song also touched the Asians, Australians and the Europeans hits list. Because of its decent popularity and success in FIFA the song gained its fifth position in the list of Top 10 Football World Cup Songs.


6. “Anthem” by Vangelis

Anthem by Vangelis is the theme song of 2002 FIFA World Cup held at South Korea and Japan. It is a cheerful, bouncy and stimulating song that creates a pacifying ambience for its spectators. Anthem received appreciation from the Japanese audience which more than any other country. The single version of the song was shipped to many countries, around 100,000 copies were ordered worldwide.


7. “Celebrate the day” by Herbert Gronemeyer

This is a celebration song which depicts the spirit of humanity in the football world cup. Because of its exclusivity and difference in style, the song became a strong contender among the Top 10 world cup songs. Football is an amalgam of many countries playing against each other, Celebrate the Day describes the bond and unity created because of football.


8. “The Time of Our Lives” by IL Divo and Toni Braxton

The Time of Our Lives serves as one of the best theme songs of the FIFA world cup 2006. This song was listed in the Voices from the FIFA world cup compiled album. The Time of Our Lives sung by Toni Braxton was launched at the 2006 football championship in Germany. The song motivates the people to work together as a team and make the world a beautiful place to live.


9. “Wavin Flag” by k’naan Feat. David Bisbal

A public anthem of the 2010 FIFA world Cup Wavin Flag became a success story all over the world. This K’naan song received a mass appreciation and it became much more common among the commoners. This song was chosen by Coca Cola as a promotional song for the football league. The positive message of the song received much more appreciation than the official anthem of FIFA.


10. “Waka Waka” by Shakira

The epic 2010 FIFA World Cup song Waka Waka, became viral as soon as it was released. This song very well describes the colourful festivity mood and enthusiasm of the Africans for football. This song sung and performed by Shakira became one of the Best World Cup Songs ever. The song received a lot of admiration because of Shakira’s exclusive dance form and the celebration theme of the song.

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