Top 10 Golf Courses in the World

Golf is most associated with the elite successful corporate class of society. These are the ones who have popularized the game by making it their best leisure time activity. The record of top 10 golf courses presents before you the best golf courses known to the contemporary world. From Pine Valley Golf Club to Pacific Dunes Golf Course, there few golf courses that have not failed to continue with its glory of being the top golf course. Navigate through the write up to have a glance of the leading names in this field.

Top 10 Golf Courses

Best Golf Courses

To know the complete list of top ten golf courses from across the world, continue reading.

1. Pine Valley Golf Club

Started in 1913, Pine valley Golf Club is the top golf course with eighteen splendid green complexes and world class holes. Last year in 2012, Golf Magazine ranked the golf course with the top most position among 100 other courses. It also has repute for being the toughest challenge among all the golf course located around the world. The par three 5th hole is the trade mark of the play ground. Pine valley Golf Club has 930 secret membership list and women are allowed to play only on Sunday afternoons.

2. Cypress Point Club

Regarded as the most private course in the world, Cypress Point Club is the best golf course in California. It was created by renowned designer, Alister Mackenzie along the south of Pebble Beach on Pacific coastline. Cypress Point Club is also well known for its 15th, 16th and 17th impressive holes that overlook the mighty Pacific Ocean. To be a part of the club, one has to be invited by an existing member prohibiting the entry of any casual players. It is the second ranking golf course in USA according to Golf Magazine.

3. Pebble Beach Golf Links

Notorious for its fascinating scenic beauty, Pebble Beach Golf Links is located on the west coast of the States, in Pebble Beach. It is the first public course to rank among the record of top 10 golf courses in the world. It has been created with 18 holes, 72 blue tees par and slope rating of 143. Since its inception in 1919 it has conducted a number of world famous tournaments and is also listed to host the sixth U.S. Open in June 2019. Pebble Beach Golf Links is owned and operated by Pebble Beach Co.

4. Shinnecock Hills Golf Club

Despite being the oldest golf course of American origin, Shinnecock Hills Golf Club still continues to be one of the best golf courses in the world. It is located on the sandy treeless soil of Shinnecock Hills, New York. During three different centuries, it has organized four US Opens and will shoulder the responsibility of hosting it in 2018. According to experts, the par four 6th hole is regarded to be the best hole among its 18 holes. Shinnecock Hills Golf Club was built in 1931 by Edward Meade, William K. Vanderbilt and Duncan Cryder.

5. Augusta National Golf Club

Established by Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts in 1933, Augusta is one of the top golf courses of the world. Founded on a former indigo estate site, it is the host of the Masters Tournament since 1934. It is the only major men’s professional championship amongst the four to be held on the same golf course every year. A regular on the list of the best golf courses in the world, the club is designed by Alister MacKenzie and Jones.

6. Fishers Island Club

The Fisher Island Club is originally a country club, situated on the island in New York, which consists of an 18 hole golf course. Ranked one of the best golf courses in the world, it is a creation of Charles Banks and Seth Raynor. Often referred to as the ‘Cypress Point of the East’, this top golf course was inaugurated in 1926. The golf course was also included in Golf Digest’s 2009 list of America’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses.

7. The Alotian Club

The Alotian Club was founded by the billionaire Warren Stephens. Counted amongst the top golf courses in the world, the wonder was designed by Tom Fazio. Featuring a rolling wooden tract with angled greens, the lake side club is one of the best golf courses in USA. Other major highlights of the golf course are its strategic bunkering, immaculate conditioning and superb direction changes all through the round.

8. National Golf Links of America

Counted among the top golf courses of the world, the National is developed in the old links style, that is, in the coastal sand dunes. Located in Southampton, New York, the golf course has so far hosted only one major men’s championship, the Walker Cup in 1922. The club is labelled as ‘America’s snootiest golf course’ due to its elitist nature. Planned by Charles Blair Macdonald, the golf course owes its name to the 67 establishing members who lived in different parts of the USA.

9. Muirfield Village Golf Club

Spanning over 220 acres, this one of the top golf courses of the world was opened in 1974. Located in Dublin, Ohio, the 18 hole golf course is hosting the esteemed Memorial Tournament since 1976. Counted amongst the best golf courses in the world, it was set up by Jack Nicklaus. The club got its name from the Scottish golf course Muirfield, where the founder won his first British Open title.

10. Pacific Dunes

Pacific Dunes is the second of the 5 golf courses located in the Bandon Dunes Golf resort, Oregon, United States. Rated one of the top golf courses of the world, Pacific was opened to the public in 2001. The designing hand behind this one of the best golf courses in USA; is Tom Doak. Within 5 years of its inception the golf course became the top rated amongst its peers, featuring on many lists including that of Golf Digest.

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