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Top 10 Countries with Most Spammers in 2012

The new generation is very much familiar with the word SPAM.  Every day we get to see some unwanted mails lying in junk folder of our email accounts which are nothing but spam mails. Though some organizations try to prohibit these junks its becoming a difficult task since the internet is public. Many might not realize but spamming affects marketing strategies. These mails not only take our time with unnecessary information but also eat up a lot of network bandwidth. The word spam originated from Monty Python song, “Spam spam spam spam, spam spam spam spam, lovely spam, wonderful spam” which too has end number of useless words. Spamming is also an easy way for the cyber criminals to divert someone’s attention by sending fraud e-mails.  Given below is a list of the top ten countries with most spammers which will surprise many of us to know the countries.

List of Countries With Most Live Spams

  1. United States
  2. China
  3. Russian Federation
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Brazil
  6. Ukraine
  7. Japan
  8. Turkey
  9. Germany
  10. Italy

The World’s Worst Spam Producing Countries

1. United States
With 2576 live spam cases, the most advanced nation on the globe,  United States is also the top most country with spammers. Though US have a population of 304 million against the 1.3 billion of China it leads in sending junk mails worldwide.

2. China
While China already has a name for being the most populated state, in the recent years it has also earned fame for having as many as 1264 live spam.

3. Russian Federation
Recently Russia was in the news for housing notorious spamming gangs like Peter Severa, Leo Kuvayev, and Ruslan Ibragimov . No doubt it is listed as one of the countries with maximum spammers with 715 cases of spamming.

4. United Kingdom
Scotland, England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Great Britain have helped United Kingdom to share the platform of nations with most spammers. Though it is the international super power it has reported to have 502 cases of spamming such as pyramids, dating Russian women etc.

5. Brazil
The “Spam King” of 2010 has gone down the ladder of spammers due to the efforts of the government in lessen the number of crimes related to internet. Despite the attempt it still has 373 cases of fraud mails.

6. Ukraine
Ukraine has a qualified population of around 47.8 million which makes it obvious to become techno savvy. This advancement has a bad news for the country because of its increasing number of 302 spamming evidences.

7. Japan
It is interesting to know that the land of the rising sun is also an evolving nation among the countries having a great number of spammers. This metropolis has witnessed as many as 292 reports for sending junk mails throughout the globe.

8. Turkey
With 36% of the inhabitants accessed to net Turkey cannot be ignored regard to spam cases. If the governing powers won’t take any precautions soon the country will cross the current number of 286 junk mail cases.

9. Germany
By using spam to push government propaganda, advance payments, lotteries etc. the state accounts for 267 spam mail news. Currently it is one along the worst spamming nations of the world.

10. Italy
Numerous companies of Italy are engaged in delivering junk mails in the world. According to a recent survey it has acquired the tenth position with 253 cases against it.

Top 10 Countries with Most Universities in 2012

A quick look into the world’s Top Ten Countries with Most Universities will make it easier to understand the increase in the number of universities globally. It is true that with the advancement of science and technology, university education is more in demand. The impact of globalization has also highlighted the importance of basic as well as higher education. From developed to developing counties, there won’t be any nation in the world who does not have universities.  Education becoming   one of the basic needs of the population, now-a-days many private and government universities are booming up. Thus scroll further to catch hold of the  World’s Top Ten Countries with the Maximum Universities

List of Top 10 Countries with Most Universities

  1. India – 8407
  2. United States – 5758
  3. Argentina – 1705
  4. Spain – 1415
  5. Mexico – 1341
  6. Bangladesh – 1268
  7. Indonesia – 1236
  8. Japan – 1223
  9. France – 1062
  10. China – 1054

Leading Countries with Most Universities

Since India is still a developing nation, educating the mass is very essential and after the 1991 reform it has taken a different turn. Privatization and globalization has paved the path for better and higher education. With the roll of time many universities are opening up and today it has 8,407 private and government universities to its credit.

2. United States
Second in the list is United States. Since a very long time education has been a vital part of its people. As the most advanced nation on earth, in recent times US has as many as 5,758 universities. The public sector mainly looks after its education system.

3. Argentina
Despite many disturbances Argentina has done a relatively good job in the education sector. In recent times it has built 1,705 educational centers becoming the third top country with most university.

4. Spain
With a huge history of colleges and universities, Spain has always done well in imparting knowledge. With many options opened to the students world wide it has 1,415 educational bodies.

5. Mexico
With a faster growth in economy, Mexico has witness a growth in the number of academic institutions in the recent years. The Mexican educational system has raised to the height of international  standards with 1,341 universities opened for students from all spheres.

6. Bangladesh
Ever since the Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project has been introduced in Bangladesh, the quality of education has improved to a large extent. Till date 1,268 universities have been established and few more are to seen in the near future.

7. Indonesia
With the growth in population  there has been an increasing demand  in education. To fulfill this thirst for knowledge the government has provided the nation with 1,236 universities and planned for few more for a better future.

8. Japan
Due to the use of modern teaching techniques the quality of Japanese education has gone up. Students from any part of the world have the freedom to be a part of their 1,223 institutes and have a taste of their modern educational system.

9. France
The competitive age has not left France from providing better education to their citizens. Since the age of Napoleon there has been a development in the France education system and today it is the home for 1,062 educational centers.

The world’s most populous state has also earned a name to be one amidst the countries with maximum universities. China is known to have 1,054 scholastic centres, both for the national and international students.

Top 10 Countries with Most Facebook Users in 2012

With More than 800 million users across the globe and exceptional traffic forte, Facebook is booming quickly on Worldwide Web. Substantially, it would not be wrong to consider Facebook as an apt synonym of Social communication. With novel endeavors in expression of words and ideas, it has indeed become an incredible social networking site. Popularly known as generation F, the Facebook users are active to chat with all their friends, loved ones and also those prominent personalities whom they wish to interact. These days checking status updates and commenting on photos is as important as breathing for all its users. Apart from personal interaction it offers unique advertising opportunities for business. Cheers to its pioneering features and rich user experience which make it one of the leading websites on this planet. With all this you must be wondering, that which country has the maximum Facebook fans? Without wasting any more time let’s check out list of Top 10 countries with most Facebook Users

List of Countries with Most Facebook Users

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. Indonesia
  4. Brazil
  5. Mexico
  6. Turkey
  7. Britain
  8. Philippines
  9. France
  10. Germany

List of Facebook Users by Country

1. United States – 152 million
U.S tops the list with maximum number of Facebook users. With an average growth of 5% every year in user data, the country hasn’t moved from its position since last two years. It’s interesting to know that more than 50% of the country’s total population uses this site to connect worldwide.

2. India – 43.2 million
With a population crossing a good 1 billion figure, India is a developing country in many aspects. But surprisingly the country is far ahead in Internet and technology segment. Amongst the total country users, individuals aged 18 – 24 are more active in this social site.

3. Indonesia – 43.1 million
At number three we have Indonesia. Among the total population of more than 200 million, the teenagers between 18-24 years are leading the networking segment. Remarkably, 43.1 million Indonesians have proved themselves as one of the biggest Facebook fans.

4. Brazil – 37.9 million
When we talk about the Face book users, Brazilians have shown tremendous vigor. In 2010, the user rate was merely around 8,821,880 but in just a year the data has mounted to good 35,154,500 users. It ranked 17th last year but has shown out of the way growth by scoring 4th rank this year.

5. Mexico – 32.1 million
Thanks to all teenage Mexicans, the country has achieved 5th rank in the list of top ten Facebook users. However, in a population of 100 million, around 30% of the people are active on the site. Mexicans have substantiated themselves in the record of 100% active account holders as they are most frequent openers.

6. Turkey – 31.1 million
33.6% of the total Turkish teens have contributed in the ranking of the country. However, the decline in the male and female user ratio have brought its ranking from no. 4 to no. 6. Out of 88.9% of online audience, the average male and female ratio is 63.3 to 36.7 respectively.

7. Britain – 30 million
Though, Britain has fallen four places down, it has an interesting user data. Facebook is targeting more of youths worldwide, but with 25.5% user rate the age group 25-32 has left the teenagers behind by 1%. 5.93% of its total audience is always engaged in the networking site.

8. Philippines – 28 million
Philippines is the smallest nation among all the listed countries. Though smallest, its user rate is most promising. Out of 90 million people, around 25% have created their accounts and 91.80% of the country’s teenage users are always engaged in Facebook happenings.

9. France – 23.1 million
The user data of France is unique from all the enumerated nations. Though 54.5% of the country’s population is consistently online but only 20-23.2% of the users are engaged in Facebook activities. This states that amongst the population of 65 million, majority of its users do not update their status regular basis.

10. Germany – 22.1 million
With more than 8 million user accounts in past one year, Germans have commendably connected with friends all over the world. It is very interesting to know that with tech-savvy inhabitants and a population of around 80 million, the country has entered the top 10 list for the first time.

Top 10 Highest Paid Tennis Players of 2012

Tennis is reputed to be an enthralling sport of endurance and technique that reflects master skills of tennis players. With more than 2 billion spectators across the globe tennis is rightfully the 3rd most popular sport in the world. Wimbledon, Australian open, U.S open and French open are the most esteemed tennis tournaments. Tennis is also famed as a community sport across the globe. Players are competitive on ground yet share sense of comradeship and companionship off the court. Tennis is a sport of hard work and determination both on and off the court as the athletes work harder to achieve success and fame.

Legendary Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Maria Sherapova have been adding glory to this sport since their initial career stage and continue to be role models in the International tournaments. Here is the list of top 10 highest paid tennis players who have proved their mettle in splendid game of tennis.

List of Top 10 Highest Paid Tennis Players

  1. Roger Federer ($50 million)
  2. Maria Sherapova ($25 million)
  3. Rafael Nadal ($20 million)
  4. Andy Roddick ($16 million)
  5. Serena Williams ($18 million)
  6. Venus Williams ($15.9 million)
  7. Andy Murray ($12 million)
  8. Novac Djokovic ($10.9 million)
  9. Ana Ivanovic ($8.2 million)
  10. James Blake ($7 million)

10. James Blake
Though James Blake does not rank in the top tennis rankings but has been an enthusiastic player since the age of five. With prize money worth $7 million and various modeling assignments he surely is one of the highest paid tennis players.

9. Ana Ivanovic
Ana Ivanovic is famed as the most promising qualifier on the courts of Luxembourg. Her career prize is approx. $7 million and annual earnings will surely grasp up to $8 million with Adidas and Rolex as her patrons.

8. Novak Djokovic
Ranked as world number one at the ATP Tour World, Novac Djokovic has proved his mettle most in past one year and is surely one of the most popular tennis stars. Novac makes it big with earnings of $10.9 million from various tournaments every year.

7. Andy Murray
World No.4, Andy Murray has achieved to be among the highest paid and popular tennis player as well. With numerous grand slams and advertisement campaigns his earnings grasps a whopping $12 million annually.

6. Venus Williams
Venus William has been a legendary in a career span of 15 years. Career prizes of $13.9 million and tournaments have made her one of the highest paid tennis player indeed.

5. Serena Williams
Though part of William sister duet on tennis ground, Serena has made her mark and won eleven grand slams. Though younger, her career prize grasps to an amazing $18 million.

4. Andy Roddick
Famed to be one of the most popular tennis players, Andy Roddick is admired for his polished performance on court and charismatic personality that floors millions of female fans. Over $16 million paycheck and impressive skills certainly makes him one of the finest athletes of this spellbinding sport.

3. Rafael Nadal
Popularly known as matador of Spain, Rafael Nadal is a perfect competitor as he never lets his opponents forget any of the matches. With six Grand slam titles, this clay court master surely worth earnings of $20 million in a year.

2. Maria Sharapova
Best known for her sensual appeal, Maria Sharapova is the top athlete at the women single tournaments.  Nike and Land Rover in her kitty surely proves her as an efficacious brand model and the Grand Slam titles won makes Maria deserve annual earnings of around $25 million.

1. Roger Federer
Roger Federer has time-honored himself as the most prominent and successful of all. His credibility has earned him numerous accolades and stands out as perfect brand ambassador for Nike, Rolex and Gillett. 15 grand Slam Titles and $50 million prize money surely notches Federer to be the highest paid master of tennis.

Top 10 Richest Women in the World 2012

As soon as the word “richest people” flickers in our mind, we tend to think about all the plushest male personalities. Be it Carlos Slim, computer savvy Bill Gates or Warren buffet, we only think upon these names in the list of richest person on this earth. We could say it’s very natural for us not to look upon women making it to the list of richest personalities. But, contrary to our accustomed perception, it is very much true that womenfolk are these days entitled for their fortune. They are praised for their affluence and considered in top niches of the society as well. Their hard work, luck and inherited wealth have made women list among the richest populaces all over the world. In today’s post we get you the list of Top 10 Richest Women in this World. Know more about these powerful ladies and their interesting details.  Have a look-

  1. 1.Christy Walton
  2.  Liliane Bettencourt
  3. Alice Walton
  4. Georgina Rinehart
  5. Iris Fontbona
  6. Birgit Rausing
  7. Jacqueline Mars
  8. Susanne Klatten
  9. Anne Cox Chambers
  10. Savitri Jindal

10. Savitri Jindal- $10.9Billion (India)
Ranked as the world’s 44th richest person, Savitri Jindal is an Indian steel magnate. At the age of 61, she is a reputed chairperson of Jindal Steel and Power limited. She is also honorable member of Haryana’s Legislative Assembly.

9. Anne Cox Chambers- $12.5 Billion (USA)
At the age of 92, Anne Cox chambers still heads the board of Cox enterprises and continues to be one of the world’s most successful media proprietors. At present, Anne resides at Atlanta Georgia and has three children from both of her marriages.

8. Susanne Klatten- $13 Billion (Germany)
The inherited share in BMW and Atlana has made Susanne Khatten the richest woman in Germany. Married to Jan Klatten she lives with her three children in Bad Homburg. The 50 year old is also one of the biggest sponsors in Christian Democratic Union.

7. Jacqueline Mars- $13.8 Billion (USA)
Jacqueline Mars has inherited fortune and share in her grandfather’s renowned bonbon company, Mars. At the age of 71, she is twice divorced and has two children. Jacqueline is fourth richest woman in America and resides at The Plains, Virginia.

6. Birgit Rausing – $14 Billion (Switzerland/Sweden)
Brigit Rausing, a well-known Swedish art historian is the country’s third richest person and lives at Vaud, Switzerland.  She is the widow of Gad Rausing and inherited packaging colossal Tetra Laval after his life’s end in 2000.

5. Iris Fontbona- $17.8 Billion (Chile)
Iris Fontbona is a Chilean businesswoman and owns Antofagasta, one of the biggest copper mining companies. She has acquired wealth from her husband, Andronico Luksic, the founder of Antofagasta. It’s interesting to know that despite being on the list of richest woman, Iris has no page in Wikipedia.

4. Georgina Rinehart- $18 Billion (Australia)
Georgina Rinehart, the heiress of mining industry, Hancock Prospecting, is the richest woman in Australia. Though Gina has inherited wealth from her father, but with commendable hard work she has continued his bequest in business progression.

3. Alice Walton- $23.3 Billion (USA)
Alice Walton is the daughter of Sam Walton, founder of the notable Wal-Mart Empire. Being an heiress, the woman’s share in Wal-Mart fortune has made her the tenth richest American. Not to forget she is sister in law of the richest Christy Walton, who ranks top in our list. Alice Walton resides in Texas with her four grown up children.

2. Liliane Bettencourt- $24 Billion (France)
Being the only child of billionaire Eugene Schuellerm, Liliane inherited all his fortune in 1957. Presently at the age of 88, Liliane Bettencourt is a successful French entrepreneur. Reputed to be the wealthiest woman in Europe she is the principal shareholder of L’Oreal.

1. Christy Walton-$25.3 Billion (USA)
Christy Walton owns the world famous Wal-Mart Empire and is reputed to be the richest woman on this earth.  She is widow of John T. Walton and inherited opulence after his life’s end  in 2005. 56 years old Christy resides with her only son Lukas in Jackson, United States.

Top Tea Producing Countries

The Heritage of the Tea is that it was first created and started by china as a medicine and with the passing of time it started getting more and more popular among people and has now become an essential part of our day-to-day life. It has turn out to be a common drink which nearly all of us like. Drinking tea has become one of the most favorite things between us nowadays. Some desire it heavily while some take it just once a day or even less. Some people don’t even think about it at all.


Today more than 45 countries grow tea in large amount for exports as well as local usage. Among all these, Asian countries are the major ones producing more than 91 % of the total world tea. This topic covers the TOP 10 Tea Producing Countries in any aspect in the World.


Top 10 Largest Tea Producing Countries - chinese tea gardens


Top 10 Tea Producing Countries

  1.  China
  2. India
  3. Kenya
  4. Sri Lanka
  5. Turkey
  6. Vietnam
  7. Indonesia
  8. Japan
  9. Argentina
  10. Iran

10. Iran
With an annual production of around 60,000 tons, Iran is one of the leading tea producing countries. The assortment of rich taste and aroma has made red Iranian tea renowned across the globe. There are 108 tea manufacturing factories including Golestan, a reputed brand in Iran that shares 32% of retail value sales.

9. Argentina
Popularly known for its rich cultivated land, Argentina scores 9th rank in tea production. Along with premium quality tea it is also famous for ample production of exotic vegetables, Fruits, Sugarcane and Cotton. Argentina produces 76000 tons of tea each year and exports nearly 50 million kilograms mainly to United States of America and United Kingdom.

8. Japan:
Japan annually produces 110,000 tons of tea and the legendary green tea lures people from across the globe to this land of rising sun. Sencha, Bancha, Genmaicha are famous green teas when it comes to superb taste and aroma. Tea taste has always been a great symbol of love and friendship as well as signifies glorious culture of Japan.

7. Indonesia
Indonesia has an established agricultural sector. Dominant in tea, cocoa and rice production, it produces more than 150,851 tons of tea in a year. Interestingly it is the third largest producer of rice but when it comes to tea production it scores 7th rank in our list. Tea has been important part of Indonesian lifestyle from more than 200 years and iced tea is the most preferred beverage even at the big restaurants.

6. Vietnam
With an agricultural area of 17,800,000 acres, Vietnam is prominent in premium quality of rice and tea production. Its Tea estate yields approx. 174,900 tons of tea on commercial as well as industrial scale every year. Lam Dong province is largest tea grower in Vietnam and contributes 27% of the country’s total tea output.

5. Turkey
Turkey produces 198,046 tons of tea in different exotic varieties that satisfies distributers and tea lovers across the globe.  Offering tea to the guests and visitors signifies an important aspect of Turkish culture and exhibits hospitality of the country people as well. Rose hip (kuşburnu çayı), and linden flower (ıhlamur çayı) are the most popular flavor you must try to soothe your senses.

4. Sri Lanka
Tea production in Sri Lanka is a vital part of its economy as majority of labor force works in the agricultural sector. It produces 318,470 tons of tea in a year that contributes nearly 9.1% of the world’s total tea production. With exceptional savor and style of tea leaves Sri Lanka specializes in black tea and Kandy, Dimbula, Uva and Ruhuna are some of the popular brands.

3. Kenya
Kenya produces more than 345,800 tons of tea each year and is reputed to be one of the foundations of the world’s tea plants. Although it is the third largest producer but continues to be the world’s largest tea exporter as it contributes nearly 9.6 % of the total tea of the world.

2. India
India is the second largest producer of tea in the world and produces about 805,180 tons comprising 23.6% of world’s total production. Assam, Darjeeling, Kochi are some of the beautiful hill stations home to exotic tea gardens in India. There are multiplicity of tea leaves in the country with great taste and delightful aroma.

1. China
China tops the list as it produces 1,257,384 tons of tea every year and has again marked excellence in field of agriculture along with electronics and medicine sector. 15% of its total land area is under cultivation and surprisingly tea production is cumulating day by day.