Best Android Apps 2013

Ever since the birth of android, the use of Smartphone has become more popular and fashionable. Android based phones came up with many user friendly applications that have spread through the international market like fire. With the advancement of time, android apps are evolving from better to best. Each year new applications with innovated features as per customer need are launched in the world market. So the list of top 10 best android apps 2013 presents some of the latest and coolest android apps that have been alluring user’s mind.

Top Ten Best Android Apps 2013

If you are an android user then get into the list of top ten best android apps and find out what you have been lacking behind.

1. WhatsApp

Best Android Apps 2013 - WhatsAppAn instant messaging application for android based Smartphone; WhatsApp handles ten billion messages per day as of August 2012. One can send message, videos, photos, voice records and contacts instantaneously to their desired friends or family members through the android app. It even has inbuilt smiley’s to write text messages in a more expressive way. The catchiest thing about WhatsApp is that one can chat nonstop with their pals no matter wherever they are. No doubt it leads the chart of top 10 best android apps 2013.

2. Facebook

Best Android Apps 2013 - FacebookFacebook for android phones is the best option for those who want to stay connected with their close friends activities. It is one of the best android apps 2013 allowing the user to upload photos, chat with friends, comment, update status and like other’s activities. This clearly means that one can do everything that he/she used to do earlier through his/her desktop or laptop. Moreover Facebook application in android Smartphone is easier to navigate with just a simple touch with the finger tip.

3. Snapchat

Best Android Apps 2013 - SnapchatDeveloped by four Stanford students, Snapchat is a photo messaging application for android Smartphone where the users can take photos, record videos, add text and drawings and send them to a controlled list of receivers. The sender can set time limit for how long recipients can view their photos and after that period the picture disappears. This new android apps for 2013 is a way of staying connected with mates and which, with time, is gaining recognition as a popular android app.

4. Photoshop Touch

Best Android Apps 2013 - Photoshop touchAnother name among the 2013 best android apps is none other than the trendy Photoshop. This particular android application allows the user to put forward his creativity at the best. Through core Photoshop features, one can afford the option of transforming a picture by applying professional and artistic effects. Offering the option of sharing edited photos virtually through any social media sites is the coolest thing about it.

5. CamScanner

Best Android Apps 2013 - CamScannerMore than 40 million users have been using CamScanner globally making it one of the top 10 android apps in the contemporary time. The intelligent document management solution is the best gift of modern technology for those who want to digitize, synchronize, allocate and handle various stuffing on all devices. If the user is a student he/she can use the application for scanning the missed noted and save them in PDF format.

6. MX player

Best Android Apps 2013 - MX playerMX Player is meant for the ones who have a nerve for spending time watching videos including movies and listening to music. MX Video Player has been developed by MX Technologies, a developer focused on mobile video players and codec. It is one among the best android apps 2013 that works great with android based phones and other Smartphone. One can even create their own video list and manage them by making folders and moving to SD cards.

7. Viber

Best Android Apps 2013 - ViberAvailable in the market since May 2011 and developed by Viber Media, Viber is a proprietary cross-platform instant messaging voice-over-Internet Protocol application. It has become 2013 best android apps with 175 million users as of February 26, 2013. Besides text messaging, the android app also allows the user to exchange images, video and audio media messages. At present it is available in ten varied languages – English, Arabic, Albanian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew and Portuguese.

8. Chrome Web Browser

Best Android Apps 2013 - Chrome Web BrowserA freeware web browser, Chrome was launched on 7th February, 2012 by the well known conglomerate – Google. Though the new android app for 2013 is same as the desktop version, it makes navigation much easier with a simple, streamlined browser. One can also flip through unlimited number of tabs and browse through anything they want. Besides, the user can carry on with his browsing no matter where he goes.

9. App Lock

Chrome Web Browser - App LockApp Lock is yet another trendy android app that can be used to hide important messages, applications and files with secured passwords or secret patterns. This way the user can protect important contents from unwanted viewers. Due to it protected features it is becoming a favorite among many android users.

10. AVG Antivirus

Best Android Apps 2013 - AVG AntivirusThe android version of AVG Antivirus combats viruses and malware and also affords loss and theft security through the ability to trail and control the Smartphone distantly. Addition to this it kills tasks that slows down or freeze the device. The multi tasking antivirus has proved user friendly and has evolved as one of the top 10 best android apps 2013. Best thing about it is even devices having low RAM can also install it.

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    If you are using android phone then you must have the listed app on your device like antivirus to protect your phone from malwares, virus, threats etc. WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber to connect with your friends


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