Top 10 Discoveries of the Decade

The Top 10 Discoveries Of The Decade are here to sway your mind with its uniqueness and  creativity of innovation. Everything that we know today is the result of constant efforts of our scientists. Science and scientists from the beginning have worked together to make life better and very easy for the Humans. These Top 10 Discoveries are a some of the breakthroughs of science which have made things easier and found many answers about the world around us. Peep into the world of these Top 10 Discoveries of All Time, just to know what changes it will bring to the world and human race.


Top Ten Discoveries of the Decade

Nurture your imagination with these Top Ten Discoveries Of The Decade, which have opened up new ways of using technology.


1. Micro scalable 3D Printing

Micro scalable 3D Printing

Science changes the way we see the world and technological innovations are the prominent means that showcase it. Micro scalable 3D Printing stands at number one position among the New Scientific Discoveries for the decade. The 3D printers uses special inks, which are made with different materials. Though its capabilities remain limited, but this invention will help scientists to create biological tissues with blood vessels. There is always a first step to advance in the way things work, Micro scalable 3D printing is definitely a leap towards the future of creating “complex biological functions found in organs”.


2. Human Genome

Human Genome

How things work in this world is a question that science tries to answers with every new invention and discovery. Human body and its functions is among the most complex question for which scientists rigorously work. The mapping of Human Genome is a tedious discovery that experts have successfully done, which revealed the details behind a human body. With this astounding finding the analysts will be able to reach new levels to cure some harmful disorders in living bodies. Not only humans but many other animals like dogs, mosquito, bees, yeast and many more went through genome sequencing for a better future.


3. Neuromorphic Chip

Neuromorphic Chip

Science will always awestruck you with its creativity and intelligence put into creating some brilliant innovations. Neuromorphic Chip, a path breaking innovation, that stands at number three among the Top 10 Science Discoveries. Artificial intelligence is the main agenda behind the introduction of the Chip, that will enhance the way in which computers work. Qualcomm, IBM, HRL Laboratories and Human Brain Projects are the essential players behind its introduction. This chip is created to give the computers a small brain that allows them to sense the surroundings cleverly. This is a completely advanced and quantum leap to make the coming future preferably more cutting edge.


4. Water on Mars

Water on Mars

Scientific discoveries have become a guiding light for us in our long quest of finding answers for everything unique in this world. One such Recent Scientific Discovery was initiated by NASA in 2008, that confirms the signs of water on Mars. Space scientists and NASA experts have been continuously raiding the red planet to locate an alternate for human survival. The discoveries have given evidences that there are traces of water as well as organic compounds. Constant analysis and  intense hard work levied in by scientists have proven the discovery of “water on Mars. This discovery still continues to be under the process, as many nations and heir scientists are willing to participate.


5. Cyborg a Reality

Cyborg a Reality

Humans have acquired new dimensions of handling any human disability with a technological advancement. Our science and technology have advanced so drastically that many disabilities of humans can be recovered easily. Connecting humans with machines is one of an amazing advancement of science. Robotic arms, legs, fingers and many more progresses have been acquired by scientists to help the disabled people to have the missing limb back. Controlling machines with mind has given the infirm people a chance to have a complete and normal life like others have. Discoveries like this are done to improve the conditions of the human race.


6. First Synthetic Bacteria

First Synthetic Bacteria

Scientific discoveries always come up with some incredible end result that takes time but eventually becomes a path breaking findings. Biologists have discovered a synthetic bacteria that will work as a possible choice to use in treatment for many harmful diseases as well as a fuels. In 2003 and in 2008 two attempts have been made by teams of scientists to create a synthetic bacteria for curing human from some lethal anti-bodies. This has been a very significant invention for improving human lives that brings it to the number 6 position of top ten discoveries for the decade. The Synthetic Bacteria is a first step towards evolution of a better future for humans.


7. Brain Mapping

Brain Mapping

Time is very essential for creating some path breaking discoveries, that makes things easier for us to accomplish in future. Brain is among the most complex organ in our body, which even scientists find difficult to map. Brain mapping a Latest Scientific Discovery in the world has made it easier for neurologists to have a clear and detailed structure of human brain. This new technology will allow the scientists to examine the arrangements of nerves and cells all in one piece hidden in the brain tissues. This technological breakthrough in the scientific world stands at number seven in our list of top discoveries of the decade.


8. 136199 Eris

136199 Eris

There is a lot we don’t know about the outer space, but, scientists and their discoveries have given many theories describing the orbit of planets. 136199 Eris is a discovery that listed Pluto among the “Dwarf Planets” and is definitely not a ninth planet present in the orbit. The discovery of Eris resulted in making it the ninth planet in the solar system, succeeding Pluto with just 27 percent. It was in the year 2005 when this discovery was initiated by Mike Brown and his team members. They were successful in finding a small rocky body present in the solar system which was later named as Eris.


9. Black Phone

Black Phone

Its as very advanced world that runs on many technologically advanced gadgets, one such gadget is a smart phone. Innovation and creativity involved with science has improved the working of smart phones these days. There is definitely no surety of privacy or protection from anti- bodies to  take your personal information. Black phone is an efficient step towards keeping the personal data safe from any web traffic. This phone promises to transmit minimal information of the user on the internet and keeps all his data safe with its outstanding “privacy- protection services”. Open Whisper System, Crypto Phone and Black phone are the main players behind this innovation.


10. Buzz for Farmers

Buzz for Farmers

Technological discoveries have entered almost every sector present in the world to improve their working. Agriculture is one sector which requires constant and rigorous manual efforts for proper growth of crops. But a New Technological Invention have helped in improvement of agricultural sectors as well, that is, “Agricultural Drones”. Drones are flying cameras which helps the farmers to keep a close eye on the crops. Without rigorous efforts farmers can use this advanced discovery to reduce crop damage. Drones are reasonable as well as comes with advanced sensors and imaging qualities to reduce risks for farmers. Such scientific findings help humans to accomplish their goals.

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