Top 10 Amazing Facts about Twitter

Ever since Twitter entered the block with its “140 character” treat, gap between our favourite celebrity/brand/company has become lesser. Just a simple login and you can “follow” the desired account! But do you know there are certain Interesting Facts About Twitter you might not know! Give them a look:


Twttr or Twitter?

Originally called as “Twttr”, there were many suggestions for the name before it went live. Friendstalker, Twitch, Twitcher etc. were one of them.

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Larry The Bird

The Blue Tweet-y Bird logo is named after Larry Bird, basketball legend and a former Boston Celtics forward.

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No #Hashtags!

One of the surprising Facts About Twitter is that it didn’t invent the famous HASHTAGS! #NoSeriously!

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Katy Perry Is TWIT-QUEEN!

Top followed celebrity on Twitter as of 2017 is musical diva Katy Perry with a massive 98,652,367 followers! Justin Bieber ranks second and Former USA President Barack Obama as third.

Most Loved Brand

On a contrary note, the most followed brand is YouTube with 66.17 million followers!


“Swinging” Concept

One of the Interesting Facts is that instead of conference rooms and coffee shops, the idea came up to Jack Dorsey, CEO & Co-Founder, on a playground slide.

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Better Late Than Never!

Active since 2006, the first ever time Twitter made profit was in 2013.

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Secret Behind 140-Character Limit

One of the Top 10 Amazing Facts About Twitter is related to its 140-character limit. Mobile phones had a limitation of 160 characters for texts, which is the reason Twitter started off with 160 limit; further reducing it to 140.

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Battle Of The Two!

Facebook tried to overtake Twitter TWICE! One of the Amazing Facts About Twitter ever!

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Mystery About Hang-Tags

If you end a tweet with an empty hashtag, it’s called a “Hangtag”.

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