Top 10 Greatest Inventions of All Time

Since humans are the most intelligent creatures on the planet and with the passage of time many inventions and innovations have taken place according to the compatibility of human lives. There are some such inventions which may seem less important but have played vital role in shaping human civilization and culture. A look into the below list will assure us with the top ten best inventions of all time.

Top Ten Greatest Inventions of all Time

1. Light Bulb

Light-Bulb - Top Ten Best Inventions of all Time

Thomas Edison gave a new meaning to lighting a dark place when he invented the incandescent bulb in 1878. Till date it is regarded as the greatest invention of all time as it enhanced human lifestyle in the absence of sun. Based on high resistance wire called filament, it lights up a dark space by transmitting electricity and this brought in a change into the night world. The light bulb is the first of its kind based on which all the contemporary electric lights used in houses, offices and other places have been introduced.

2. Airplane

Airplane - Top Ten Best Inventions of all Time

The invention of the airplane by Wright Brothers in 1903 is the best invention of the twentieth century that has made overseas travel a less time consuming one. Furthermore, it has turned the world into a global community allowing people to meet their distanced ones within few hours. Gradually aircrafts became more innovative and has been proving great in the field of transportation, defence and displacement of cargo.

3. Tools

Tools - Top Ten Best Inventions of all Time

Tools being the first known technology are regarded as the best inventions of all time since it has made our survival easier and faster. Used in almost all sorts of work from building, repairing, destroying etc. it is the basic thing which one needs to make technological advancements.

4. X-Ray

X-Ray - Top Ten Best Inventions of all Time

The discovery of X-radiations in 1895 led to one of the best inventions of all time – the X-ray machine followed by which made physicians and scientists to uncover many unknown diseases and detections. The credit goes to the German physicist Wilhelm Roentgen who discovered it while experimenting on cathode rays. He instantly realised that with the help of X-ray brilliant images could be created and this was how the X-ray machine was conceived.

5. Printing Press

Printing-Press - Top Ten Best Inventions of all Time

Printing press was devised by Gutenberg in 1439 which is regarded as a great boon to the human race. Previous to this books were hand written which consumed a lot of time as a result increasing its price. Printing Press has indirectly encouraged us to impart knowledge and convert out ideas into volumes.

6. Anesthetic

Anesthetic - Top Ten Best Inventions of all Time

The introduction of anesthetic has lent a hand in the advancement of medical science and surgeries helping to cure various illnesses without causing pain and terror. Now it has become much simpler to undergo any type of surgery without consuming a great deal of time, thus it is one among the best inventions of all time.

7. Antibiotics

Antibiotics - Top Ten Best Inventions of all Time

Antibiotics have guarded many of our lives by keeping out the spread of disease-causing microorganisms, infection and disease which used to be life threatening once upon a time. The fear of losing life from a minor injury or infection has been removed by the use of antibiotics.

8. Telephone

Telephone - Top Ten Best Inventions of all Time

In 1875, Alexander Graham Bell built the first telephone that transmitted electrically the human voice and since then it has become simple to convey our messages throughout the world. It is one of the best inventions because it has converted the whole world into a small unite where if one wants to connect to the other, he/she simply needs to press the phone number.

9. The Internet

Internet - Top Ten Best Inventions of all Time

Starting as numerous separate communication networks in the 1970′s and 1980′s, the Internet has managed a position in the records of best inventions of all time. Now entertainment and gather information are no longer limited to few affordable ones but in fact is the easiest source to look up  for something.

10. Birth Control

birth-control - Top Ten Best Inventions of all Time

The lives of women have become more comfortable and conventional with the use of birth control techniques allowing them to look out for more roles and occupations. The introduction of birth control has also improved maternal health, survival of new born and adult women’s delivery results. Contraception methods became popular during the twentieth century.