Top 10 Most Exciting PS3 Games

The “The Last of Us” leading the chart of top PS3 games; it’s time again to identify the most selling games of the year. Whether they are sequels to the previous versions or fresh release, the only common thread running through them is extraordinary action adventure with the capability to maintain thrill within the player. These top PS3 games have smashed the record of the older ones and have swept the game industry with their popularity. So keep scrolling to know their traits in details.

Top Ten Fun & Thrilling PS3 Games

Read through the list of top ten PS3 games to have a closer look of the excitement they have been providing to the PS3 players of the world.

1. The Last of Us

The-Last-of-Us - Top 10 Most Exciting PS3 Games

Officially revealed on 10th December, 2011 at Spike TV’s Video Game Awards, The Last of Us is the most recent project from developer Naughty Dog. The PS3 game has been set with a plague ravaged urban environment where hunters kill one another for food, weapon and survival. It also follows the journey of Ellie and Joel among the survivors. This action-adventure-survival game was released internationally on 14th June, 2013.

2. Motorbike

Motorbike - Top 10 Most Exciting PS3 Games

Due to exciting stunt run experience, Motorbike deserves the second position among the top 10 PS3 games. The game pits players against mind-bending obstruction courses that are too passionate for real-life bikers. To reach the finish line on time, the player has to make apt use of the controller for accelerating, performing tricks, balancing and to navigate through a numerous danger. Developed by BaKno, Motorbike was introduced to fans on 25th June 2013.

3. Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection

Metal-Gear-Solid-The-Legacy-Collection - Top 10 Most Exciting PS3 Games

By releasing the “Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection” on 9th July 2013, the Metal Gear Solid franchise celebrates its 25th anniversary. This exclusive Play station 3 game is an electrifying package of Metal Gear Solid 2: HD Edition, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid 3: HD Edition, Metal Gear Solid 4: Trophy Edition and Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions. Despite its recent release, 33 million units of the game have already been sold out. But in Europe it is scheduled to be released on 13th September 2013.

4. Time and Eternity

Time-and-Eternity - Top 10 Most Exciting PS3 Games

Also known as Toki to Towa, Time and Eternity is an animated role-playing game developed as a version for PS3. The game was launched on 28th June 2013 in European Union and on 16th July 2013 in North America. Due to its 3D models for backgrounds and hand-drawn 2D sprites for characters and enemies it has been rated among the top games for 2013. Time as the theme of the game, it has a story line about a nameless hero and his princess wife-to-be – Toki.

5. The Walking Dead: 400 Days

The-Walking-Dead-400-Days - Top 10 Most Exciting PS3 Games

Based on five 20 minute episodes, “The Walking Dead: 400 Days” is a swift and hasty ride through unusual survival stories that has been developed Telltale Games. Apart from play station 3, at present the game is also available for Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, iOS and OS X system. With a fictional world based story and characters starting from drug addicts, inmates to hippies; “The Walking Dead: 400 Days” has taken the gaming industry by storm, captivating every game lover of the earth.

6. Dynasty Warriors 8

Dynasty-Warriors-8 - Top 10 Most Exciting PS3 Games

Dynasty Warriors 8 is the latest title added to the Dynasty Warrior series and has been launched on 16th and 19th July 2013 in United States and Europe respectively for PS 3. Though the game is almost similar with its previous version, in terms of characters and system, the current one concentrates more on replay ability and tweaks of the combat system. Hypothetical tweaks and completely new stages offer an immense depth and anxiety to the already existing Romance of the Three Kingdoms story. No doubt it is one among the top games for PS3.

7. Tekken Revolution

Tekken-Revolution - Top 10 Most Exciting PS3 Games

Tekken, one of the most best selling franchises has once again won the hearts of its fan by launching the 2013 version of PS 3 game – Tekken Revolution. Released on 11th June 2013, it is a free-to-play fighting game and is also the first of its kind in the franchise. With the introduction of new mechanics and a stat-upgrade feature, the play station 3 game has become a huge hit in the international gaming market. Tekken Revolution has been published and developed by Namco Bandai.

8. Spartacus Legends

Spartacus-Legends - Top 10 Most Exciting PS3 Games

Inviting game players to experience raw and primeval combat making use of various fighting styles and weapon mishmash, Spartacus Legends has been created in association with the significantly popular television series Spartacus. Published by Ubisoft and developed by Kung Fu Factory, this version of the PS3 game was launched on 26th June 2013. It also offers the choice of playing online to battle and compete on the worldwide leader boards.

9. Deadpool

Deadpool - Top 10 Most Exciting PS3 Games

Commenced on 25th June 2013, Deadpool is a crazy adaptation of the Marvel Comic character with the similar name. Former comic writer for Deadpool, Daniel Way has woven the story of the game while High Moon Studios and Activision have developed and published it respectively. It is an action beat ’em up video game depending heavily on the character’s trademark usage of swords and guns.

10. Hotline Miami

Hotline-Miami - Top 10 Most Exciting PS3 Games

Characterised by extreme violence, soundtrack and visuals along with surreal storytelling, Hotline Miami is the last one to catch up the record of top 10 PS3 games of 2013. Till now, since its release on 24th June 2013 more than 300,000 copies of it have been sold distributed. This high-octane action game has a setting of an alternative 1989 Miami where players need to presume the role of a mystifying antihero on a homicidal rampage against the shaded underworld.

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