Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Apps 2014

Load up your handset with one of these Top 10 Downloaded Android Apps 2014 to enjoy and enhance the features of your handset. Recently there has been a number of choices for the users to enhance their handsets with all the latest Android Application. Its a skirmish between developers to come up with the best application that makes things handy for the users. It has become quite difficult for the users to choose the Best Free Apps for Android among all. This list might help you to know about some of the most productive and trending apps available on the Google play store.


Top Ten Downloaded Android Apps 2014

Navigate through the List of Most Downloaded Android Apps to have the best useful app among these top ten


1. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer

With over 300 million downloads till date, the ES File Explorer got its number one position among the Best Free Apps Android. It is an ESP APP Group presentation that gained a lot of popularity among many productivity applications. It is stated that this android application is one of the best productivity apps available on Google Play. It is a feature full app that helps the users to manage their files and applications properly. Starting from file manager, application manger, Cloud storage, download manager ad many more tasks are performed by this superior app. It is an “all in one” Android Application that makes things handy for the users.


2. Google Keep

Google Keep

Google Keep is a handy way to keep your thoughts safe and secure, to remember it at right place and time. It is one of the most trendiest apps on the android market, launched in 2014, by a renowned group, Google Inc. Take a photo, make a voice memo or to keep a record of your thoughts can easily be searched on the go. Users will also get have an option to take notes or set reminders and many more while traveling or while out of your computers reach. Download this app  from the Google app store to get easy access to all the stuff you need, on the go.


3. Easyjet


Easy, handy and manageable android application that became very popular lately among many users all around. Get access to all the travel information you require with this Free Android Application on the go. Because of its popularity and millions of downloads this application is positioned at number three among the best free apps available on android. Users can book, search and manage their flight tickets with just adding this to their list of application on the handset they use. Make your smart phone a productive place with EasyJet application, made available by the easyJet Airline company limited.


4. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

Media applications technologies for the BBC presents BBC iPlayer, a one stop entertainment package for all the smart phone users. Get entertained with this app on android market users get to watch their favorite TV Shows live on your handsets. Not only this but users also get an option to download the shows when not engaged with internet. It works on both Wi-Fi as well as mobile data , be it 2G, 3G or 4G. This app works appropriately on 2.2 and up versions of the android operating system. It gained a lot of popularity among the android users so is positioned at the fourth position in the list of most downloaded android apps.


5. Instagram


It took a lot of time for Instagram to get to this position among the most downloaded android apps in the play store. It is one such app where you get to edit your photographs with some amazing tools that are engaged with the application. With over 200 million downloads of this app brings it to number five among the best free apps on android market. It is a simple and handy way of connecting and sharing with the world. Customize your photos and videos with the filters effects that create a beautiful moment you want to create.


6. Cloud Magic

Cloud Magic

Create a one spot for all your emails, with Cloud Magic, an app presented by the Cloud Magic Inc. It is among the trendiest applications available in the android market with all the latest updates.     It connects with almost all the mailing accounts that includes Gmail, yahoo, outlook, iCloud, Google apps and more. It is an award winner application that allows you to connect with your favorite tools and many more. Get this application to make your handset a productive phone for every use you require to have.



Testing the speed of your internet connection has never been so easy, as provides to the users. Ookla speed test is an opportunity for all the users to keep a check on your internet connection within 30 seconds. Millions of users have downloaded this app and have enjoyed the testing process. It became so popular in in the android market that it became a number one app in its category. It is among the most useful tools which users of android market can use to spy on the internet workings.


8. Dropbox


Dropbox a carrier of all your belongings, stands at number eight among the top ten most downloaded apps on android market. All your important photos, documents and videos will be stored on the dropbox without loosing them. This free android application will save all your valuable possessions very secure at one place. Users are free to access their stuff anytime and anywhere they wish to. It is a Drop Box Inc group presentation is one of the best places to store your belongings and see them whenever you want to.


9. CBS Sports

CBS Sports

Sports is your life and you hate it when you have to miss a match for some prior commitments. CBS Sports, is a solution for all your worries, it provide all the latest updates, news, scores and stats of all the major sports. Get access to all the live action, box scores, videos of all top events and many more on your handset while going out. Users are free to customize the app according to their taste and needs and can also set up breaking news alerts. Download today this amazing application to enjoy all the updates from the all latest matches you miss on.


10. Agent


Agent is one among the essential applications for all the android users to get all the missing links on your phone. It will work according to your requirements, be it, driving mode, reads message out loud, battery saver, urgent calls and many more options you get with this app. This application became very popular among the android users, as it does what is appropriate for your smart phone. Because of its popularity and latest update this application stands at number ten of our list of most downloaded android apps.

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