Top 10 Fascinating Facts about Amazon

Amazon, or widely called as the ‘Earth’s Largest Bookstore’, was made available to people in the year 1994 by Jeff Bezos. With tremendous success and raging fan following, it wrote its own success story from Day 1. Its two-decade success is filled with innumerable unknown facts and tales. Here are some Facts about Amazon which will surprise your wits out:

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Amazon

  • One of the many name suggestions for the website was “Cadabra”!

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  • During its early stages, the website only sold books. The first book it ever sold was “Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought.”

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  • Amazon’s warehouses are huge in space, comprising more square footage than 700 Madison Square Gardens!!

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  • Every time someone made a purchase, a BELL would ring.

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  • The logo of Amazon was designed to display a smile going from A-Z, signifying the fact that the company is willing to serve anyone, anytime and anywhere.

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  • One of the Top 10 Fascinating Facts about Amazon is about the CEO Bezos. He is said to be a tough boss with a short temper. He has a reputation of exploding at anyone within seconds! Phew!

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  • In 2013, Amazon’s site went down for an approx. 49 minutes. Result? The company lost a total sale of $ 4-6 million.

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  • The company’s corporate offices in Seattle house a giant Ice-Age cave bear skeleton!


  • Do you know that even CIA is a CUSTOMER of Amazon!? Well, technically a Partner! It signed a $600 million deal for cloud computing storage in 2013.

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  • As per a “Pay to Quit” program, Amazon offers money to unmotivated warehouse employees to quit. It is said that the price will be increased from $3, 000 in 2014 to $ 5, 000 in 2017. It is known to be one of the Fascinating Facts about Amazon.

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