Top 10 Internet Searches 2014

Its almost the end of the year and there are some very interesting Top 10 Internet Searches 2014 which we all must remember. Let’s just dig in the events and grasp those memories which all together made this year more questioning and happening. All the top most news, stories and trending events that quivered the world are part of the Top Ten Internet Searches. Starting from Robin Williams to FIFA to Ebola to Ukraine all these mingle together to depict the story of 2014. Lets get in the depths of the Top Internet Searches which millions and trillions of people searched to acknowledge their minds.


Top Ten Internet Searches 2014

Navigate through the list of Top 10 Searches of 2014 that gained popularity worldwide and aroused many debates.


1. Robin Williams

Robin Williams

A renowned TV actor Robin Williams tops the charts among most trending internet searches for the year 2014. A very tragic moment for all those who loved this amazing actor as he deprived his existence among us all. After he, himself took away his life, he was all over the virtual world with over trillions of searches online. This sudden instance was searched by trillions of people, online just to understand the reason behind it. This sole man, who received some outstanding trending searches that brings him to the number one position among the Top 10 Searches on Internet. Talent always grab some attention and people always remember those who are jolly to be around.


2. FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup

Football World Cup, an event that is organized after every four years by a renowned football Association named FIIFA. Every year this event receives a lot of appreciation and millions of people end up searching for it online. This year for the fourth time Brazil received the honour to organize World Cup 2014. The craze and fame of the players and the game after every four years attract millions of trending searches on internet. With online popularity of the world cup, it stances at number two among the top internet searches.


3. Ebola


At number three we have Ebola a world wide hazard that created huge menace for the lives of people. A virus epidemic that almost eliminated half the population of Africa with its distorting symptoms. The condition became worse when no cure was available for this infection, people were rather asked to be careful. With so much to watch out for millions and trillions of people around the world started to search about Ebola. That is why this syndrome received some trending searches on the net. Some drastic happenstances do urge people to know more about it, that is what made this illness so popular.


4. Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines

Tragedies do come in handy when they have to arrive on someone or on something. The year 2014 have been very dreadful for the Malaysian Airlines and the people who lost their existence. Positioned at number four among the Top 10 Searches of 2014 this airlines received over million searches on internet. All together there were two incidences in the same year that devastated and questioned the services of the airlines. The disappearance of the flight 370 and then the crash of another flight named MH17 was the main cause of searches.


5. Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird

Things do gain popularity among people no matter they are very good or bad. Flappy Bird is one among the most popular video game that gained popularity among people, but its concept was not at all liked by a few critiques. Still this game was searched by millions of people around the world which brings it to the fifth position in our list of top searches. Flappy bird is this years most searched and downloaded games that reached the heights of many lists of 2014. It is said to be the fate of the game and the developer that they found some great trending searches online.


6. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Ah! the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, one very endearing event that entertained almost the whole world for awareness about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Starting from July till August this challenge received extensive acceptance on social media that brings it to number six of our list. People all over the world were outraged with this unique concept and the association was successful in spreading the awareness about ALS among people. Not only social media but many search engines reported it to be one among the most searched topics on internet.




The year 2014 was full of happenstances all around the world that attracted more and more searches online. ISIS was in proper action this year, and still continues, that bought them at number seven position in our list of top most internet searches. US and Iraq have been in close counter for long now that made ISIS a very highlighting target online. All year long they have shaken many countries with their turmoil actions that made every individual to search about them. Curiosity is one very big aspect that urges people to dig in internet searches, one such case is ISIS.


8. Ferguson (City)

Ferguson (City)

A city that silently lived its years in the St. Louis County of Missouri, United States. But in the year 2014 urged some strong voices of the victims. The happenstance between a police officer and a citizen made conditions worse, when things turned around and heated up as a racial case. Emotions were carried out in very outrageous way and people were outraged to protest against the decisions made. A story that pricked many hearts and just to acknowledge the minds, millions of people all round the world searched about happenings in Ferguson.


9. Frozen


A perfect Disney movie that made its entrance among the top most searches on internet for the year 2014. It was a fantasy that was one very interesting attraction point for the kids as well as for the elderly. The animation, the beauty, the characters all fascinated people to search for it online and gain knowledge about it. Children all round the world went crazy after the characters and the plot of the movie. There were over billions and millions of searches on the net that brings this movie at number nine position of our list.


10. Ukraine


The year 2014 has been part of nemesis for many people all round the world, that includes the happenings at Ukraine. This Eastern European country gained a lot of media coverage for the “Holy wars” that devastated the place. Not only this but the crash of Flight MH17 of Malaysian airlines is also a part of Ukraine being so popular among online searches. With millions of people searching for the happenings in the country bought it to the number 10 position among the top ten searches for the year.

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