Top 10 Most Downloaded iPhone Apps of All Time

With many sophisticated services from Good E-mail to music system, the iPhone has no limit to fantasy.  This Smartphone came into existence because of Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple in 2003 which was later engineered by Apple inc. for portable information access. Since then there has been an obsession in the international market for iPhones. Addition to applications that are previously there on the phone, one can access the application store and download an application for virtually anything one can dream.  With many of its applications being video games it has brought out the kid in everyone. In short iPhone applications can do many things, depending on what one as the user require. Due to high entertainment applications, usages have increased which directly profited the Apple revenue. A glimpse at the given list will enhance our awareness regarding it.

The Most Downloaded Apps of iPhone

1. Angry Bird

Angry-Birds - Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps For Ipad

In December 2009 Apple’s iOS has gifted its game lovers with a strategy puzzled video game, The Angry Bird. Due to the combination of addictive game play, comical style, and low price, Angry Bird soon became a hit among the players and till now more than 12 million copies of it has been downloaded worldwide.

2. Fruit Ninja

Fruit-Ninja- Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps For Ipad

Fruit Ninja was developed by Halfbrick Studios in Brisbane, Australia for iPhone in April, 2010. By 2012 Fruit Ninja has witnessed millions of downloads becoming the second most used applications of iPhones. Slicing of fruit with a blade controlled via a touch pad is what the game is all about.

3. Doodle Jump

Doodle-Jump - Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps For Ipad

All one has to do in this game is to bounce up while battling with aliens and UFOs by tilting the phone to left or right. Published and designed by Lima Sky in April 6th, 2009 the game has received praises from all corners of the globe. Though a new version was recently released, the older one is still the most preferred.

4. Cut the Rope

Cut-the-Rope - Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps For Ipad

By winning the BAFTA award for Best Handy game of 2011, Cut the Rope has become the fourth appreciated game of all times. This physic base puzzled game has seen more than 6 million downloads since it has been released.

5. Angry Birds Season

Angry-Birds-Season3 - Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps For Ipad

Angry Birds Season takes the fifth position. To keep with the taste of the players, the game keeps on revising its levels with the onset of new festivals. It is a captivating game with 290 levels and free updates.

6. Words with Friends

Words-with-Friends- Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps For Ipad

Created by Zynga, this multi player game gives a chance to each player to take turn in building word cross puzzles. Words with friends have the facility of continuing the game in facebook after playing it in your iPhones.

7. Tiny Wings

Tiny-Wings- Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps For Ipad

Andreas Illiger, a German game developer thought of Tiny Wings for the first time in 2011. The game features a tiny bird with tiny wings who wishes to fly. The player has to have control on this cute little creature and make him fly. Simple yet with complex nuances the game has a score of 8/10.

8. Angry Words Rio

Angry-Words-Rio - Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps For Ipad

Angry birds came with a new edition called Angry Birds Rio as a tie in with the animated film Rio.  In the beginning the game was released with two chapters of 30 levels and later on seeing the market growth it was expanded with 3 more.

9. Pocket God

Pocket-God- Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps For Ipad

The ninth best iPhone apps, Pocket God is a God oriented game where the players are the Gods and they have to manipulate an island and its dwellers.

10. Camera+

Camera+ - Top 10 Most Downloaded Apps For Ipad

The listed of best selling iPhone apps. won’t be complete without mentioning Camera+. Here all one needs to do is edit their favorite pictures with the given edit/crop option and send it directly to Facebook. No doubt it is a happening application in the market.

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