Top 10 Most Used Health & Fitness Apps

Thanks to the twenty first century that it has changed the way people read, record and reach out for health and fitness goals. With the launch of mobile fitness applications, now we can carry along our workout regime in our pockets and can make use of them even in the absence of a perfect gym. These applications come loaded not only with a list of exercise but as well with videos and instructional coaching to ensure safe and effective outputs. Discussed here are the top 10 most used health and fitness apps that have allowed maintaining a sound physic in spite of busy schedules.

Top 10 Most Used Health & Fitness Apps

Read further into the list of top ten most used health and fitness apps and get to know what you have been missing till date.

1. RunKeeper

 RunKeeper-App - Top 10 Most Used Health & Fitness Apps

Launched in 2008, with the help of “moonlighting engineers”, the RunKeeper is a well known GPS fitness-tracking application designed for Android and iOS phones. Currently it is one among the best health apps as it allows the user to keep record of his/her fitness activities like running, walking and cycling. Furthermore, users can even advance their process as the app tracks performance over time. It has been created by CEO Jason Jacobs and is known to have more than 25 million users.

2. Endomondo Sports Tracker

 Endomondo-Sports-Tracker - Top 10 Most Used Health & Fitness Apps

Backed with audio coach for motivation, the Endomondo Sports Tracker is an app for health and fitness with the ability to note the time and distance covered while doing physical activities. The sports data are tracked either through the GPS or via Garmin device. Founded in Denmark, the fitness mobile app is combined with a website operated by a company with a similar name.

3. FitnessBuilder

 FitnessBuilder - Top 10 Most Used Health & Fitness Apps

Created with more than 200 workouts, the FitnessBuilder is such a health and fitness application which can automatically choose the appropriate exercise that the user is in need of. Part from this, it is packed with five fitness timers, an arsenal of calculators, 2,0000 images and videos, complete tracking capabilities and the facility to make person queries with their exercise physiologist. It comes for $9.99 and can be for $4.99 monthly.

4. Nike+ Move

 Nike+-Move - Top 10 Most Used Health & Fitness Apps

Regarded as the most glorified apps to make practice of Apple’s new M7 coprocessor, Nike+ Move has been exclusively created to keep control of every move that the user makes. Unlike the others, it can even track one’s sleep along with other day to day commotions. Through this, an individual can keep a record of the moments when they are hyper active as well as the times when their activeness slows down allowing him/her to decide on his/her work schedule. In order to plan one’s daily exercise, the user needs to enter certain information like age, height and gender.

5. 7-Minute Workout

 7-Minute-Workout - Top 10 Most Used Health & Fitness Apps

Loaded with more than 200 unique exercises videos accompanied by coaching points and interactive voice instructions, the 7-Minute Workout permits its users personalize their workout by mix-matching regular seven-minute routines instead of compelling to fit into one exercise. Due to this handlers of all fitness levels can take benefits of high-impact workout carried out efficiently and safely. Considered one amid the top fitness apps, it even has exercises meant to be performed while on roads.

6. Performance Stretching

 Performance-Stretching - Top 10 Most Used Health & Fitness Apps

With the intension to offer effective stretching methods for individual’s fitness, the Performance Stretching has been created with 150 different energetic stretches.  All of these are full movement stretching procedures which have helped thousands of users to maintain normal blood flow, improve athletic performances and reduce tightness. The application makes one get the most out of muscles and to maintain high-impact workout schedule.

7. Relaxia

 Relaxia - Top 10 Most Used Health & Fitness Apps

Staying true to its name, Relaxia helps people to maintain mental calmness which is very essential for a sound body. Now-a-days office goers hardly get enough of daily sleep; forget about doing meditation on regular basis. Thus the application comes with soothing sounds just like rain drops, underwater marine life, beach sounds etc to let a person relax his mind by getting tuned with it.  The health fitness app has proved helpful to a long list of users and has allowed falling asleep in calmness.

8. Runtastic Six Pack Abs

 Runtastic-Six-Pack-Abs - Top 10 Most Used Health & Fitness Apps

Runtastic Six Pack Abs has proved a winner in offering the big belly ones to afford six pack abs with the help of its tummy tucker workouts. It has a list of exercise which can make the middle portion of the body, the way one wants. Moreover, there are 50 instructional videos loaded with pre-defined workouts so that the user can customize the workouts according to requirements.

9. iFitness

 iFitness - Top 10 Most Used Health & Fitness Apps

Costing $1.99, the iFitness offers over 230 exercises completely meant for muscle group and body regions. To make workouts more convenient, it is as well geared with 100 additional videos. Plus, one can even edit and add custom exercise as per choice. More than an application, it acts as a completely interactive exercise guide book with detailed instruction of carrying out each aerobics.

10. Moves

 Moves - Top 10 Most Used Health & Fitness Apps

Last but not the least, the moves has been one among the best health and fitness apps because of its ability to track activity even without the support of the latest Smartphone. The only requirements to possess this application are to have GPS and device’s accelerometer. One can keep record of activities like walking, cycling and jogging and get to know the exact amount of efforts they are working on. It can be bought for $2.99.

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