Top 10 Must Download Android Games

Increasing popularity of android phone and tablets has led to development of many applications and games for entertainment purpose. The new technological advancements and the market demand have a mounting call for fast, engaging and easy games.  If you get bored on a long journey, there is nothing to worry as there are Free Android Game Apps available in the android play store for you to enjoy and pass your time with. Hold on to your smartphones and enjoy the joyful experience of Best Free Android Games accessible for you. Since you might be confused with the options available at the store we present to you a list of games which are fun, easy and entertaining. Some Multiplayer Android Games are also available for your amusement in the android play store, which can be enjoyed with friends.

Top Ten Must Download Android Games

Here is a list which offers you an overview of some of the Best Android Games you can download on your android smartphone.

 1. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans - Top 10 Must Download Android Games

A strategic game where players are projected to build and expand their own villages, unlock powerful warriors, raid resources from other villages and create and join clans. On 8th October 2013, this fascinating multiplayer game was released by Super Cell, very renowned video game makers. The Clash of Clan indulges you into the experience of building, train troops, communities and raids other players land and towers to earn gold. Treat yourself with a completely new and amazing experience of maintaining your own clan and an army of powerful warriors.

2. Pew Pew

Pew Pew - Top 10 Must Download Android Games

With its retro graphics and classic arcade style Pew Pew has acquired a prominent place among the Top Free Android Games. Chromatic conflict, Assault, asteroid, dodge this and pandemonium are some of its alternate modes, which make the experience of gaming much more exciting. Pew Pew is a 2D game which is known for its old and rigid gaming appearance. You can also win medals and unlock ships to participate in the online gaming zone and enjoy being on the leader board.

3. The Sims

The Sims - Top 10 Must Download Android Games

To enjoy life like gaming experience Sims is the perfect choice for Android users. You get to create your imaginary family and immerse yourself into the high quality of game. Design dream homes, live out your Sims story, care for pets, grow gardens and many more are just some of the task which indulge you into a complete new world. Moreover this game gives you an over whelming experience of maintaining a family virtually and embellish a house according to your imagination.

4. Air Control

air control - Top 10 Must Download Android Games

On just a move of your finger, control the traffic of the flights and safely make a landing on the strip. One of androids finest brain games that intends to test your swiftness, speed and foresight. Air Control has one of the simplest graphics but yet surprises the player with its features. There are two modes classic game mode and a puzzle game mode which will enhance your involvement in the game.

5. Dots

Dots - Top 10 Must Download Android Games

Modest yet very well designed android game that will help you to exercise your brain. Dots is a colour matching game which doesn’t come loaded with heavy game modes or a lot of features. Connect several similar coloured dots, strategize your moves and complete the levels to reach the leader board. Easy to get and use game with amazing presentation, power ups and fair scoring are just some of its fascinating features.

6. The Room

The Room - Top 10 Must Download Android Games

Mystery and puzzle packed in one 3D game, giving you a whole new understanding of anxiety and desire of discovery. A Fire Proof Games creation, The Room, has some amazing quality of attractive and fascinating features. There are several hidden clues, compartments, secrets and many more features which will make you completely immersed into the game. The Room is enormously challenging puzzle game where you untangle the mysteries and goals programmed within the game.

7. Red Stone

Red Stone - Top 10 Must Download Android Games

Red Stone with its unique graphics and challenging puzzles have gained the seventh place in the list of Top Ten Must Download Android Games. This game is one of the finest and hardest puzzle games in the android games list. If you like solving extremely thought-provoking puzzles, then this game will surely fascinate you. A challenging and difficult riddle in the android market, in which you have to shuffle the red square at the top of the box and make your way to the leader board.

8. Hay Day

Hay Day - Top 10 Must Download Android Games

A life like experience in the game provided to the player, who enjoys farming experience, nurturing of pets, selling, trading and many more. Hay Day is one of the finest games made by Super Cell, one of the top developers of android games. With its attractive animation and sound qualities this android game acquired its eighth position in the list. Moreover, this android game is fun to play, very addictive and its easy access allows players to sit back and have fun.

9. Drop

Drop - Top 10 Must Download Android Games

New Android Game, launched on 1st January 2014 was developed to test the strength of your reflexes. One very easy and simple game to play that has the proficiency of passing your time at any point. Developed for all age groups and tend to investigate your judgement and accuracy at each level you pass. It occupies a very small space of your phone and is available for free in the android market.

10. Newton

Newton - Top 10 Must Download Android Games

Newton, as the name suggests, a very challenging and educational game for all age groups. Our list can never be completed without mentioning about this incredible and amazing puzzle game. All of us have studied the laws of newton that is what we have to apply in this game to complete each level. The developer is continuously adding up more and more levels in the game for the player’s entertainment and delight.

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    Android games are very popular nowadays all these are performed by with the support of ios and androids.

    I play Modern Combat 5 and play that the most. I really don’t like Gameloft because they kind of ruined the game with the Spring update. The framerate isn’t as smooth as it used to be, but it’s still playable on my Nexus 5. On my Lumia Icon, however, it was so laggy that it could no longer be played after the Spring Update (guess it was just a port and they put no optimization effort into it whatsoever).


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