Top 10 Tips for Staying Safe Online


How to Stay Safe Online

Undoubtedly, the internet has become the imperative part of everyone’s life. We cannot imagine even one single day without browsing. Surely to stay online is our favorite choice as it is the easiest option to stay connected in our fast and busy schedules.  But every coin has dual sides. Similar to this, staying online also has its two features. On one side it is very useful and informative but on the other side, it is dangerous too. With threats like malware, phishing and hacks, the internet is often considered as the hazardous place if not handled properly. But the good thing is that by taking following easy yet vital security measures you can stay safe online.

1. Complex Passwords

If you wish to keep your data safe and secured, make sure you are having a strong privacy setting. Your password should be unique and complex which is far beyond the reach of the hackers. You can include symbols, letters, numbers everything to make it strong. Change the password time to time and avoid reusing the previous one.

2. Two Factor Authentication

You can add another level of security by optimizing two-factor authentication features. For banking, email and other such sensitive websites, you will get a text code whenever you will log in in order to authenticate your identity. This dual layer security factor performs well in case of additional security purpose.

3. Use A Firewall

Firewall is a great electronic barrier that resists any unauthorized access which tends to harm your data. It is a comprehensive security software that ensures that all the devices connected to your network are secured and are not attacked by any virus.

4. Boost Your Network Security

Don’t overlook the network security. Obviously, at your personal places, you use the password-protected router that saves your data but at public places when you are tempted to use free Wi-Fi, you may suffer some harm to your data. That is why, rather than simply using free Wi-Fi, invest in Virtual Private Network (VPN) and safely connect anywhere.

5. Click Smartly

You should always avoid careless clicking to any random websites. Spam emails, click bait, online quizzes and many others use the tricks which involve you to click the dangerous links. Clicking to such unauthorized sites may harm your personal information and data of the device, which you are using.

6. Be a Careful Sharer

Now a day there are copious sharing websites available, through which you can share data from one device to another. But make sure the sharing app or website you are using is completely authorized and there is no chance of any spam or threat. Be cautious while sharing your data online.

7. Don’t Overlook Mobile Device

Our mobile phone’s security is equally very important as of laptop and desktop devices. In fact, mobile devices are often attacked by malware through the risky apps and links. Be selective while clicking any link and download apps only through official app stores. Also, check that your security software is set up on your mobile, similar to computers and other such devices.

8. HTTPS Access

While visiting websites for online shopping, net banking or any other sensitive stint, make sure you are using the site that addresses with “HTTPS” instead of simply “HTTP”. HTTPS connection integrates another level of security, making difficult for hackers to hack your information while logging in. Such connection has a padlock icon in the URL field, indicating that the site is protected.

9. Carefully Connect Online

People you are meeting online are not necessarily the same whom they claim to be. Many fake social media profiles are flourishing these days. Such profiles are the best source for hackers and criminals to be-friend you and pick data from you. Be careful and sensible while joining with the people in your online social life and avoid to become the part of cyber crimes.

10. Up To Date Antivirus Programs

For additional internet safety, install an authorize antivirus extension and regularly update the same. This is excellently used to check the security factors of any site and block the pop-up ads with malicious content. There are some of the authorized sellers that provide ultimate antivirus programs which keep your device free from virus and malware.


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