Top 10 Android Apps for VoIP

With the economy being what it is, and the price of every single commodity taking off like Apollo 11 and shooting towards the moon, it is quite natural for the miser dwelling in the dark corners of humanity come out. It is absolutely normal for us to start exploring every avenue for cutting costs no matter how small they may be; even the ones as small as our cell phone bills. It is this thrifty attitude that has led to some ingenious ideas to bubble forth from the brooks of the human brain, a boon to the penny pinchers and a gift to the skinflints; VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol apps. After lots of strenuous research (all 60 minutes of it), we give you the Best VoIP services in the industry.

Top Ten Android Apps For VoIP

1. Skype

Skype - Top 10 Android Apps For VoIP

Skype is by far the best android VoIP app in the market. Allowing you to chat, video call or voice-call from your laptop at absolutely no cost as long as you’re calling another Skype user, making international video calls super cheap. Skype also lets you call other cell phones and send text messages at a fairly nominal price. The Interface is user friendly and there are absolutely no charges for downloading the client.

2. Google Voice

GoogleVoice - Top 10 Android Apps For VoIP

Pretty much like Skype, Google Voice also provides you with all the basic features that you get with Skype, only here you can also sync in your Gmail contacts and your other Google accounts to your VoIP app. As usual the app to app messaging and calling is totally free but you need to pay a little fee if you wish to call someone’s phone or send a text message to a cell phone.

3. Tango

Tango - Top 10 Android Apps For VoIP

Tango is a fairly new and upcoming app in the field and is considered by most as the main competitor to Skype, thanks to its very easy to use interface. Tango is also a typical VoIP service that allows you to connect to your friends and family over the convenience off your 3G, 4G and WiFi network and the service is always connected even when the app is turned off.

4. Viber

viber - Top 10 Android Apps For VoIP

Viber is an absolutely important app if you’re looking for high quality video calling from your phone. Viber is extremely efficient in terms of power usage. It usually runs in the background providing minimal intrusion in your regular work and is extremely efficient in terms of battery usage. You get notifications even when you’re using a different app making sure you don’t miss even a single message or call alert. Like most android VoIP apps it is totally free to download.

5. Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz - Top 10 Android Apps For VoIP

Nimbuzz is a pretty functional app on its own, and extremely versatile and flexible. Nimbuzz can access your Facebook, Yahoo messenger, GTalk and pretty much every other account. You can make video calls, send text messages, receive and send files and block annoying people from your profile. Currently Nimbuzz has over 100 million users across all platforms.

6. Fring

Fring - Top 10 Android Apps For VoIP

This is another fairly new android VoIP app in the market and works a lot like all the others i.e. allowing you to make voice and video calls along with sending and receiving text messages and files without any extra charge. Fring also allows you to video chat with multiple people on your contact list and make a buddy list out of your favorite contacts. You can make calls on any 3G, 4G or WiFi networks.

7. Vox

Vox - Top 10 Android Apps For VoIP

This app serves your international calling purpose at the absolute lowest rate. It serves without carrier minutes, so you can call anywhere in the USA. VoX Mobile app also caters to several calling plans to meet everyone’s need. It comes with local numbers in 57 countries with endless number of incoming calls.

8. Line

Line - Top 10 Android Apps For VoIP

Free! Free! Free! For all the busy bodies, who love to chit-chat a lot on the phone, this application is best for you. There is no limit to anything, to call or to send messages, wherever and whenever and that too 24/7. Line deserves to be listed in the list of top ten Android apps for VoIP’s because it has been used in over 231 countries and has more than 310 million users around the world.

9. Rebtel

Rebtel - Top 10 Android Apps For VoIP

Having a free calling app for your android phone can be a big plus! The app is very useful for those who travel a lot because with this app they can avoid expensive roaming charges by using Wi-fi networks. With Rebtel app you don’t need to make any separate contact list. Rebtel as an Android app for VoIP is among best calling apps that can be used to make international calling cost up to 98% cheaper than traditional carriers.

 10. Kakao

kakao - Top 10 Android Apps For VoIP

To make chatting and calling fun this app comes with a lot of cute emoticons and stickers. With this app you can share messages, photos, videos, locations and all the more you can share all of it just with a Wi-Fi network. Kakao Talk is also one of the good Android apps for VoIP, which caters free calling and messaging services.

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    Some of the best apps in order to make a free call over Voice over IP(VOIP) protocol are as follows:-

    6)MobileVOIP Call
    8)Groove IP Lite

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