Top 10 Amazing XBOX 360 Games

As the Xbox 360 draws near to becoming a relic of the past, the video game industry has gone into overdrive to bring us some absolute marvels of the gaming world. Be it running around brandishing a sword and chopping up demons or driving through the city in cars you can only dream about having, 2013 has seen some of the most high adrenalin, high octane and highly addictive games ever to have hit the industry. Girls and Gamers, hold on to your seats as we take you through the biggest names in gaming from any franchise in our list of Top ten Xbox 360 games.

Top Ten Exciting XBOX 360 Games

Read on ahead to check out the creme de la creme of the gaming world in our list of the best Xbox 360 games.

1. Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand-Theft-Auto-5 - Top 10 Amazing XBOX 360 Games

The newest addition to the ever popular Grand Theft Auto franchise has yet again managed to sweep gamers everywhere, off their chairs. This open world third person shooter features an amazing story line, an amazingly designed world, brilliantly funny dialogues and a gripping gameplay. This game has been rated  a perfect 10 making it an absolute masterpiece. The new GTA 5 is by far the biggest thing to hit the stands till now reserving its spot at number 1.

2. Diablo III

Diablo-III - Top 10 Amazing XBOX 360 Games

After 12 long years of waiting Blizzard has finally given the Diablo fans a reason to rejoice with Diablo III and the wait was well worth it. Amazing and extremely addictive gameplay this RPG is bound to keep you hooked for a long time. Thanks to a lot of improvements from the previous Diablo II and an amazing multiplayer mode the Diablo III is rated at a 9.5 and is among the top Xbox games.

3. Rayman Legends

Rayman-Legends - Top 10 Amazing XBOX 360 Games

Rayman legends is a classic platformer like the ever classic Mario and is with a very well balanced world and even better balanced layers. Fit for all ages thanks to the fluidic difficulty levels, the Co-op play just adds a couple of more stars to the game. The constant challenge will make sure you aren’t bored and the boss battles aren’t easy at all. Rayman legends has received a 9.5 rating.

4. Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock-Infinite - Top 10 Amazing XBOX 360 Games

A lot of people were sceptical about this title, wondering if it would live up to its previous versions after leaving the dark depths of the underwater city. Turns it did more than just live up to the name Bioshock infinite shone. With Stunning visuals and some impressive gameplay and a horde of combat options, this game is rated at a 9.5.

5. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist

An action packed, adrenalin charged package is what this is. Offering a myriad of ways to complete the game and hitting the sweet balance between action and stealth Splinter Cell blacklist is one amazing shooter. Thanks to the number of ways you can go about a mission this game will probably never get old. With a 9.2 rating Splinter cell blacklist is one hard core action packed whopper of a game and not to mention one of the best Xbox games.

6. Tomb Raider

Tomb-Raider - Top 10 Amazing XBOX 360 Games

Lara Croft is back to her gun slinging, high jumping acrobatic antics in one of the most epic reboot of 2013. Tomb raider is one amazingly detailed open world third person shooter with a gripping story line and some par excellence voice acting by Camilla Ludington as Lara Croft the games is bound to give you some epic moments. The added ‘survival’ aspect of the game just adds a couple of more hours to your gameplay and plays a massive role in character development. Rated at a 9.1, this epic TPS is a must play for all the tomb raider fans.

7. FIFA 14

FIFA-14 - Top 10 Amazing XBOX 360 Games

The latest instalment of the classic football series is here and it has some major new changes. For starters the players are smarter and the gameplay and handling are much more realistic (read slightly slower), there are more varied and much better animations and a lot of options for gameplay alone. Scoring a 9.0, the FIFA 14 is something every soccer fanatic will want to get their hands on.

8. State of Decay

State-of-Decay - Top 10 Amazing XBOX 360 Games

State of Decay follows your typical zombies-took-over-the-world theme and you being a survivor trying to fight your way to live. However you’re not a super human or armed to the teeth. Thanks to the very realistic gameplay this game balances the shooter perfectly with an element of RPG. Scoring an 8.9, with resources scarce and possibilities endless this one is sure to keep you on your chair for quite a while.

9. Grid 2

Grid-2 - Top 10 Amazing XBOX 360 Games

This gorgeous looking racer offers some stunning visuals and some very aggressive gaming Grid 2 is winning gamers all over the place. Thanks to a car collection that’ll make any motoroid drool and one of the more interesting career mode. This game has been rated at an 8.

10. Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4 - Top 10 Amazing XBOX 360 Games

Among the many open world games in our generation Saints row is probably one of the loudest and the brightest franchise. The Fourth edition to this boisterous series is just as noisy and loud but it’s now bigger. With the story involving alien counter, an increased arsenal of weapons and super powers this is one game to help you blow off some steam. Rated at a 7.4 this is pretty good game.

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