Top 10 Gadget Gifts For Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, board the ship to haunt the perfect gift for your valentine. This year give a pause to the traditional flowers and chocolates and celebrate it in a bit different way by presenting your sweetheart with the best gadget gift. Our list of gadgets to gift on Valentine’s Day can guide you through the maze of Valentine’s Day tech gifts. It features some of the latest items that have captured the attention of the tech maniacs. Scroll further to grab home any one of it.

Top Ten Gadget Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Grab any one of the top ten gadget gifts for Valentine’s Day and make memories with your beloved with these geek gadgets.

1. Gaming Accessories

Gaming Accessories - Top Ten Gadget Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Gaming accessories such as Retro Duo, PS3 wireless controller, compact racing wheel, PSP customise kit etc are few of the best tech gadget gifts to be presented on Valentine’s Day, if you have a game aficionado in your life. Beside you can even present a gaming mouse exclusively designed for PC gamers as these little widgets are exceptionally swift and remarkably comfortable.

2. Wi-Fi and USB Cufflinks

Wifi and USB Cufflinks - Top Ten Gadget Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Wi-Fi and USB Cufflinks are meant for presenting them who loves technology as well as requires travelling and attending formal parties. The upmarket item has been very innovatively engineered with USB storage in one piece and a Wi-Fi in the other to serve multiple devices. Your sweetheart simply needs to download the companion software into his/her computer and can stay connected with any wireless device to the accessible network.

3. Camera Lens and Mugs

Camera Lens - Top Ten Gadget Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Available in a wide range of sizes and types, camera lens and mugs will serve right for someone with a keen interest for photography. Your partner can now capture more precious memories from his/her life with the special Valentine’s Day gift from you. Sony, Nikon, Sigma and Canon are few of the best known brands that you can make your selection from in order to assure quality and compatibility.

4. Mini Boombox Speaker

Mini Boombox Speaker - Top Ten Gadget Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Guys are not generally that good in handling things attached with wires and strings and if your lover falls into this category, and then get him a mini boombox speaker this Valentine’s Day. These speakers come loaded with rechargeable battery, backlit touch controls and Bluetooth connectivity. Added to these, it has the ability to work as a speaker phone and can tag along wherever he goes.

5. Handheld GPS navigator

Handheld GPS Navigator - Top Ten Gadget Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Since some of us are really bad at asking directions, a handheld GPS navigator is the apt gadget to gift on Valentine’s Day. The device has the ability to substitute map and compass with moving digital maps along with a precise detail on the location, topography and altitude. Apart from enhancing outdoor safety, it is also user friendly and by far manageable.

6. Heartbeat Headphones

Heartbeat Headphones - Top Ten Gadget Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Heartbeat headphones come with high end sound quality and lively bass so that users can enjoy an audio rich experience with justification to any track they play. If your lover is a music fanatic, this will sum up to be the perfect gift as she can constantly keep tuning to her favourite numbers. Moreover, it will also keep you closer to her heart whenever she will make use of it.

7. Pebble Smartstick

Pebble Smartstick - Top Ten Gadget Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Though there are a number of battery back-up devices available in the market, nothing can bet the ultra compact pebble smartstick. It is designed with five different adaptor tips, this one can really a cool gadget for men and women who needs to obey not only hectic schedules round the clock but also required to do a lot of travelling. The device can charge any kind of electronic gadgets including phones and laptops.

8. Portable iPhone Projector

Portable iPhone Projector - Top Ten Gadget Gifts for Valentine’s Day

A portable iPhone projector can make your partner’s Valentine Day really memorable. The device can create a 50-inch image on any surface and taking advantage of this you can let your lover go through the slideshows compiled out of the memories shared by you two. The only thing one needs to do is to drop the iPhone into the adapter, install the app and let it start.

9. iPod

iPod - Top Ten Gadget Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Fresh batch of Apple iPod being launched in the market with slimmer design, trendy colours and iOS 6 support accompanied by a 4-inch Retina Display; iPod is one more item that gets added up in the list of top 10 gadget gifts for Valentine’s Day. Moreover it is a device which is too light and portable enough to carry a pack of favourite music wherever one goes. iPod Classic, iPod Mini, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, iPod Touch and iPod Red are the popular models that you can make your choice from.

10. Mobile

Mobile - Top Ten Gadget Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Celebrate your love by gifting your partner the most powerful communication device of the twenty first century. Grab any one of the latest models that is making a buzz across the electronic market and pave the best way to stay connected with you. In fact, a mobile can be the most sensible and all-in-one communication solution that you can offer your sweetheart on behalf of Valentine’s Day.

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