Top 10 Must Download Apps For iPad

The Apple iPad is an exceptional device. That is a statement not a lot of people would deny, especially since the iPad pretty much laid the path for every single consumer tablets. But that is not what makes this tablet all that it is, and no it’s also not the fact that it looks stunning, is easy to use and is pretty darn fast. What makes the apple iPad an Apple iPad is its absolutely massive and ever growing app bank. But as ever it is with choices there comes a dilemma; which apps out of the lot are the best apps for iPad? We want you to know that we understand your pain (most probably caused due to continuously pulling your hair in frustration instigated due to too many choices) and that is why we put together a list of the top ten iPad apps.

Top Ten iPad Apps

So if you’re new to the mighty iPad or just having trouble selecting the best one for yourself, here are some great apps for iPad that you absolutely must have on your tablet to help you optimize the functionality of your portable computing device.

1. DropBox

DropBox - Top Ten iPad Apps

If you do a lot of file sharing, image sharing or pretty much any kind of sharing for work or with your amigos, this is an absolute necessity. DropBox is kind of like an invisible storage device known to the techies as cloud storage. It lets you store massive amounts of data on a server which you can access from practically anywhere, provided they have internet access. The App is absolutely free and totally platform independent so that means you can store data from your iPad and access it later on via your desktop or laptop. I would call it an essential app for iPad since it lets you access all your important data anywhere and anytime.

2. Pocket

Pocket - Top Ten iPad Apps

Pocket is pretty much exactly like a pocket. You find something interesting; you put it in your pocket. The Pocket app for iPad lets you ‘pocket’ interesting articles, recipes, videos and pretty much anything that might catch your fancy. This saves you the trouble of saving URLs and forwarding links to yourself. The Pocket also has another advantage; it is absolutely free unlike its rival InstaPaper which requires a small fee.

3. Netflix

Netflix - Top Ten iPad Apps

Never again will you miss the premier of the latest episode of your favorite shows. Never again will there be the frustration associated with missing out on that key plot twist. All this thanks to the great deity of the TV lovers, Netflix. Netflix offers a massive collection of TV shows and movies and pretty much takes care of all your entertainment needs. So if you tend to travel a lot and always end up waiting for the re-runs, you might want to get your hands on Netflix.

4. Flipboard

Flipboard - Top Ten iPad Apps

FlipBoard is pretty much like your personalized magazine. It’s a little like Pinterest i.e. it lets you collect all the things you like in one place only FlipBoard lets you curate stuff from all over the web. What makes this so cool is the amazing layout that looks very sleek and professional. The app is absolutely free and is pretty handy if you like having all your essentials in one place, neatly organized. The app does however require an account which is also fortunately gratis.

5. Evernote

Evernote - Top Ten iPad Apps

Evernote is an absolute must have app for iPad simply because of its sheer functionality and usability. In fact some have even deemed it fit to call it an extension to your brain and that is saying something. Evernote is pretty much like an all purpose notebook only with a lot more interesting functions. Apart from taking notes, you can sync your to-do lists, capture photos and in case you’re in a hurry, record voice memos. Evernote is an extremely functional application for your iPad if you tend to forget stuff. So if you are the kind of person most likely to get in trouble for forgetting your spouse’s birthday or your anniversary, you might want to take a look at this nifty little solution.

6. Epicurious

Epicurious - Top Ten iPad Apps

You know how you have to face that constant confusion about what to cook for dinner. Epicurious is the perfect kitchen companion, filled with recipes classified on the basis of difficulty, ingredients and even seasons. The app also makes a shopping list or you. I imagine it would be pretty handy to have over ten thousand recipes at your fingertips a tad more convenient than having to flick through a million pages to find the one you want.

7. Yelp

Yelp - Top Ten iPad Apps

Yelp is pretty much like a highly organized and easy to browse yellow pages with reviews which are much more than mere fluff pieces. Yelp is a pretty nifty little app if you like to explore or just travel to relatively ‘exotic’ places. Apart from finding places, Yelp also lets you make reservation to your hotels via OpenTable without leaving the app. Yelp has numerous uses and is a very versatile app. The layout is none too shabby either, in fact it’s pretty attractive.

 8. AccuWeather

AccuWeather - Top Ten iPad Apps

I think the name pretty much sums up the purpose of this nifty little app. For the slow ones, AccuWeather is a weather app and does exactly what the weather man on the news does every morning i.e. tells you the weather. However unlike the weather man on TV you can carry this one around on your trusty tablet.  Apart from telling you the temperature and a little bit of the forecast the ‘lifestyle’ page of the app tells you how some of your vital activities (like walking your dog and golf) might be affected by the weather.

 9. LinkedIn

LinkedIn - Top Ten iPad Apps

LinkedIn is a business oriented social app associated with the social networking website with the same name. The App is pretty straightforward and helps you keep track of your networks and keep yourself updated with all that is going on. The interesting thing about this app is the interface, which practically adapts itself according to how you use it.

10. Feedly

Feedly - Top Ten iPad Apps

Feedly is another one of the Clipboard app; only this one is a clip board for RSS Feeds. So instead of continuously checking out your favorite websites, you can receive their updates on the simple yet gorgeous and bold interface. Feedly lets you organize your feeds as read, unread and mark them to be read later.

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