Best Nightlife Cities

Whether it is the bachelor party, girl’s night out or a fun getaway, the best nightlife cities in the world have a large array to ensure an entertaining night. But what makes certain cities better nightlife destinations than others? Is it there citizen friendly laws or economic feasibility or the broad choices they offer? Top Ten of City brings you the best nightlife cities of the world and how they can make your bash with friends more enjoyable.

Best Nightlife Cities

Top Ten Cities with Best Night Life

The following section will help you make an informed choice for your next party destination. Browse through to find out the exciting elements which make these tourist spots the best nightlife cities of the world.

1. Las Vegas

Known as the sin city of the world, Vegas is the indisputable champion of nightlife. Ranging from betting and drinking to stripping, this Nevada city has something in store for everyone. It is nearly impossible to have a bad night out in Vegas. Vegas is high on hotness quotient and is home to world’s finest betting houses, night clubs and hotels. The playboy suite in The Palm Hotel is one of the things which should not be missed. XS, MGM Grand and Bellagio are the other most popular places to visit in Las Vegas.

2. London

The capital of cool is known for its great music, pubs and football love.  London has clubs and bars to suit everyone’s budget. The super clubs like the Ministry of Sound, China White and Fabric are among the best ones in the world. Its vibrant nightlife caters to every possible taste of party lovers, stretching from The betting houses James Bond style five card game tables and fancy cocktails to the dance floors of Shoreditch and Dalstone.

3. New York City

Known as the city that never sleeps, New York has a lot to offer to let your hair down. The birth place of discos has diverse clubbing options for you, extending from hippie bars, live music and jazz to cocktail bars. You can also enjoy your night out by watching a show at the Times Square, which is always playing something. No doubt New York has a reputation for being one of the best cities in US.

4. Ibiza

The Spanish town famous for its raunchy bars and hideouts is often branded as the Party Capital of the world. The Balearic Island is counted among the best nightlife cities for its fast paced and frenzied nightlife. Often referred to as the ‘Mecca’ of dance, this city is the home of all kinds of music and famed DJs. The place also offers some chill out bars and beaches where you can relax and watch sunset over the Mediterranean.

5. Berlin

If you are in Berlin, do not be surprised to see beds in the night clubs and queues at their front doors at 9 in the morning. The German capital makes it to the record of city with the best night life for its all-time party options. The best places to let your hair down in the town are- Watergate and Berghaim. You can head to Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg for more party options. The fifth city with the best night life in the world also offers underground or warehouse parties.

6. Miami

The exotic tourist destination makes it to the list of top ten best nightlife cities for its taste for Latin music and extravagant beach parties. Miami, located on the east coast of the US, is also one of the most favoured places among celebrities. Huge beaches, scanty clothing, fancy cocktails and warm weather are the major factors which makes Miami nightlife vivacious.

7. Barcelona

The second largest Spanish city has secured the seventh spot among the best nightlife cities for its great bars and clubs to party night long. This colourful city offers you all the colours of nightlife from street performers, hippy parties to getting high with glitterati. During summers, the nightlife becomes more vivid with paradise beach bars and open air cinemas. Gothic Quarter and El Raval are worth partying places when in Barcelona. Also do not miss the La Rambla, which is the centre of nocturnal adventures.

8. Rio de Janeiro

Another city with the best night life is the Brazilian metropolis. Rio is not just known for its carnivals but also for its street party culture. One of the best nightlife cities, Rio can guarantee you a sweaty and swaying night with less or no money. The city is also acknowledged for its hot lifestyle and fine balance of sports, parties and fashion. Do not miss the Copacabana beach and wave riding on your next trip to this South American city.

9. Dublin

The Irish capital is often the longest spot for tourists in Europe. Whether you want to party hard or chill out at the bar, Dublin is the perfect destination for those who want to paint the town red. The Head Banging city is also known for its traditional Irish music. With its envious pub-to -person ratio and the legal drinking age of 18, Dublin makes it to the top ten cities with best night life.

10. Madrid

Madrid is another Spanish city which makes it to the top ten cities with best nightlife. The capital city has a unique nightlife as compared to the rest of the Europe. In Madrid, going home before 2 a.m. is considered early and reaching home at dawn is a norm. The city offers a wide array of options to have a fun filled night out, reaching from live music, roof top cafes, jazz concerts to Tapas bars. And if you have any love for Flamenco, Madrid is the place to be. There is always something showing, if not in the grand theatres then definitely in bars and “tablaos”.

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