Top 10 Places in Australia to Live

Australia being one of the most suitable places to settle let us go through the record of Top 10 Best Places in Australia to Live. These are the locations that have been rated as the best cities to live out an exquisite and enviable lifestyle. They are gifted with natural beauty, high economical status, health security and all other necessary ingredients required to fulfil one’s dream. Thus the article discusses the factors responsible for creating the Best Cities to Live in Australia.

Top Ten Best Places in Australia to Live

The list of top ten best places in Australia to live brings in all the details about the best places in Australia to live.

1. Perth

Best Places in Australia to Live - Perth

Sunny weather, stunning beaches, fresh product and a stress-free outdoor lifestyle has made Perth one of the best cities to live in Australia. Besides being the capital of the western part of the continent, it is entirely encircled by the magnificence of Australian nature – the Indian Ocean on one hand and the stretch of red sand on the other side.  Thus its lifestyle basically comprises of sun, sport, beaches, parks and BBQs. Perth is also known for its clean streets and surroundings.

2. Adelaide

Best Places in Australia to Live - Adelaide

Noted for vivid festivals, sporting events, tasty food, fine wine and unique culture, Adelaide has a colorful existence to offers its dwellers cum visitors. It is warmer than Melbourne, rains less than Sydney and has affordable schooling and infrastructures. The city centre is divided into North Adelaide and Adelaide by the narrow Torrens River. It is a small city with population of 1.2 million people and is popular as a “beach goer’s paradise”.

3. Canberra

Best Places in Australia to Live - Canberra

The capital city of Australia with a population of 367,000, Canberra is the largest inland city in the continent. The city’s design was influenced by the garden city movement and incorporates significant areas of natural vegetation that have earned Canberra the title of the “bush capital”. Along with being the site for the Parliament House, the High Court and numerous other government departments and agencies, it is also beautified with galleries and museums, clustered around a lake and cupped in bush land. Thus it serves as one of the great places to live in Australia.

4. Sydney

Best Places in Australia to Live - Sydney

Consistently rated as one of the world’s best cities, Sydney offers an indefinable feeling of contentment to its people. Temperate climate, reasonable cost of living and a great range of leisure choices has concluded the capital of New South Wales as the best place in Australia. It is also a high ranking world city and has hosted multiple major international sporting events, including the 1938 British Empire Games and the 2000 Summer Olympics. The city’s global flavour is due to the fact that 40% of its citizens were born overseas.

5. Melbourne

Best Places in Australia to Live - Melbourne

Built with attractive physical characteristics such as unusual street and laneway network, the Yarra River, transport infrastructure and beautiful heritage buildings have made Melbourne an adorable place in Australia to live. The multicultural atmosphere offers Melbournians with the option of party, round the year with events meant for everyone. Due to this, the city is also known as the cultural capital of Australia. In August 2011, the Economist Group’s Intelligence Unit had ranked Melbourne as the world’s most liveable city.

6. Brisbane

Best Places in Australia to Live - Brisbane

Modern, clean and compact are the adjectives that suits well while describing the mangrove city – Brisbane. The southern banks of the Brisbane River play host to metropolis’ flourishing artistic heart, which now has a solid reputation for hosting large-scale musicals and international art exhibitions. It is the capital as well as the most densely inhabited urban in the Australian state of Queensland. “Bris Vegas” is an ironic nickname given to the city due to its growing music scenes and night lifestyle.

7. Gold Coast

Best Places in Australia to Live - Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s leading destinations to live a satisfying standard of living. Numerous theme parks, large shopping centres, vibrant night life and mesmerising beaches have made the city one among the great places to live in Australia. Being Australia’s playground, the coastal city has earned its repute as Australia’s most preferred holiday location. Also abundant with nature’s beauty, Gold coast is the 5th most visited place in Australia by international tourists.

8. Hobart

Best Places in Australia to Live - Hobart

Praised for its arts, food and scenery; Hobart has been placed at eighth position among the top ten best places in Australia to live. It is situated on the River Derwent with the beauty of Mt Wellington in the background. The relaxed ambience along with the rows of coffee shops adds exquisiteness to the second oldest capital city of Australia. It is famous for activities like sailing, boating, fishing, beach surfing etc.

9. Darwin

Best Places in Australia to Live - Darwin

The smallest and most northerly of the Australian capital cities, Darwin has everything from international restaurants, trendy cafes, shopping malls, marinas to beach-side betting house to lead a pleasant life. Due to its size, the city is quite easy to move around and to experience some of the most exciting moments of life. Also its position on a peninsula, bounded by ocean on three sides, makes for a great tropical lifestyle.

10. Launceston

Best Places in Australia to Live - Launceston

Located at the head of the Tamar Valley, Launceston is the regional hub of Northern Tasmania. It offers a desirable standard of living with low unemployment, Mediterranean climate, great educational opportunities, low levels of crime, fantabulous food and affordable real estate. The city is also gifted with some of the world class galleries and museums. Even its location at the meeting point of the North Esk and South Esk rivers presents a beautiful view of the city. In short, Launceston is another best place to live in Australia.

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