Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Russia

With this list of Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Russia, you will be forced to admit that there is always something more than meets the eye! A riddle wrapped with enigma in a box full of mystery, there exist certain Interesting Things About Russia that many are not aware of. Besides being infamous for the Cold War, the snow and Tolstoy, there is a humongous amount of Russian Fun Facts that will astonish you. Brace yourself as we unleash fascinating aspects of the Russian Life for you to Learn more About Russia.

Top Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Russia

Hit the high spots on Interesting Facts About Russia that we have selected for your curious appetite in order to flaunt you knowledge about Russia as and when you get a chance.


1. Double New Years

Double New Years

Being late in adopting the Gregorian Calendar, Russians celebrate New Year two times each year. The first round of celebrations occur on the 1st of January, with the entire world rejoicing in the same mood. The second course of festivities commence on the 14th of January, as per the Julian Calendar Russia followed for ages. Russian Culture gives enormous importance to the event of New Years and the locals submerge themselves in the sea of fun and frolic. If you have been planning to pay visit to this country, do so this January and treat yourself with a Double New Years party.


2. The Metro

The Metro

One amazing fact to Learn About Russia is the Moscow Metro that operates in a lightening speed. The duration between two consecutive metros is merely 90 seconds. The first underground railway system in the Soviet Union, this rapid transit system has 195 stations spanning over the route length of 325.4km. No wonder, it is the fourth largest rapid transit network outside Asia and also, the fourth most heavily used mode of transportation.


3. Tus Lake

Tus Lake

The Tus Lake in Russia’s Khakassia region is popular for the mud that is found on its banks. The Russians enjoy smearing themselves with the mineral rich, blackish blue mud, which is believed to work wonders for the skin. The water is salty and bitter but very few people know that it is said to have healing properties. Next time you go visiting to Russia, remember to take part in the Black Mud Carnival on the banks of Tus Lake.


4. Foxes As Pets

Foxes As Pets

One of the most intriguing facets of the Russian History is the domestication of wild animals like foxes. Since 1959, scientists in Russia have been reported to keep foxes as pets. A handful of people know that Dmitri Belyaev initiated the breeding project and after over 50 experiments, the silver fox came into being. Through selective breeding, this silver morph of the red fox came to be tamer like dogs which could be domesticated.


5. Closed Cities

Closed Cities

Officially known as “closed administrative-territorial formations,” closed cities in the Soviet Union refer to settlements that restricted for the purposes of travel and residency. There is a speculation that Russia has at least 15 such secret or closed cities within its territory. These places do not appear on any map as the government is yet to disclose the locations as well as the names of these sites. All those who were thinking why Russia is regarded as an obscure country, here is you clue!


6. Verkhoyansk


With a population of 1,311 people, Verkhoyansk in Russia is one of the coldest places on Earth.  This place receives very low amounts of rainfall or snowfall, therefore it has an extremely very dry climate. A hardly known aspect is that the average temperature recorded in the area is close to -50 degrees Fahrenheit where the sun rises at 2 in the afternoon, setting down briskly at 3:30 P.M.


7. Beating The Heat

Beating The Heat

Russia is much known for the cold temperatures all round the year. However, unlike many people would like to believe, it does get hot at times. The times around the summer months like July has seen soaring temperatures, pushing people to dunk themselves into pools of cool water in order to beat the heat. Moscow has witnessed temperatures like 33 degrees Celsius, typically justifying that Russia is a Tropical Country.


8. Too Many Women

Too Many Women

One of the most Interesting Facts About Russia is the population ratio of women and men. Do you know that there are 9 million more women than men in the country? Strange but true. It is baffling to dig out a reason behind such statistics. One theory suggests that most men got wiped out during the Second World War. However, the real reason seems clouded as its been quite some time since 1945, isn’t it? As a result, for the prospects of marriage, men get plenty of options while most women have to settle with for less.


9. Love For Alcohol

Love For Alcohol

It is widely understood that Russians tend to harbor an indelible love for alcohol. Each Russian is reported to consume approximately 18 litres of alcohol per annum. What we probably little know is that around 500,000 people lose their lives due to excessive inebriation in Russia. Their traditional love for Vodka is, therefore, not without consequences. There have been attempts at curbing the availability of this much alcohol in Russia, but as they say, measures taken for the prohibition of an item lead towards much more diverse problems than can be resolved.


10. Larger Than Pluto

Larger Than Pluto

Yes! We all know that Russia is the largest country on the globe. But, how many of us knew that it is, in fact, larger than the erstwhile planet, Pluto? Coming to a few Fun Facts About Russia, you will be amazed to know that while Pluto covers a surface area of 16.6 million kilometer per square, Russia spreads over 17 million kilometer per square. Whenever you get a chance to boast about knowing a few facts that scanty amount of people know, don’t forget to flaunt this piece of information!

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