Top 10 Busiest Airports in the World

The introduction of airlines has been a major development which has made travelling much comfortable. The current era does not require people to give a second though when it comes to visiting any place. Be it for tourism purpose or business reason, airports play a vital role in helping passengers to commute from one destination to the other. A few among them co ordinates the maximum number of people and has been regarded as the busiest. The list below will discuss about the busiest airports in the world.

Top Ten Busiest Airports in the World

Have look into the list to know which of the major airports of the world have been enlisted as the top ten busiest airports in the world.

1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Locally known as Atlanta Airport or Hartsfield Airport, Hartsfield-Jackson is located seven miles south of the central business district of Atlanta. With a daily accommodation of 20,181,931 passengers it is one of the busiest airports in the world since 1998. Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport has international flights to and from North America, South America, Central America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Many of the nearly one million flights are domestic fliers from within the United States, where Atlanta serves as a major hub for travel.

2. O’Hare International Airport

Located in the north western-most corner of Chicago, O’Hare International Airport is operated by the City of Chicago Department of Aviation. The airport sees 15,346,475 travellers travelling in and out daily and has been voted as the “Best Airport in North America” for 10 years by two separate sources. This airport has been named after Edward O’Hare, the US’s first flying ace and Medal of Honour recipient in World War II.

3. London Heathrow Airport

Serving London, England and United States, London Heathrow Airport or simply Heathrow is a major international airport with regular passenger traffic of 15,268,609. It is London’s major airport located in the London Borough of Hillingdon, in West London. The airport is owned and operated by BBA Limited and is a modern aero polis contributing an estimated 2.7% to London’s total GAV.

4. Tokyo International Airport

Well known as Haneda Airport, Tokyo International Airport is one of the two primary airports that serve the Greater Tokyo Area in Japan. Located in Ota, 15,180,894 commuters commute through this international airport every day. For two years since December 2009, Forbes named Haneda airport as the most punctual airport in the world.

5. Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing Capital International Airport is yet another airport which has been considered as one among the top ten busiest airports in the world since 15,153,600 passengers travel in and out of it daily. The Beijing Capital International Airport Company Limited operates and owns the airport. It is also the main hub for Air China which flies to around 120 destinations throughout the globe.

6. Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Located between Dallas and Fort Worth, Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is the largest airport in Texas and the second largest in United States. It also has a name for being one amid the top ten busiest airports in the world with 12,833,031 travellers commuting through it. DFW is considered as an airport city and is the largest centre for American Airlines.

7. Los Angeles International Airport

With regular passenger traffic of 12,630,858, Los Angeles International Airport is the primary airport serving the Greater Los Angeles Area. The aerodrome also has the administrative offices of Los Angeles World Airports. It is not only one of the top busiest airports in the world but has also earned a name for being the “the world’s busiest origin and destination (O & D) airport”.

8. Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport

Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport is also known as Roissy Airport and is one of world’s principal aviation centre as well as largest airport in France. Every day it accommodates around 12,447,664 travellers and Franck Goldendale is the new director of the aerodrome. According to 2012 reports, the airport has managed 497,763 aircraft flights and 61,556,202 passengers. Thus it is in the eighth position among the busiest airports in the world.

9. Denver International Airport

Often referred to as DIA, Denver International Airport is the ninth busiest airport in the list of top ten busiest airports in the world. It is also the largest airport in United States by area and each days almost 11,495,033 passengers move in and out of the airfield. DIA is the main hub for low-cost carrier Frontier Airlines and commuter carrier Great Lakes Airline.

10. Hong Kong International Airport

Being the main airport in Hong Kong, Hong Kong International Airport allows as many as 11,098,500 travellers to make use of the aerodrome. It is colloquially known as Chek Lap Kok Airport and an important contributor to the Hong Kong economy, employing approximately 60,000 people. From the airport around 90 flights airlines operate fights to over 150 destinations.

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